Monday practice report

Here’s what went on in El Segundo today, courtesy of Don…


Goalie Dan Cloutier returned to the ice today and pronounced himself fit to play. Cloutier faced shots and appeared to show no issues with mobility as a result of the groin strain that kept him out of action over the weekend. “I feel good, I’m just not sure if I’ll be playing in San Jose,” Cloutier said.

Coach Marc Crawford was unsure about the health of his beleaguered goaltender, and says it will be the training staff who ultimately makes the decision concerning Cloutier’s availability.

“We’re not 100% sure about Dan. He tried it today, but whether or not he can be a guy who is ready to play tomorrow, that’s another question,” he said.

Rookie Erik Ersberg who has started the last five games for the Kings is likely to be in net tomorrow in San Jose.

“I think we are definitely looking at playing Erik tomorrow regardless, because I just don’t think Dan is ready, and we’ll probably have a decision to make if Dan continues to improve,” Crawford said. “The trainers are going to make the decision here now if they feel he is going to be at least good enough to be an option for us tomorrow and is capable of playing. We’ll deal with that as it moves along. I guess you’ll have your answer later on if we call someone up.”

And what about the possibility of not calling anyone up, declaring Cloutier fit to play and both goalies go down (hey, it could happen); who is the Kings’ emergency back-up goalie?

“We don’t have one,” Crawford said. “The trainer Corey Osmak always plays in net when we need someone. He plays in Osmak-ian fashion,” he joked.

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