Keep the debate going

I’m not sure if we really resolved anything with the “most outstanding defenseman” debate — which was kind of the point, right? That there’s no obvious choice — but it was a fun debate to read.

So what does everyone think about team MVP? I have a pretty solid idea on this one already, but I’m curious to know what everyone thinks. By the way, I’ll let you know all my picks when I send them in. Tomorrow, I think…

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  • No question.


  • Roger

    Dustin Brown

  • Anonymous

    Dustin Brown.. easy choice.

  • BIll

    Dustin Brown

  • Anonymous

    Brownie, without a doubt

  • Mike Cammaleri

    AK11 is the MVP

  • Kopitar rocks!

    In my opinion, its got to be Kopitar!! Followed up his rookie season with 30 goals if im not mistaken! He’s been the constant bright side to this dark season…

    Honorable mention:
    Dustin Brown

  • Milton Waddams

    This may be the obvious choice, but to me it’s Kopitar. He’s been the most consistent, porductive player on the team all year. Kopitar, with Brown a close second. Other guys have had good spurts, but Kopi’s been good the whole year.

  • Pat

    Kopitar is deserving too, but I cast my lot with Dustin Brown. Huge season in all respects, including the physical game. He even brought another prospect into the fold…Jake!

  • Mcpuck

    Anze Kopitar

  • Anonymous

    Brown. or. O’Sullivan.

  • Kevco

    It’s close with Brown, Kopi and even O’Sullivan perhaps.
    For sure O’Sullivan as most improved for this year.

  • Old Man:

    It`s got to be Brown. He`s the heart and soul of this team.

  • Gord

    Brown 30+ goals is something. Or Frolov, simply because he’s been a point per game INJURED.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone knew what Kopitar was going to bring. Brown is the MVP for stepping his game up to the next level and being everything the team needed him to be

  • sasKing

    Kopi would be the obvious choice. As mentioned, he is by far the most consistent player on this team.

    Brown’s been dominant at times, but he’s also been non-existent occasionally. He’ll improve on that.

    Frolov has been amazing, even with a groin injury. If he were healthy, he’d probably contend for the honour, but too many things go against him when compared with Anze.

    And Patty’s had a breakthrough year. He’s not the team’s MVP, but he definitely deserves a nod for making a giant leap forward this season.

  • Army

    I agree, Kopitar.

  • Andrew

    He leads the team in scoring. He has played in every game, and did not have one significant scoring drought all year that I can remember.
    The Kid deserves it.

  • Rusty

    MVP? Easy, Cloutier’s groin! Otherwise Ersberg never gets a chance.

  • Anonymous


    The man seams to be doing it game in and game out!

    Kopi’s got the points, but Brown seems to be the one to lead the team this season.

    Last season, I woundn’t have even put him in the top 5.

  • Tim

    I may be in the minority but I would vote Frolov. Kopitar has had an amazing sophomore season but he hasn’t had the game changing ability that Frolov has had.

    When Fro is on he absolutely controls the game with his puck control ability. Not only that but with 2 bad groins he has averaged nearly a PPG. Imagine if he he 100%.

    I also think Fro is one of the most unappreciated players on this team. It seems even when he has an amazing game, he is lucky to get third star, if that.

    He deserves some recognition for his hard work.

  • Maverick

    Alexander Frolov. Even with being injured the ENTIRE season and missing out on several games he is only 10 points shy of Kopitar and averaging nearly a point per game. Frolov is one of the best board handlers, puck strippers, and offensive playmakers in the game this season. If we are going to make a deep playoff run and someone were to ask me which player on this team is a must have I would pick Frolov. He has persevered the entire season and shown that he is pure gold.

  • Anonymous


  • I think it’s very close between Brown and Kopitar especially when you consider Brown’s physical play.

    Either one works for me.

  • chris

    Hands down Dustin Brown! If everybody on this team played to their potential nearly every night like this guy, we’d be eagerly anticipating the playoffs right now.

  • zad

    This is less comical than the “outstanding” defenseman” award so I’ll play along.

    With that said, Kopitar because (a) he brings both assists and goals (b) he leads by example on the ice (c) he speaks about this team, his role and his teammates like he truly cares for each.

  • P

    Definately Kopistar with my hat also off to Brown and O’Sully. That’s the 1st line of the future although would love to see Kopi being mentored by someone like Sundin or playing with Stamkos or Tavares.

    Everyone has to admit when Kopi is on the ice the Kings more or less have a scoring chance and he’ll only get better. Last year 20 goals, this year 30+ g, we’ll see if he can put up 40 in his third NHL season. Any takers on that bet??

  • Aaron

    I would go with Brown. Kopitar and Frolov are close also. It sure is tough to pick these awards for a 30th place team.

  • Bob Bobson


  • Dan H.

    I think Kopitar is the obvious choice but like was said before Brown is a close second and if it was from the half way point on you’d have to throw Sullivan in there. He’s been outstanding since Crawford turned him loose.

  • JDM

    Has to Kopi, simply because we’d probably have 10 less wins without him.

    O’Sullivan is a tempting choice though because of his play on the PK on top of his tremendous offensive improvement.

    I’d actually base this one off who has the better rep in the locker room. Which of these two guys does the most to get the team motivated before games? I think being such a sucky team this year, whoever helps out to keep spirits up deserves the MVP as much as Kopi does just for his scoring alone.

    Really there should be another category for this, “Outstanding Attitude in the Face of Suckitude”

  • jsnod

    Dustin MF Brown. He brings it every game.

  • Daniel

    I am going with Brown. Love Kopi, but Brown brings not only scoring but the tough, physical presence the Kings so desperately need.

  • Adam

    I would vote for Brown. Kopitar basically had the same year as last year. We all know how good he is. A lot of people doubted Brown and he came through in a big way. Power forwards take longer to develop, and he potted 30 this year. He is only gonna get better, folks.

  • Tami

    For me it’s hands down Brown. He has worked hard every single game, had a career year and seems to be a quiet leader on the team. If Dustin plays well, the team plays well.

  • Anonymous

    brown or sully

  • joe

    Our MVP if we get Stamkos is Rob Blake. If we lose the lottery pick second then I give it to Brown. As good as Anze is consistently Brown is more responsible for winning games on a nightly basis. Come on now after reading that article where he wouldn’t even say wether he’d like to hit or score more and just said he’d rather do whatever the team needs. That kid is golden, there’s a reason he was the first to get locked up, and not just because of his age.

  • sense13

    Brownie is my favorite but I believe Kopi probably will take home the MVP.

  • Anonymous
  • JOE


  • lakingzfan

    its tough to decide an MVP for a team battling for the last spot in the whole league. BUT, if I had to choose the most consistent player, it would have to be Brown. He has the best all around game. he may not have the offensive talent that kopi has, but he can play defense better and can hit.

  • John Roy Morgan

    Dustin Brown The hits keep on comin’!

  • I’m Not Kidding

    Brownie brings energy and hits and goals and enthusiasm every shift, but Kopi has a much bigger role at center and on the power play. I’d vote for #11 but if Dustin gets it, no big deal. How ’bout co-MVPs?

  • Pat McGroyn

    Dustin Brown, fo’ sure!!!!!

  • Brian

    Brownie hands down…Kopi’s still a little too soft on the ice.

  • Nick

    1. Kopitar. easy choice. our most consistent and probably best player. i’m a firm believer in your best player being your MVP (not necessarily highest scorer or whatever, but kopi is our best).
    2. Frolov. His consistency has gone way up this year and that’s despite playing with a cold Cammy, Nagy, or Armstrong for a good portion of the season. There have been times when he’s shown that he might be a top 5 LW in the NHL this season (3rd period against Dallas was an obvious highlight here). On top of that he’s been dealing with injuries all season long.
    3. Dustin Brown. I was anticipating a breakout season for him this year…but wow nothing like this. Similar to Frolov, there have been games this year that Brownie has just taken over (i’m thinking one of the games against chicago, not sure, stands out in my head). On top of that he appears to be developing a bit of a mean streak to go with his already exceptional physical play.

    HM to O’Sullivan. He has improved so much from the meek, timid player we all saw at the start of last year. It’s incredible to see the progress he’s made in such a short period of time. After that…i’d have to say that everyone else (besides Ersberg, but the sample size is too small, even with a bad game today) is a disappointment. I mean how bad is it when 6 defensemen and 8 forwards and like…14 goalies are disappointments? That’s pitiful. Some of it was rather unexpected (Cammalleri, Visnovsky), though. I don’t think anyone could’ve planned for those two falling off a cliff (not just in terms of production either) this year. The ones that aren’t really disappointments are still bad or negligible (sp?, too lazy to look it up).

    I guess I could include Ivanans in the non-disappointment category. Wooooo our 4th line enforcer didn’t embarass us this year…except for like 2 months he couldn’t fight.

    Oh well.

  • KingsFan19

    Dustin Brown; He has been the fire and spirit of this team this year.

    He always has found something positive to bring to his play(scoring, hits, and defensive play).

  • Fire Crawford!

    If the goal was to get the 1st pick in the draft, then Crawford is by far the MVP of this team. Until he is gone, this team will battle for a top 5 pick every year.

  • Dan

    I would have to go with Brown. He has scored 32 goals and 56 points this season and on nights when he doesnt score he has his physical game which brings alot to the team. Every game he has something to give.

    The runner up would be Sully. He has 20 goals and 50 points this season. On nights when he doesnt score he has a very good defensive game to fall back on.

  • Tim


  • king65

    Brown..over 30 goals and still leads the league in hits…

  • Irish Pat

    Brown and Kopitar.

  • Eric K

    Dustin Brown. although kopitar will probably get it (and deservedly so), DMFB (not sure if that’ll catch on) was the one guy who consistently gave this team toughness… something we needed a whole lot more of this year.

  • Eric K

    Where’s my award for “Highest Paid Disappointment”?

  • Eric K

    oops, sorry it was under my name… i couldn’t decide between handzus, cloutier, nagy, and a series of others.

  • Quattro


  • Moondoggie

    Brownie with a very honorable mention to Kopi…Nothing against Anze but Dustin has just plain played his heart out every night at both ends of the ice. If we had just a few more players who played with the passion that Brownie played with this season I’m certain this team would have made the playoffs. Most improved goes to Sully who will probably get team MVP next year and maybe an All-Star pick, he has been delightful to watch grow.

  • Hec27

    FROLOV!!!! I like Kopitar and Brown, but if Frolov wasn’t hurt, he’d be right there with Kopitar in terms of points.

  • OC Kings Fan

    A HEALTHY Frolov would be the MVP hands down. He dominated on many night all while injured. But you can make an argument for Brown or Kopitar as well this season.

    Frolov will be the MVP next season if he stays healthy.

    A tough call in my book for this season.

  • nykingfan

    No question
    The guys the best player on the team..not even close

    2nd Sully
    3rd Brown

  • nykingfan


    If we really want to have some fun…lets have a vote for LVP(least valuable player) no we can really have a debate

  • nick in 318

    BROWN hands DOWN! keep the hits coming

    Rich… heres an idea for a poll… for all the UFA’s (and RFA’s for that matter) have a ‘resign’ or ‘dont resign’ counter… i’d get a great kick out of that.
    thanks, keep up the great work, we alllllll appreciate you and this blog!

  • Paul

    Kopitar is the best player on the team, but that’s not the question. The question is who has been the MVP of the team this year? Without a doubt it’s Dustin Brown. He carried this team most of the year, and they’d be 10 points behind Tampa if it wasn’t for Brown.

  • Dee

    Kopitar has had a great season but Brown has brought it night in and night out and has been the most consistent…that said, I still would vote for Frolov. He is a magician with the puck and creates like crazy with whomever is on the ice with him…even Ivanans!

  • brianguy

    I’m actually torn on DB / Kopi… which is obviously why they’re both getting so many votes. I want to say Kopi but didn’t he win it last year? I think Brown has certainl had more of a breakout season than Kopi has.

    I realize that is not really the question, but emerging as one of the few best power forwards in the league says my vote must go to Brown. the difference in scoring between the two this year is almost negligible.

  • brianguy

    “I also think Fro is one of the most unappreciated players on this team. It seems even when he has an amazing game, he is lucky to get third star, if that. ”

    totally agree. Brown, Frolov, and O’Sullivan are my favorite players, probably because they are all underrated in a sense. but Frolov has amazed me the most with his consistency while injured. it was actually tough debating whose name to get on my jersey but 24 won. next is probably Jack Johnson. I love Kopi who doesn’t, but everyone has to have their reasons for their faves.

  • metalmaster

    MVP on 30th place team is a
    oxymoron. call it Most
    Outstanding Player and give it to Dustin Brown since he is the most consistent player night in and night out.

  • nykingfan

    Kopitar is the best player…when we’re talking MVP for a last place seems kind of silly. Without Kopitar or Brown I venture to guess we’d still finish dead last. There really can’t be an MVP on the team. There can be a best playet though.

  • Jimmy Crack Corn

    I agree w/ most that Kopitar is having an outstanding year but can’t say that he’s a guy who’s taken control and changed the momentum in the Kings favor in too many games.
    I’d go w/ Brown for his physical play, scoring and on ice leadership or O’Sullivan for battling in the trenches on the PK.

    Where are the John Tonellis’, Pat Conachers’ and Steve Caspers’ of the league?

  • JC

    Brownie. Kopi’s impressive too, but Brownie holds down the fort.

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