Postgame quotes

Some quotes from last night’s game, from Erik Ersberg, Patrick O’Sullivan and Marc Crawford…



“It’s tough. It was a close game, it was a great game by both teams. It sucks to lose one of these games but we’ve got a new game tomorrow. So we just don’t think about it too much.”

“I think we played great defensive hockey in front of me, clearing out rebounds for me and blocked shots and everything that we’re supposed to do, so that helped me out a lot.”

“It’s pretty fun, I think, these shootouts. Both teams have one point already so it’s one more point and it’s great for the crowd too. Today unfortunately we didn’t come out with a win, but just one team can lose.”


“It was a good effort. Every time we play Anaheim it’s a battle. I think there is really a good rivalry developed. Obviously we are at different points in the organizations’ progression. We are a young, building team and they obviously won the Cup last year with a good chance going into this year’s playoffs to win it again. They
are intense games and tonight was obviously a good one, good chances both ways, good goaltending in both ends. It’s one of those games you wish you could keep playing to end it without the shootout. We’ve
been on the other end of those enough this year – you’re not going to win every shootout you are in.”


“Erik played a terrific game for us. He made several really good saves. They were very fortunate to have as many power plays as they had and he stood really tall on all of them. They got the one power play goal and other than that I thought we did a lot of really good things tonight. We had a number of chances to win it, including a couple in the shootout, but we didn’t win the skill competition. It’s unfortunate but our guys played hard. These games mean a lot more to the teams that we are playing right now than they mean to us so it’s hard to find your motivation and our guys we’ve challenged them to find it. They’ve been finding it and that’s good.”

(on PK) “We got a lot of practice at it tonight. They are the most penalized team in the league and we got two power-play advantages in the game. Our guys did a great job of killing, they tried to take some of their key guys. It worked well and the goal they got, we tried to make a play on the penalty kill and they got the
outnumbering chance because of that.”

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  • anthony

    Ersberg’s play last night was incredible. He never allows a bad goal to go in. When I was at the Pond last night even the Quack fans sitting next to me were getting frustrated with his great saves. He clearly stole a point for us. This player will be our #1 goalie next season, if you consider the alternative.

    “we didn’t win the skills competition” Crawfish cracks me up. It’s pretty hard to win the skills competition when you choose an “unskilled” player like Wilsie to keep us in the shootout.
    It’s fitting when you consider his claim that Derek Armstrong is one of his skilled players. Go figure this coach.

    And I was glad to be at the Pond last night. At least I wasn’t forced to listen to Garbage like Brian Hayward color commentate how great and beautiful the quacks are and how lucky and dirty the Kings are. I hope a bus runs over his “bias ass” face. Kudos for Jim Fox for not lowering himself to that level.

  • Josh

    Anyone want 2 Kings tickets to tonights game? These are my season seats and I cannot go but I want to make sure the tickets are used. If anyone wants them for free email me at

  • Buck

    Ersberg played an elite game last night and deserves every opportunity to be #1 next year. Period.

    Plus, did you see him between the OT and SO on tv? He looked like some wild haired anime character. I love it!

  • brianguy

    “Ahlers does all these Versus games an Heyward does non Duck NBC playoff games and does the OLYMPICS .. and Fox and Miller have been around for a million years and DO NO NATIONAL WORK AT ALL? Yeah thanks for your idiocy, Anthony. Fox is the biggest homer in the game. ”

    Bob Miller is in the HHOF. don’t even start talking about some guy like Ahlers in the same breath. he’s been doing hockey for what, maybe 5 years? the guy makes more mistakes in one period than joe shmoe off the street would in one game. Fox does all kinds of stuff away from FSN West. he’s on all the hockey shows (XM Radio, etc) constantly. I tuned into some national game last week, I wish I could remember the teams…I’m asking myself “is it me, or this guy sounds exactly like Jim Fox”? sure enough it was.

    honestly, Bob’s getting to be a little too old to be doing much work away from the Kings. I don’t know for a fact (Rich?) but I suspect that he has turned down a lot of side jobs. I’m not a Jimmy Fox lover, he’s a little goofy sometimes for me. but he was just recently named the best color commentator in LA for the 2nd or 3rd year in a row. if his peers think so, that’s plenty good enough in my opinion.

  • brianguy

    “Plus, did you see him between the OT and SO on tv? He looked like some wild haired anime character. I love it!”

    ya know, I’m thinking the exact same thing. if I find the image it reminds me of, I’ll have to post it!!

  • Chris

    is the picture you’re looking for.

  • Goon Squad

    If you read Bob Miller’s book, you get a sense that Bob doesn’t take kindly to non-hockey people telling him how to do his job. Just a guess, but I imagine the Ahlers and O’Neals of the world are much easier for the national producers to manipulate. Just guessing.

  • BallPointHammer

    Wow! EE has been very good and incredibly consistant. DL – re-sign him asap.

    For next year – Ersberg, Labarbera and Bernier – whatever combination as the season progresses. Is this good enough to REALLY improve (85+ points IMO) or do we still need an established goalie to carry the next couple of years?

  • jkwondachef

    BPH, I agree lets see what happens with that combination. I really believe that Ersberg has a least earned the chance to compete for the #1 spot. He has shown what he can do. I feel that you get a good sense of how good a goalie is within the first ten games. Lets see what happens. That stop on Bobby Ryan in the shootout was awesome.

  • dude

    WHY WHY WHY did he pick wllsie WHY…. WHY WHY WHY is his contract so long FIRE CRAWFORD

  • Buck

    Bob Miller is the LA Kings. How many players, coaches, fans and OWNERS has he out lasted over a 35 year span?

    He’s a class act and we’re very fortunate to have him as our voice. Nobody associated with the Kings deserves that cup more than Bob.

  • brianguy

    I can’t believe Bobby Ryan got #2 star yesterday, when everyone in the building knew it was Ersberg. he outperformed Hiller statistically until the shootout, giving up one more goal (the Ducks shooters were better, unlike a recent shootout vs. Dallas – one of the worst I’ve ever seen). plus Ersberg stoned Ryan. c’mon gutless media in Anaheim. Rich where are you when we need you to fix these things…

    even the opposing players were talking about him by name, you know that’s good when you’ve played 10 games and the defending champs’ most seasoned veterans are heaping praise.

    thanks for reminding me where to find the Ersberg OT picture w/o his mask. now here’s his look-alike I was trying to locate:

  • Cnote20

    I love how Gaywood stated in that Ersberg played in the Swiss Elite leage last year!!! Even the broadcasters for the Ducks are Quacks!

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