Blake talks future

More notes from our friend Don Fulton…


As Jack Johnson noted recently, the game is still fun – even on a last-place team – and team captain Rob Blake feels the same.

“As long as I’m playing I’m having fun. There’s a lot of stuff around the game that isn’t much fun, but once I get in the game and start playing it is absolutely fun,” Blake said. “You never want to be in last place that’s for sure, so the spirit and energy you see here (at practice) and in the games from this team is from the respect we have for the rest of the league.”

Blake indicated that he still favors a return to the Kings next season and perhaps beyond, and sees many reasons to be excited about the future.

“I feel like I want to play another year or maybe a couple,” he said. “I’ll approach that this summer and I’ll train like I always do and then see the options that are there for me. My focus has always been Los Angeles since I returned, and even though I don’t like the position that we are in, I still think there are steps that can be taken this summer to really improve this team and take it to another level.”

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  • ryan oliver

    I hope he does return next year, for a discount of course. I think he has been one of the better d-men, which doesn’t say much, but he is a big body back there, and that is desperatly needed.

  • Aaron

    “I still think there are steps that can be taken this summer to really improve this team and take it to another level.”

    I think one of those steps is for Mr. Blake to take a decrease in pay.

  • Jerome

    GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • son of old man

    The best way for Blake to improve the team, would to not re-sign and retire. The game has past him by. Besides, Brett Hull needs a roomate at the retirement home.

  • txkingsfan

    Blake is still a presence on the ice. Sure he gets caught out of position sometimes but what defencemen doesn’t? its part of this aggressive game. His value to this team goes beyond the ice however and the impact he has made on guys like Jack, Harrold, Priessing and others has been priceless. He should be given an incentive laced contract (+/-, ice time, games played, points, etc) and allowed to further tutor our young defencemen.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care if it’s a player/assistant coach gig…at a reduced rate of pay of course…

  • metalmaster

    1 year deal with incentives
    for 2.5 to 3.0 million with
    a club option for second year. Absolutely NO NTC
    clause so if DL wants to move him at 08-09 trading deadline they can without
    the drama of this year. If
    he really wants to be here
    he will take it without any
    b.s. and if he does not let
    him walk and try to get more from another team or

  • For Petes Sake:

    I think Blake has alot of knowledge to share with the young defensemen,but his legs and body don`t react to his brain.I`m sure he is a great guy, and well liked by the team. But let him mentor at practice or in the locker room.Two years is enough of him taking bad penaltys and guarding the right post.

  • kingkongkorab

    The way things are going Metalmaster is right, sign him for one year but wait and make sure that is in our best interest. If we trade cammy for a d-man and happen to sign an FA that is better and younger, cheaper cha cha cha….offer less or let him walk. I have to say it is good of him to offer publicaly that he like us and wants to stay, being we are last in the league and from the sound of some of these know it all’s on this site we are going in the wrong direction…again Metalmaster?

  • metalmaster

    08-09 will be the season that defines Lombardi era.
    This is the season where
    some results need to be shown on ice or it will be
    bye bye Crawford and DL will be in hot seat. This will also be his 4th draft as GM and he should be able
    to land a couple of almost
    immediate impact NHL players with 1st round picks and draft for depth
    in the organization with
    the remainder.I do not look
    for major trades or major
    FA signings this season. Not a whole lot of FA d-men
    of qualityare available. I
    think DL will draft Doughty
    if he can and maybe make a
    move up in the first round
    (Cammy) to draft Bogosian or another defenseman. This is a very d-heavy

  • Anonymous

    Blake is still a top 4 defencemen on any team in the NHL. He gets lots of respect from teammates and around the league. Any one who knows hockey will tell you that. He’s good for 2 more years, but at reduced cost of course. The Kings have too many holes at D to fill this summer already. DL will bring him back.

  • anthony

    It would be nothing short of a catastrophe if Dumbardi signs this loser for next year.
    But it wouldn’t surprise me if he did. Considering all his other pathetic free agent signings, this would just be a continuation of Dumbardi’s failed tenure as king’s G.M.

    It’s so obvious. This player can care less about the Kings. He can care less about its future.
    All this Rob Blake cares about is his pocket book and his aspiration to be a future G.M. himself.

    It would serve Dumbardi right if he were to sign Blake to a contract and then get fired soon after. Only to have the same player he sign replace him as new GM.

  • PRMan

    He should be given an incentive laced contract (+/-, ice time, games played, points, etc) and allowed to further tutor our young defencemen.

    I couldn’t agree more.

  • Army

    It would be a nice change of pace to see a player like Blake not play for another team and retire in a King uniform. Whether its this year or next. I really don’t like how much players move around now. Very few stick with a team their whole career and even though Blake hasn’t, I think it would be great for the organization to have him finish his career out here.

  • Anonymous

    Pay Blake 2.5 Mill when Visnovsky is going to make 7 Mill next year. Oh Please

  • anthony

    Fellow King Fans,

    TRUST ME, when I tell you that nothing good can come out Blake staying for another season. Only losing and suffering.

    He will not sacrifice his body for the kings. He will not utilize what little remaining talent he has left. Which was evident when he allowed Ryan Kessler to win the game in OT for the Canucks. Blake did nothing but allow him to camp in front of the goalie. Like a spectator.

    All this idiot cares about is sticking with the team long enough to get a position in management.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Dumbardi signed him to a contract, only to be replaced by Blake when he gets fired. Which should be sooner than any of you Dumbardi-worshipers expect.

    Blake needs to be sent packing. Get him as far away from the LA KINGS organization as soon as possible.

    Screw Rob Blake. He’s done nothing for this team since his return. All he’s done is orchestrate his 2 year, $12 million contract.
    What a waste.

  • metalmaster

    You have had some classics but Blake as GM to replace
    Lombardi tops the list. This is way better than Kopi is better than Crosby.
    Can you hook me up with some of the stuff you are smoking because it has to be killer. I am not a Blake
    fan by any means but he is a hell of a lot better than
    any of the players that are
    going to be FA’s. If DL can
    sign him at a reasonable price he should be back. As
    I said before this is 4th DL draft and it will be pivotal. Why not wait until
    after the draft before you call for his head. Stud
    d-men are at a premium in
    this league and the teams that have them are not going to trade them unless
    you overpay dramatically.
    You have to DRAFT them and
    get lucky.
    About a month ago you thought this team had a shot at the playoffs.
    Remember that????????????
    You are clueless about the
    NHL. Give DL his 5 years
    and then see where this team is. It is not like he
    took over a perennial
    contender and ran them into the ground. He has not
    really made a bad trade yet
    and the jury is out on his
    draft picks. His FA signings have been bad but that is just AEG money.

  • Jeremy

    anonymous, what makes you the know-it-all?? granted he’s a big name and does have lots of respect, but look at his plus/minus dude.

    Also, he slows the team down and leads the team in giveaways night after night. the stats dont lie, quit livin in the past HE’S GARBAGE…retire his jersey in Denver

  • anthony

    matal monster,

    apparently you are the one who needs to get a clue.
    Dumbardi was hired in 2006. Thus this would be his 3rd draft. Not his 4th.

    Nothing personal. Though I respect your opinion on most of your comments, I am right on about the Blake thing.

    Rob Blake is bad news. He’s not worthy to be on this team anymore. All he cares about is furthering his own agenda. Not this teams success.
    If he’s back next season, all you’re gonna see is more of his sloppy defensive play. Then you’re gonna have another distraction at the end of the season, regarding, whether to trade him or not.
    Believe me on this one. I’m a Kings fan just as much as you are.

  • Anonymous

    Dude Jeremy
    I guess you don’t know anything about plus/minus.
    The kings as a team are -40
    Blake -19
    Visnovsky -23
    Nobody will be a + as long as you have goaltenders that can’t stop a beachball.

  • Anonymous:

    I agree with Anthony Blake must go. Example when he was injured we were a much better team.

  • Jeremy

    Pretty hard to stop the puck when your d-man guards the post.

    Do you watch hockey??

    P.s. plus/minus doesnt take into account power play goals allowed, which he would be over 100

  • Anonymous

    Love Hockey Season seats behind Kings bench.Plus NHL Package on Direct TV.
    Guess you have never played the game. If you don’t like the way the d-man guards the post you should talk to Coach Crawford, its by design and everyone has there assigned positions. I guess thats why its a team sport.

  • Anonymous

    Seats behind the bench…hockey package…must be an attorney

  • Anonymous

    “I’ll approach that this summer and I’ll train like I always do…”

    In other words, he’ll sit on his fat ass and use the first half of the season to get into shape, like he always does.

    No thanks…

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