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For those who haven’t seen it, the Kings are conducting a March Madness-style competition on their web site, in which fans can vote on the most popular Kings of all time. So, even though I think it’s kind of a cool idea, I also thought it would be cool for blog readers to pick a…ahem, darkhorse, and take him all the way to the championship. How great would it be to see Warren Rychel honored?

Here’s the link. Voting starts on Saturday, I believe.

L.A. Kings Madness

So who’s the official blog “favorite”?

Who should be the blog’s official choice?
Ralph Backstrom
Dan Bylsma
Dimitri Khristich
Mike Krushelnyski
Warren Rychel
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  • kb

    bring back the ole forum blue and gold!

  • dbushik

    Dima Khristich is widely considered by those who played with him to be a prick. It’s not often your leading scorer gets jumped and the rest of the team declines to come to his aid. With Khristich it happened when he was attacked by a teammate in practice. Let’s rule him out…

    I have to strongly promote Dan Bylsma. No other player in my active memory of the game has done so much with so little. Desire, determination, committment to hard work, these were the only things that kept Dan from falling out of the NHL.

    He’s also a great guy community wise, and if you’ve never seen the books he and his dad wrote, you should check them out. They are about what it takes to get to the NHL from a players POV and from the POV of a parent of a player.

    I suppose if the blog wants to run with a joke, there are better choices, but if we want to go with a true underdog, Dan is the man.

  • Irish Pat

    Nice idea Rich. I voted for Krusher, but why the Khristich add? Wasn’t he somewhat reviled by his teammates for being an arrogant poo-poo head?

  • Quattro

    Deadmarsh a #15 seed – wtf?

    I like Gilles Marotte as a dark horse…

  • PaulCat

    I wonder how Blake will feel when he gets ousted by Daryl Evans in the first round. That will teach him to not waive his no trade clause and to go up against the guy who scroed the most memorable goal in KIngs’ history.

  • PaulCat

    I wonder how Blake will feel when he gets ousted by Daryl Evans in the first round. That will teach him to not waive his no trade clause and to go up against the guy who scored the most memorable goal in KIngs’ history.

  • NMKingsFan

    Who can ever forget (if they saw it), Krush’s lying flat on the ice, rainbow shot just over Vernon’s outstretched glove as he was lying on his back…What a goal to defeat the Flames in the playoffs!

  • Aaron

    No Peter Ahola?

  • dave fouser

    good old warren rychel, the poor bastard never could win a fight.

  • OCKingsFan

    Pat Conacher!!!

    Kristich supposedly made Avery look like a saint in the locker room and at practice so I doubt you will be seeing to many votes for him.

  • Anonymous

    Pat Conacher +1! Loved watching Pat when he was here. Always appreciated what he did on the ice.

  • mike

    I’m partial to Glenn Goldup myself. If I’m not mistaken we traded at least a first round pick for him back in the Bad Old — sorry, Worse Old Days of George Maguire.

  • Anonymous

    What… no Doug Zmolek?

  • Kevco

    No Avery or Fukafuji or Clouts? Doesn’t seem very fair to me šŸ™
    If anyone thinks I’m not joking, you need to laugh more!

  • Aaron

    Dan Bonar.

    Sorry couldn’t resist.

  • Anonymous

    Where is John Druce?

  • Anonymous

    Loved Tomas Sandstrom. He kind of looked like Lurch from the Adams Family…. He had a nice shot as well.

    The BIG question is will anyone vote for Marty “Illegal stick that cost us the cup” McSorley??

    And what about Gary Shuchuk and his GWG against Vancouver in ’93??

  • Adam

    Wow.. lots of memories here…

    I remember when Zmolek first joined the Kings, he went down butterfly goalie style and took a slapper off the chest. Kudos for that.

    And wasn’t it ex Anaheim Bullfrog Barry Potomski who beat the crap outta Kristich in practice?

  • Buck

    We can’t forget Shuchuk!

    And Patty C, is one of my all time favorites!

  • Naturallawyer

    The seedings are all wrong. They force too many early-round decisions between the most popular Kings, which will give the impression that some lesser-popular players making it to later rounds (by beating other lesser-popular players) are more popular with fans than other more popular players. (I sound like that confused coach on the NHL Network commercials, don’t I?) They should re-seed; Matty v. Deader, Gretz v. Tiger and Blakey v. Darryl Evans shouldn’t be round 1. And how did Duchesne get a 5 seed? He didn’t exactly leave on good terms…

  • Nick from 318

    Wheres my man Jere Karalhati…

    or that beast Miko Eloranta

    Jaroslav Bednar

    or how about Radek Bonk’s long and meaningful tenure as a king!

  • James

    My favorite is Pat Conacher. But, if he was on the list, I would vote for Mikko Eloranta!

  • Anonymous

    How about Jim Fox’s linemate, J.P. Kelly #17?

  • Garrett

    I couldn’t help myself, I had to fill in all the brackets with my picks! If you don’t wanna read them just move to the next comment.

    Purple Division
    Taylor over Sawchuk
    Murphy over Flett (sorry, I’m not that old)
    Lubo over Lonnsberry
    Gretzky over Tiger
    Bylsma over Kozak (again, I don’t know who Kozak is)
    Simmer over Harper
    Matty over Deadmarsh (this isn’t a fair one because Deadmarsh would have gone farther if he had gotten to play more games with the Kings. The seedings are based on ho many games they played in LA, by the way)

    Gold Division
    Dionne over Allison
    Ziggy over Cammy
    Schneider over Modry (us Jews gotta stick together!)
    Marty over Krush
    Kelly over Ruskowski
    Lappy over The Cat
    Fro over Nevin
    Anze over Murphy

    Black Division
    Blake over Evans
    Sanstrom over Marotte
    Murdoch over Cohan (I honestly don’t know who either of those people are, I based that decision on the website’s descriptions. I have “only” been a fan since 1990)
    Rychel over Widing
    Rogie over Lewis
    Foxy over Maloney
    Brownie over Stumpy (sorry, Stumpy, I still ove you, man!)
    Hardy over Lacroix (how exactly did Eric Lacroix make this list? Where’s Mike Donnelly??)

    Silver Division
    Lucky over Coffey
    Lessard over Joval
    Duchesne over White
    Berry over Backstrom
    Granato over Wall
    Wells over Khristich
    Kurri over Carson
    Goring over Pulford

    Round 2
    Taylor over Murphy
    Gretzky over Lubo
    Nichols over Bylsma (the only 70-goal season in Kings history has to count for something)
    Matty over Simmer

    Ziggy over Dione (I love Ziggy, what can I say?)
    Marty over Schneider
    Hrudey over Lappy (the man led the team to the Finals after all!)
    the single hardest choice out of all of them: Kopi over Fro

    Sandstrom over Blake
    Rychel over Murdoch
    Jim Fox over Rogie
    Brownie over Hardy

    Lucky over Lessard
    Duchesne over Berry
    Granato over Wells
    Kurri over Goring

    3rd round
    Gretzky over Taylor
    Nicholls over Matty

    Ziggy over Marty
    Anze over Hrudey (I think Anze’s leading us to many more future cups than Kelly did in the past!)

    Sandstrom over Rychel
    Jim Fox over Dustin Brown (I love them both but Dustin has to keep it up a few more years)

    Granato over Kurri (another tough choice, but while the team may have sent Tony G packing when he had his brain injury I’m giving him props!)
    Lucky over Duchesne

    Choosing the Final 4
    Wayne Gretzky defeats Bernie Nicholls
    Anze Kopitar topples Zigmund Palffy
    Tomas Sandstrom upends Jim Fox
    Luc Robitaille beats Tony Granato

    The Semis
    Anze Kopitar bumps off Tomas Sandstrom
    and Luc Robitaille prevails over the Great One

    And in the end, I choose Lucky Luc Robitaille as my all-time favorite King in a resounding victory over Anze Kopitar!!

  • Jon G

    Oh yeah, Jeep was a great one. He checked Gordie Howe into the penalty box one night.

    I remember listening to the games on the radio, and whenever there was a big crash the next words out of Bob’s mouth would be “another hard hit by JP Kelly”.

    Dustin Brown may be the only King who has ever hit guys as hard as Kelly did.

  • KingFan4ever

    Garrett is right, how can they leave off Mike Donnelly??

    And what about Rob “Blueline” Stauber??

  • kingkongkorab

    Had to do it…Glen Goldup

  • PolarBearOne

    I’m a little disappointed to see that Chris Kontos, Kyosti Karjalainen and Petr Prajsler were omitted.

    Eric Lacroix FTW!!!

    P.S. – How in the hell did Slava Modry get seeded above the likes of Kelly Hrudey and Alex Frolov???

    Madness, indeed.

  • Eddie The Jet Joyal

    If you please to include:

    Sheldon Kannegiesser

    Don Kozak

    Whitey Whiting

    Frenchy Lemieux

  • Duckbasher

    How about an honorary mention for Warren Wiebe?

  • Hockey Only

    Hey how about our Stanley Cup Final Goaltender, Kelly Hrudey, he worked his a$$ off for the Kings.

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