• ranole

    How about the “Im torn because the 1st pick would greatly help this team but at some point these young players need to learn how to win” option

  • andy glas

    I completely agree with ranole. I am also becoming a big fan of the Lightning at least for the rest of this season.

  • Mr. Fabulous

    This is how I’ve felt all season, I don’t want the Kings to lose, but I’m not all broken up when they do. It’s more about cheering for Tampa to win than the Kings to lose. Of course, then there is that stupid draft lottery…(knock on wood)

  • Eric K

    anything in the top 2 (bottom 2) would be fine with me.

  • Jim Jones

    Needs to be another option.

    Want them to win, but don’t mind when they lose.

    It’s just natural for a sports fan to want his team to win. But I also know that losing will lead to something good. It’s a nice mix of thinking with your heart and your brain.

    Also, can people please stop talking about “learning to win.” These guys are pro athletes. They already know how to win. If they don’t, thats a psychological issue that they have to address with a doctor. Having, say, 72 points instead of 68 isn’t going to fix any head issues.

  • ianmonsta

    im not so much routing for the kings to lose as i am the lighting to win..

    except for tonight since i want the caps to make the playoffs.. maybe if the lightning lose in OT ill be ok with that.


    anyone know how the draft order is picked? is it whoever has the worst record gets the first pick? or is there a lottery?

    thanks go kings

  • fourtunato

    I will always root for a win. Winning takes care of itself. Rooting for your team to lose for tactical reasons is just base. One good player will not make up for a team’s lack of character or effort.

    I LOVE that the Kings are playing with fire and I LOVE the fact that it looks like we have a goalie now.

    Great shutout Ersberg!!!! He is a puck magnet. Second chances, what second chances? rebounds into the corner? I don’t think so.

    Get us a little D (or a lot) in front of this guy and we are golden. Stamkos or no.

  • marc v

    Do you think or do you know if Oscar Moller is going to make it to the AHL for the playoff run now that his OHL season is done?

  • nykingfan

    Rooting for your team to lose will not have any bearing on the outcome. How can anyone root for their team to lose unless you want the coach fired?
    If we don’t get the #1 overall, I wouldn’t mind having Doughtry either.