• Mark

    How did he hurt himself riding the pine? Did a butt cramp cause the groin strain?

  • Tami

    Wow, I bet Danny is stoked! Will Ersberg play back to back then tonight or will Danny get a shot? The game is pretty meaningless for us (and almost better if we lose). What are they doing for Manchester? Quick and…

  • jack handy

    awwwww… that’s too bad.

    i was really looking forward to seeing him have to watch Ersberg rip it up for the rest of the season while he picks splinters out of his ass.

    maybe it’s easier on his ego to just say “i’m hurt” as opposed to actually sitting the bench behind an undrafted free agent from the swedish league?

    not that i pretend to know anything.

  • Dan Cloutier

    You try sleeping at a Super 8 and see how your groin feels.

  • brianguy

    doing what, reaching down to pick up his baseball cap when it fell off on the bench?

    all I can say is: na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, gooooooodbyee…

  • Dan H.

    *cough* uterus pull *cough*

  • Eric K

    “Dan Cloutier”: best comment i’ve ever seen on this blog.

  • Anonymous

    Is it because a splinter went 5-hole on him???

  • Lucas

    I agree with Eric K, hilarious.

    Now if Rich could somehow get his blog incorporated into SportsBlog Nation (http://www.sbnation.com) we could recommend that comment to everybody.

    You should approach them about that Rich.

  • Marc Nathan

    Manchester signed Curtis Darling to an ATO. He will back up Jon Quick for the next game or two…

  • Luis

    ATTENTION: For those kings fans who have DirecTV Centre Ice package, the Manchester Monarchs are shown on the NHL Network.

  • brianguy

    guess he should have stayed at a Hampton Inn instead. isn’t that the ad where the businessmen and women are doing the TD celebrations on their bed, in the middle room and the hallway?

    oh well they’re pretty nice, I always stay there…

  • -J

    Speaking of goalies- Lewiston is a game away from elimination (down 3-1). Bernier could be seeing time anyday now in L.A. or Manchester- the CHL/NHL tranfer agreement is no longer an issue since he has completed 4 years in the Q. My bet is he’ll end up in Manchester, kind of like Price did with hamilton last year. Hopefully he’ll have the same kind of impact Price did. But you never now, he might get a game or two up here.