On the kill

More from Don today:


Coincidence or not, following the February 21st acquisition of forward Matt Ellis (claimed off of waivers from the Red Wings), the Kings have killed 31 of the last 33 shorthanded situations, with Ellis as one of the key players on the kill.

“I didn’t get the chance to kill penalties in Detroit, but I got the chance in practice all the time and I had a decent amount of success in the American League,” said Ellis, whose five shorthanded goals for the Grand Rapids Griffins of the AHL was among the lead leaders in the 2006-2007 season.

Ellis, who is averaging nearly 15 minutes of ice time per game, says there are many factors that go in to a successful penalty kill.

“One of the big things on the penalty kill is it’s not as much about talent level as much as it is work ethic. All of the killers on this team are willing to sacrifice the body to get in front of shots, battle hard and compete,” he said. “When you do the little things well on the PK it translates into the five-on-five because good habits are contagious. We’re starting to see some guys who aren’t shot-blockers get into the shooting lanes and do those little things – do whatever it takes to be successful.”

Quite fittingly, Ellis scored his first goal as a Los Angeles King while the team was shorthanded, as he put the finishing touches on Thursdays 4-1 win over Nashville with an empty-netter.

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  • ryan oliver

    I like the fourth line of Guilliano, Ellis and Ivanans. Can play the minutes and they can’t cost more than 2 mil against the cap. Better then Thornton, Willsie, and Army whcih eat upprobably 4 mil or more.

  • anthony

    When Ellis was picked up off waivers. MC & Dl stated that he was picked up to provide energy to the team.

    When DL signed John Zeiler to a 4 year contract, I thought his role was to provide energy.

    After seenig Zeiler’s play and limited skill this season, I doubt he will ever see in the inside of the Staples center again. Unless the team suffers about 8 or 9 injuries.

    You can add Zeiler to the list of pitiful signings.
    Doesn’t anybody else find it strange that most of DL’s moves have back-fired in his face.

  • 100 NCAA Titles Girls Volleyball and Softball WOW!

    Ellis and Ivanans are OK. Giuliano gives a geat effort out there, but he has little or no skills, and no size to boot. Can’t wait for all the young studs (Boyle, Moulson, Purcell, etc.) to play regular shifts next season for whomever is the new coach behind the Kings’ bench.

    Anybody miss Andy Murray about now?

  • ryan oliver

    anthony, are you a kings fan? Or do you know anything about hockey? Zeiler was brought in at an incredibly cheap price and was only sent down because of the teams poor play. If he was still on the Kings he would probably be leading the team in hits. Maybe second. That guy has a ton of energy and took the other team off their game. And with all of the bad signings DL has made, the Sully trade, to me, makes up for them all, except the Cloutier deal.

  • daveS

    anthony,it is a vast tribute to your unique insights and understanding of nhl hockey that you could delineate the potential disasters awaiting the team from the signing of john zeiler to his $560,000.00 per year, four year contract.

    not discounting in any ways your abilities to turn what to some might seem to be a positive story into the abject negative it really, really was.


  • Gord

    I know what I don’t find strange, anthony. It’s you bashing Lombardi about signing one player in a post concerning the success of a different player Lombardi happened to pick up – off waivers no less.

  • metalmaster

    Can DL put Anthony on waivers? Will another team
    claim him?

  • kingskicka$$

    Hey Anthony! Thanks for providing that fresh, new, outlook on the Kings and their GM. That’s an attitude that I haven’t encountered yet from you….NOT!

    You never answer the questions that I throw your way, but I haven’t tried for a while now so here goes:

    1) Have you ever played hockey once in your life?
    2) Why do you torture yourself by following the Kings when it seem like there is nothing that the team, coach or management can do to make you happy?

  • Anonymous

    Zeiler is on a two way contract. The kings are paying him in the ballpark of 60-100k/year while he’s in manchester. Yeah, this really looks like a signing that has back-fired in DL’s face.

  • Moondoggie

    On a more positive note, I really like Matt Ellis. Unselfish play, a mucker, not afraid to go into the corners and dig it out. Good PK skills, great pick-up DL! I was reading one of the Red Wing blogs the day Ellis was picked up; their fans were pretty unhappy to see him go. Does that tell you anything?

  • Eric K

    strange, i thought the post was about ellis.

    “When DL signed John Zeiler to a 4 year contract, I thought his role was to provide energy.”
    it was…

    “After seeing Zeiler’s play and limited skill this season, I doubt he will ever see in the inside of the Staples center again.”
    ummm, you just said you thought his role was to provide energy. what, you expected him to lead the team in scoring?

    i think he accomplished his role– regardless of skill level– and i think its hilarious that you bash him when you get on other guys so much for not showing effort. the guy is a bargain and provides a boost. we didn’t expect him to have superior skill. did you?

  • lakingzfan

    isn’t it fun to rip on anthony. what would we all do without him?