(Not) going down fighting

Take it for what it’s worth, but based on numbers from hockeyfights.com and nhl.com, the Kings have recorded the second-fewest fighting majors this season. They’ve had 21 fighting majors in games. The Ducks have the most fighting majors, with 67, and former Kings winger George Parros has the second-most fighting majors, with 23. What does it all mean, in terms of wins and losses? Probably not much. Of the top 10 most-fighting teams, seven would be headed to the playoffs if the season ended today. But the team with the fewest fighting majors this season (20)? The Detroit Red Wings.

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  • sense13

    I’ve been saying for the past two years or so that we need to build a team more like the dux. They are not only a tough team to play against but are also mean and nasty. On the other hand, the kings are a bunch of nice guys who really don’t care to fight or intimidate but just want to play the game much like the way they do in the olympics. It’s a nice thought but it really doesn’t bode well in the real nhl. We need not only to get bigger but nastier. We have plenty of talented young forwards but we desperately need to add more muscle on both the forwards and especially on defense. DL, this is all your doing so please take care of it in the offseason.

  • Anonymous

    Damn I miss TK.

  • lblocal

    I miss Randy Holt, Dave Hutchinson, and Dave “Tiger” Williams.

  • Anonymous

    I like Kos but I’ll take Lappy over Kos anyday. Lappy’s not only a better fighter but also a better overall player. Not to mention that he’s been a fan favorite for many years when he was here.

  • Mark

    Just wait til we get Simmonds and Boyle up and going.

  • the voice of reason

    You will not find many last place teams with a ton of fighting majors.

    Shockingly enough, most grown men don’t care to take a bare knuckled punch to the grill while skating for a last place team.

    I’m sure I’ll get flamed for this, but it’s the truth.

  • Anonymous

    I love Simmonds and I for one look forward to seeing him in a kings uni soon but I don’t see Boyle being a physical player. He’s a big guy but he doesn’t play big. Still I look forward to having him up here next year but I wouldn’t expect for him to drop gloves much if any.

  • tim chaney

    Randy Holt will always be my guy… I’ll never forget that game in philadelphia in October 1979 when he was pounding somebodys head in the ice in what I believe was the greatest hockey brawl of all time. Wouldn’t it be great to have a Bob Probert type here?

  • nykingfan

    We only had 1 guy on the team who’s willing to drop the gloves. And he went a month without being able to fight anyone. They really do need to add a little more toughness on the team next year.

  • Hipcheck

    I dont think the Ducks are all that tough. Parros can barely fight. May’s old. Sutherby is a middleweight. Perry sucks. Getzlaf fights like a girl. Kunitz is small. Moen throws only rights he has no left hand. O’Donnel = old. Pronger only fights guys shorter than him. I mean, SO WHAT? They fight but big deal. We could if we wanted to but Crow is holding back JMFJ baby!!

    BTW, does Stemkos fight cause I hope so!!!!

    Happy Easter y’all!!

  • Kyle B.

    uhhh…we don’t even have a fighter on our team.

    …and if any of you count that beast with the rodent-like first name, who attempts to skate around and “hit” people…you’re kidding yourself. What a waste of size…

  • txkingsfan

    best King’s fight I ever saw … Peter Praisler one punch and knocking out some Oiler. It was awesome. Who was that?

  • lash

    Kelly Buchberger

  • Jeremy

    Brad Norton knockin out the dude from the dux a few years back… guy went face first into the ref’s arms like baby-momma. ended his career. Anyone remember his name??

  • Kevco

    The Ducks are thugs!
    Kings maybe in last but there is something to be said for taking “cheap shots”. Fighting is good, cheap shots are not. Ducks are cheap shop artists.
    And Ducks are thugs, hate them all!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite knockout, Ryan Flinn on some guy from Minnesota in either ’01 or ’02. Sucky player, but damn could Flinn fight.

  • Daniel

    Stu Grimson one-punching a San Jose Shark. Dude went down lawn chair-style. No need to take names.

  • Anonymous

    Matt Johnson requiring Sharks Andrei Nazarov to get platic surgery from the brawl when someone knocked Storr.

    Stu Grimson knocking out Reid Simpson of the Blues with one punch.

    Even though he sucked, I loved watching Zmolek’s mullet flap around as he attacked peoples fists with his head.

  • Starlight

    I’m European (Swedish to be precise), so the whole fighting thing is rather alien to me anyway – I’d rather see people play hockey than fight.

    Sure some heated emotions come up and a fight break out sometimes even in European hockey, but it seems like most of the fights in North American hockey are just for the sake of fighting. Which is just silly. Never understood why the North American hockey crowds seem to love those fights so much…

    Those are my 2 cents, anyway.

  • nykingfan

    Kostopolous fight last year. 1 punch knockout.

  • MacSwede

    I dont know how important fighting really is theese days, maybe for inspiring the team and get their spirit up….but I dont know.

    I agree with you all that this team needs more energy and size though, both on the defense and offense.

  • PuckinUgly57

    The Duck that got KO’d was Kevin Sawyer and it was the second beatdown he took in the same game. Kip Brennan destroyed him first and then he went back for more and Norton KO’d him. And yes, I believe that ended his career. And the guy Flinn knocked out was Brad Brown, in I believe Flinn’s first ever NHL game.

  • Quattro

    for the most part, fighting is meaningless to the success of a team. It’s mostly a circus act.

  • scooter

    fighting still plays a significant role in hockey. Mostly its about deterrence. Guys will not take runs, cheap shots, cut legs, plow into goalies (sound familiar?) etc if they know that on the bench is some 6’4″ 240lb’r from po-dunk Sasketchewan ready to lumber on the ice and drop the gloves. Its about sending a message and protecting your players. And remember, hockey is the only sport in which the players virtually police themselves. The bench clearing brawls are few and far between and linesmen let them fight and when its over, the players know it is and rarely ever cross the line. Having said that, youtube the Avs-Wings fight a few years back. Quite possibly the best hard-hitting, fight filled game of this generation.

  • jeremy

    Nice puckingugly, sawyer. you remember his ass out cold tryin to get off theice?

  • Anonymous

    Bring up Flinn!

  • brianguy

    “The Duck that got KO’d was Kevin Sawyer and it was the second beatdown he took in the same game. Kip Brennan destroyed him first and then he went back for more and Norton KO’d him. And yes, I believe that ended his career. And the guy Flinn knocked out was Brad Brown, in I believe Flinn’s first ever NHL game. ”

    damn, good memory. the Kings have a good record in fights just about every year, they just don’t do it as much as some teams. Ivanans has crushed a few guys the past couple seasons but most won’t fight him because he’s a true heavyweight and a pretty good one at that because of his sheer strength.

    there’s a pretty good video on Youtube of what it’s like for a regular guy (pro skateboarder Mike Vallely) to fight Brennan on the ice.

  • David

    “The Ducks are thugs, hate them all!”

    Would you consider Scott Niedermayer, Teemu Selanne, J.S. Giguere & Samuel Pahlsson thugs?

    Grow up Kevco!

  • Nick

    The Oiler that got abused by Petr Prajsler was Jeff Beukeboom.
    As for TK’s last year that was Steve Ott.
    The Flinn KO on Brad Brown was due to a broken leg. He had some amazing early fights. He also re-arranged Scott Parker’s nose. Unfortunately he got ended by Vandermeer. Lappy also felt the wrath of Vandy recently. I would have loved the Kings to aquire Vandermeer for Modry which worked out to the same deal from Calgary.

    As for the Kings being second to last in the fight dept.? I find it pretty embarassing as we lack identity and balls. The culture here has totally changed for the worse. We use to be tough to play against and players would stand up for each other. I still don’t see it. It starts with our captain and him talking players out of fights (Lappy) is pretty lame. We’re charmin soft!

  • MacSwede

    I am not sure i agree with you “scooter”. The fighters only fight with each other, or am I wrong? So in what way do they police the other players? If Sakic runs in to the goalie, will a fighter seek him up in the next shift and fight him..not probably. I think it was like you say a long time ago, but now fighters only fight to improve their statistics and ranks, because everyone in the U.S is stats freaks..

  • Buck

    So how many fights take place beyond the first round of the playoffs? And ‘playoff hockey’, for any one who’s witnessed it, is usually the most intense hockey you’ll ever experience. Less fighting, more intensity, hmm.

    I think NHL hockey is the best sport on the planet. But as long as bare fisted brawling (which is assault and battery in most other parts of society) exists, hockey will remain the bastard step child of major sports.

    Ranked in the ratings behind people sitting on their butts, shuffling little pieces of paper and plastic discs around a table. Or as they call it, Poker. That’s pathetic for such a great sport. And the impression fighting creates doesn’t help at all. Just play.

  • scooter

    McSwede, when I played this was the mentality. I might agree with you that things have changed recently but you still see some of it today as well. Case in point is the JMFJ (non)hit on Ryan Smyth. Lappy immediately went to Jack and defended his teammate. Its the “unwritten” rule in the game, and goes back to what I said previously about “role” players (those of you bitching about Army a while back). Yes these “goons” are on the team for a reason and the King’s have lacked a true enforcer for some years now. Today’s NHL demands that even the goons be able to skate and contribute with their skates, sticks or bodies in addition to their fists. That is why guys like Iginla and Pronger are so valuable. They not only play the game well but they provide the added “insurance” or “deterrence” that is necessary. Dustin Brown is this type of player I think and given a year or two will command the same respect.

  • brianguy

    “Would you consider Scott Niedermayer, Teemu Selanne, J.S. Giguere & Samuel Pahlsson thugs?”

    wow you came up with four guys out of…? one’s a goalie, one a euro checker and a euro scorer. Niedermayer is not a repeat offender but not squeaky clean. his talent level just overshadows that.

    bottom line everyone in the NHL knows about the Dirty Ducks, it’s no secret, led by their chief thug Pronger – consistently one of the worst thugs in the league. nobody’s saying they aren’t good, they just aren’t clean and take way too many penalties.

  • Please

    Brian you lost any support you might have when you said Scott Neidermayer is “not squeaky clean”. Quit whining. The Duck plays on the edge and it’s what makes them so good. F with the Duck and you get the bill. And then you go on a blogsite and whine and cry about it. The Duck has YOU right where they want you. Last place dreaming of a first round pick while they win a cup.

  • David

    “Wow you came up with four guys out of…?”

    I initially thought of four of the classiest guys on their team, and the entire NHL for that matter.

    I could have also named:

    — Joe DiPenta
    — Ryan Getzlaf
    — Kent Huskins
    — Todd Marchant
    — Travis Moen
    — Rob Niedermayer
    — Corey Perry
    — Bobby Ryan
    — Mathieu Schneider
    — Doug Weight

    Perhaps you should watch WrestleMania XXIV on Pay Per View this Sunday instead of hockey!!

  • brianguy

    I’m pretty sure my support is fine. tell ya what, next time I see Pronger out for dinner with his wife in Irvine I’ll give him a nice surprise elbow to the chops and see how he likes it… thanks for playing

  • brianguy

    one example of mr. clean jeans:

    Niedermayer hit Florida’s Peter Worrell on the helmet with his stick in 5-2 victory over the Panthers Sunday night and was assessed a match penalty with intent to injure. ”I deserve something because it was a stupid play,” Niedermayer said when asked if he expected to be suspended. ”It’s obvious that I hit him and I can’t take it back. But I don’t think I hit him hard enough to hurt him.”

    – at least he knows when he screwed up, unlike ‘Prongs’

  • Quattro

    Corey Perry??? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • motalar

    LOL That’s hilarious—you reference one incident from EIGHT years ago and all of a sudden Niedermeyer is a dirty player. Or as you put it “not squeaky clean”. I’m no fan of his but he is definitely not dirty–
    Brian Marchment?–dirty
    Andrew Ference?–dirty
    Jordan Tootoo?–dirty
    Niedermeyer?–not dirty

  • lblocal


    Kings vs. Rangers 1981 Playoffs 1st Round.


    (Along with my peeps, and other long-time Kings fans, I was lucky enough to be at this game. Sitting two rows behind Jerry Buss’ owners box, at the far end of the Fabulous Forum.)

    A MEMORABLE GAME! And, at 13 years old, what an experience for a ‘Lifer’ kings fan.

    Sitting with Mr. Buss was Charlie Simmer (out with a broken leg vs Toronto) and his wife Terri Welles (Playboy Playmate 1981). Wearing an INCREDIBLE leopard skin body suit. =D (NO LIE)

    With them.. The late great John Candy.. In all his glory.. Bouncing all the Kings (lady) fans, on his lap..

    Kings fans, enjoy.

    The future is bright.

    Rich.. YOU THE MAN! B-)

  • Anonymous

    Sorry ducklovers but I’ve seen J.S. Giguere play pretty dirty. He’s been known to hack somes ankles, and pretty visciously I might add. And even still, if you don’t believe he’s a bit of a thug is ladies make-up, then you have to admit he’s one worse than and less respectable in a sport for tough guys; he’s a sulking whiner. I’ve never seen so much pouting on the bench.
    I know you’ll say his emotional level adds to his talent, which is considerable (when he’s not too busy throwing a fit). But in a discussion basically about professionalism his antics, which I’ve seen on many occassions, show a severe lack of it.

    Secondly, to those accusing fighting as being the cause of hockeys lack of average couch potato interest in America, consider this. Hockey was at perhaps it’s most popular when goons reigned supreme. People love that stuff.
    While that amount of fighting is something I’m happy the nhl put a stop to, god bless hockey players for their spirit. Fighting one of many great things in the sport that separates it from other mindless ‘dribble’, so to speak. Hockey draws a feverishly intense crowd, much more interested in a good game than a new pair of sneakers. I don’t mean to pick on basketball either, I put hockey leagues beyond all other sports equally. Back to the point though, fighting is fun, unique, exciting, motivating, inspiring and never happens unless both guys want to fight.

    I wish there a few more kings fights this season, it makes losses more tolerable when there are a couple of good fights in a game… or hell, even one. And you never know, had the kings dropped the gloves a little more, maybe they’d have gotten in to some of those games emotionally that they played so flatly. And maybe, juuuuuust maybe they’d have won 10-15 more games, or gotten 15-20 more points out of forcing OT’s.

    Just a thought.

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