Harrold happy to be here

From Don:


Peter Harrold went from being “the” guy on defense for the Manchester Monarchs, to adding some necessary depth on the Kings’ blue line. The 24-year old says he has made the transition, but is still learning the NHL brand of hockey.

“It’s a pretty big transition, I mean the game is so much faster here,” Harrold said. “I think I’m fitting in pretty well and learning more and more every day. It’s important to try and get better every day.”

Still, it is kind of strange going from being the quarterback of the Monarchs’ power play to suddenly being a depth player for the Kings.

“It’s no problem for me. Obviously you want to get to the point where you can be on the power play at this level, but you have to crawl before you can walk,” he said. “I’m trying to learn a little more each and every day and when you watch those guys on the power play and try to pick up on the little things that they do so that when I get my chance I know what to do.”

Odds are that the depleted defensive unit at Manchester will get an infusion should Harrold be reassigned to the Monarchs following the conclusion of the Kings’ season.

“They haven’t talked to me about it yet, but I’d like to go back. I like playing in the playoffs and as soon as the season is done here, I hope they send me back,” Harrold said. “I pay a lot of attention to what is going on in Manchester. They’re my friends that played there all year and most of last year, so I’d love to go down there and help them in the playoffs.”

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  • dfwkingsfan

    Although he’s not the defensemen most of us want, he’s come a long way since he was called up. It sounds like he’s dying to get involved more offensively, but he’s trying to take care of his own end first. Great interview Don!!