Ticket prices

In response to the comment earlier, about ticket prices rising 10 percent next season, the Kings say it’s not true and that ticket prices for next season have not yet been determined.

Has anyone else had a ticket rep say something different?

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  • kozak

    ticket rep? my new one won’t return a call

  • brianguy

    I have not heard a thing. they seem to raise them 5-10% every year so nothing would surprise me, but just over 16,000 fans a night (90% capacity) and a pretty flat local economy for the rest of 2008 would not seem to go a long way towards supporting that. not to mention they haven’t come close to spending the full salary cap to be able to justify it to fans.

    it seems much too early to announce pricing for next year anyway so this seems just like an unsubstantiated rumor at this point. unless you hear anything solid Rich

  • anthony

    Why is this such a surprise.
    Why are people bitter.

    Something has to be done to pay for Dumbardi free agent sign ups – I mean F__k ups.

  • Kevco

    I see them advertising for deposits but my rep mentioned nothing nor has he ask for my deposit for next year. I for one would like to know a price before I gave a non refundable deposit for next year.
    If there was ever a year not to raise prices, this would be it.

  • metalmaster

    Here is a novel concept. Play the kids and lower the prices. It can’t get
    worse than finishing 30th
    and they may play with more
    enthusiasm. Quit signing non-impact FA’s to high
    contracts with NTC’s just to fool the fans into
    thinking you are doing
    something. Yeah, Anthony
    you called it F-ups. The
    only FA that was half way decent got traded for a DP.
    That must be a new genius strategy to rebuild a team-
    sign a bunch of mediocre
    FA’s in the offseason and
    then try to move them for
    draft picks at the trade
    deadline. Too bad nobody
    wanted Preissing or Handzus
    or DL could have 20 picks this year.

  • Anonymous

    My ticket rep gave me a price for the full season and it looks like it was around $5 more per ticket than this year.

  • Chris (KingsCast)

    I pay enough.

  • Anonymous

    Regarding ticket reps, Jasmin Matthews is gone isn’t she?

  • Perry

    I’m not sure why everyone is complaining about the seat prices. I’ve had season seats for 15 years and for the past 5 years, my seats haven’t gone up more than 3 dollars.

  • brianguy

    “Regarding ticket reps, Jasmin Matthews is gone isn’t she?”

    Not sure, I had her for the last 3-4 years and haven’t talked to her but that’s probably a record for longevity and wouldn’t be surprised she couldn’t take it anymore.

    I was planning to buy fewer games anyway, so anything for next year is savings to me. forget the half season I’ll just watch ’em on TV. too many weekdays

  • Old Man:

    Jasmine is gone. My new rep. is a young lady named Shawn Beckham.

  • Brian

    Everyone’s complaining about prices because they are too steep. The worst seat in Staples is around $30 bucks! That’s fine for the celebrities here but this is not a winning franchise like New Jersey where they can charge that much and get away with it.

  • kingkongkorab

    Just to confirm….didn’t DL sign Ersberg as a FREE AGENT?

  • shadowalk

    That question was asked and answered at the GM breakfast. The Kings are 26th in ticket prices, and they are the 30th best team. There are no plans to raise prices at this time, but the following year….

  • brianguy

    “My new rep. is a young lady named Shawn Beckham.”

    cool, maybe I’ll get a call one of these days… does she at least have a sexy English accent?


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