O’Sullivan speaks

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Patrick O’Sullivan, on his highlight-reel goal in Monday night’s game:

“My buddy Kopi here picked-off the pass and it went to Brownie and then the defenseman broke his stick, so our 3-on-2 basically turned into a 3-on-1. Brownie spotted me and slid the puck across. Luongo is such a big goalie I had to just try and put it somewhere he couldn’t get it and luckily it went in.”

On the development of his NHL game:

“I’ve come a long way since last year. I feel I’ve established myself as someone who’s going to have an impact on the game and an important role on this team. A game like last night for me personally was a chance to play in a tense situation and learn from it. These last 11 games will be extremely valuable to us and we are going in to it like it is a playoff race for us.”

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  • Brian

    I have been impressed with O’Sully’s improvements, partically with his penalty killing really making strides. You can see in his development his willingness to learn. It is little things like this that let me still enjoy the Kings in this long season.

  • nick from 318

    This guy has been the biggest and most satisfying suprize to me this season… i think the sky is the limit for sully, especially if he continues to develop chemestry with brown and kopi for the next years to come… i love that he refers to kopi as ‘buddy’ this is the kind of comradery that keeps players for cashing out when they become UFAs… i’d really like to think (injury willing) that O’sullivan can have a long prosperous career in LA and have #12 hanging from the rafters in 15- 22 years!

  • Big Rob in Dallas

    I feel Sully and Fro work real well together. I’d like to see him stick with Fro. Leave Brownie and kopi on the top line. It’s just too bad there is no one else to that can play with them. Thoughts?

  • ryan oliver

    I think Sully and his speed need to be played with Kopitar and Brown. Those two are more his level of speed. Cammy and Fro have that second tier speed and play well with Army, or whoever the second line center is. Its funny everyone ragging on Lubo, but to me, Cammy is the one who is really struggling. Its just that d-men get more of the notice I guess.

  • DP

    I’m rooting for this guy and hopefully he’ll be a part of the success the team has in the near future.

  • Anonymous

    SIGN HIM NOW. he is only getting more expensive every game he plays. He is best on a line with kopi and brownie. He can be the defensive one to back up Kopi but can finish as well. Kopi makes the plays (needs to improve defensively though) and Brownie can finish and knock any opposing player out of the way for the other two. Its a perfect line (almost).

  • Big Rob in Dallas

    When Cammi was out and they put Sully on Fro’s line that’s when I noticed Fro’s game really pick up. I also noticed that Kopi and Brownie’s dropped a little. Coinkadink? To me, Squid is totally replaceable. In fact, I’m embarrassed to say that I forgot about him in my previous post.

    We got 2 good lines and absolutely zero, zilch nada for the 3rd and 4th lines.

  • Dan H.

    Sully seems to make that first line really click and I cringe when Crawford tries his alternate combinations like Ivanans or Armstrong up there.

    Frolov needs someone he can pass to that finishes. Frolov is another version of a Joe Thornton that hangs on to the puck for days and delays until there’s an opening and wham…there’s the pass and the goal.

    Many have commented on Sully’s shot so it’s no coincidence that he plays well with Fro or Brown, or Kopitar. Those guys are all unselfish.

    Cammy needs to work on getting back into shape. I think if he doesn’t sign a long term deal before the trade deadline, he’s bait for a defenseman. He’s the alternate of Frolov, shoots way more than he should (Anyone else tired of seeing the no angle one timers from his knees on the left side of the goalie that miss the net and leave the zone?), and doesn’t pass the puck much. Also while I do like him, he needs to work with Frolov during the off season on not getting knocked off the puck when a d man breathes on him.

  • Mark

    There’s 3 reasons why Lubo is being singled out more than Cammi.

    1) Lubo signed an expensive 5 year contract.

    2) He’s a defenseman so he’s expected to play both defense and offense.

    3) He can’t hold onto the puck to save his life. There’s been too many games where a simple pass to him in the offensive zone slipped through his stick and forced the team to regroup.

  • Tito Jackson

    I see his jersey being worn in a few years if he keeps up the level of play and attitude.

  • nick

    yeah i’m tired of seeing cammi take that shot from the right circle as well. Ruins our pp.

  • anthony

    Anybody else worried that a Kevin Lowe-life G.M. might make a Dustin Penner like offer to him this summer.
    Knowing Dumbardi, He’d be more than happy to take a draft pick as compensation.
    Whether it’s a 1st round pick, 2nd round pick, or 7th round pick, this G.M. will take them all. He’s already proven his obsession with draft picks.
    Don’t get me wrong. Sully is one of my favorite players. I’m just surprised he hasn’t been signed by now.

    And why does Crawfish replace Sully with Lord Cammilleri on the power play. He breaks up the Kopi-Brown-Sully line in favor of His Highness. It does nothing to improve the pp by the way.