Drew Doughty, Part 2

Here’s the second half of Don’s interview with Drew Doughty…


Question: What has been your favorite NHL team growing up?

Doughty: It’s kind of weird, but my favorite team growing up was the L.A. Kings because my favorite player was Wayne Gretzky, and pretty much any team he went to was my favorite team. When I was really young he was on the Kings and he was there through most of those years of watching hockey as a young kid. I even still have an L.A. Kings phone in my room.


Question: Okay quiz time: Can you name some of Gretzky’s linemates or teammates when he was on the Kings?

Doughty: I don’t know if I could name any linemates, but I can remember my favorite goalie was Kelly Hrudey. I’m pretty sure Jari Kurri was there right?


Question: Definitely – we were “Edmonton West” out here for a while. Do you still follow the Kings these days?

Doughty: I do, somewhat. I obviously see where they are in the standings and I watched them quite a bit at the beginning of the year because I know Bernier pretty well and I watched a bit early on when he was playing. I guess you could say I kind of follow them.


Question: If you could select any team in the NHL to take you come draft day, who would it be?

Doughty: Right now I would honestly have to say that it would be L.A. because I see where they are in the standings and I know obviously it is a great place to play and everyone loves it there, I mean it is kind of different there, you get to show up to the rink in shorts and a t-shirt and that would be awesome. And with them being low in the standings I would hope that I could maybe get into their system quicker than maybe a team that is higher up in the standings. It would just be a great place to go and a great fit.


Question: You ever been out to California?

Doughty: I haven’t been out there yet, but I’ve definitely heard some great things about it, and I watch all the shows on TV that are out that way and I know it would be great to live there.


Question: Have you talked to any Kings’ scouts or personnel?

Doughty: I’ve talked to Mike Futa (Kings’ Co-Director of Amateur Scouting) quite a few times and I’ve even talked to Lombardi a couple of times as well. So I’ve met them a couple of times, just great people and it was really great to meet them and kind of a getting-to-know-you basis.


Question: Can you let us behind the curtain a little and tell us what you talked about?

Doughty: It really wasn’t too much about the draft or anything like that; it was just more of an informal conversation, getting to know each other. Mr. Lombardi asked me some questions about how I thought I played in the game, and how I thought season was going. Nothing too important; just nice conversation.


Question: Do you feel right now that your game is NHL-ready?

Doughty: I’m not sure, it’s kind of hard to say just because I haven’t played at that level or anything, but I would hope to think that it is. I think I’m pretty mature and I think the strength in my game shows out there. I would hope that I could play in the NHL as soon as I can. I felt I did a fairly good job at the World Juniors, and while it is not exactly the same level it is still very close.

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  • Anonymous

    I like him too :(, just because he has been a Kings fan his life and he would love to play here, i hope he’s not bs’ing, he has a great attitude.

  • Maverick

    He has the Kings tatooed on his butt! Screw Stamkos! Do it DL! šŸ˜› Seriously though… We are likely to end up with the #2 pick, I would love to see this kid in a Kings uniform.

  • Vahe

    Interesting, Kings fan growing up

  • Anonymous


    This made it more interesting. We know Dean has been hinting at drafting a D-man – I think this our guy right here.

  • Irish Pat

    I would love it if the Kings ended up with either Stamkos or Doughty, however Stamkos gave a more diplomatic answer as far as where he would like to end up and it seemed to me that he would perhaps prefer to go to Toronto. That’s fine and actually kind of expected from a young player, but for Doughty to flat out say he wants to play for L.A. is awesome. His enthusiasm is fantastic.

  • Ryan

    Sounds like DL has been out to see Doughty a bit more often than Stamkos.

    The first pick will be traded, I feel.

  • kb

    Great Interview, thank you.
    Wow Stamkos and Doughty both like the Kings. I suppose i wont be all that disappointed if we don’t get Stamkos because Doughty seems like a level headed guy who actually wants to play in LA and follows the kings. They both have allot of heart. Cheers to next season! the good news is things cant really get any worse!

  • Eric K

    draft this player. we need D.

    imagine a top pairing of JMFJ and doughty?

  • mr marbles

    Great work Don with all of these interviews! I’m not just saying that because our cubicles are a few feet away from each other… These reads are a glimmering of hope in a dark and depressing season! Keep it up!

  • BallPointHammer

    It is time to think REAL BIG!!

    Is it possible, depending on the final standings and the lottery, with 14 picks in this years draft and all the good prospects we have, that DL might try to wheel and deal in order to draft both Stamkos and Doughty?

    The concept isn’t without precedence. In 1999 the Vancouver Canucks GM (a guy named Brian Burke) did some dealing to get both the Sedin twins (picks 2 and 3 overall).

    Imagine going into the future with a core group of Kopitar, Stamkos, Brown, O’Sullivan, Johnson, Hickey, Doughty and Bernier.

  • DellaNooch

    BAllPointHammer – I’m right there with you, if the Kings get 1st pick, Tampa gets 2nd and they need offense now to make up for losing Richards. Cammy and our other 1st round pick (Dallas) to TB for the 2nd pick in the draft. I know some don’t like losing Cammy and I love having him, but I think he’ll ask too much in his contract extention and we can give up a little O to get the D we need.

  • Anonymous

    this kid is absolutly a great player- Norris trophy type talent – he will play 30 mins a game for years- he skates the puck as well as any defensmen in the NHL right now and at 215 pounds is much bigger and stomger than most of the mobile defensemen – if the Kings don’t draft him ,if they get the chance, I think they will regret it for years to come.

  • iluvla

    Terric interviews!!

  • Bob Bobson

    Wow, these are refreshingly honest opinions by Doughty. I agree with Maverick. It sounds like he already has the Kings tatooed on his butt.

  • Daniel

    Love the idea of us getting #1 Stamkos and #2 Doughty. Love the fact Doughty grew up a Kings fan. Also, love the idea of replacing a traded Cammi with a FA signing of Hossa.

    Anyone else notice that positive posts like this never get a reaction from Anthony?

  • JDM

    The thought of 1 and 2 is tantalizing indeed, and not outside the realm of possibility. Someone should forward this post to Lombardi, make sure he’s at least thinking about it.

    However, hockey is a finicky sport and I’m only going to say for sure that I’m glad it’s a deep draft because I thought we got screwed last year finishing so low in one of the least exciting drafts in recent years.


    How could we not draft him? He’s already a Kings fan. “Kings are tattoo’d on his butt”, to quote Mr Lombardi.

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