Lottery fever

Monday’s NHL draft lottery will be televised, on Versus in the U.S., TSN in Canada and the NHL Network for everyone, at 5 p.m. Pacific time. It’s also going to be on It’s only the second time that the lottery will be televised. Here’s the full press release from the NHL…




NEW YORK/TORONTO (April 2, 2008) – The National Hockey League Draft Drawing, a weighted system to determine the order of selection for the first 14 picks of the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, will take place Monday, April 7, at 8 p.m. ET at the NHL’s New York City office.

The League, in cooperation with TSN, further announced that the results of the Draft Drawing will be televised live by TSN in Canada; VERSUS in the U.S.; and NHL Network in the U.S. and Canada. Furthermore, the results will be streamed live on and and broadcast live on XM Satellite Radio. It will be only the second time the Draft Drawing results will be televised live, and the first time since 2005, when the Pittsburgh Penguins won the right to select first overall and drafted Sidney Crosby.

The 30-minute, live program – titled “Scotiabank NHL Draft Lottery” – will begin at 8 p.m. ET and will originate from the NHL on TSN studios in Toronto. TSN’s James Duthie will host the program, with Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie and analyst Mike Milbury.

The Draft Drawing involves Clubs that do not qualify for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, or the Clubs that acquired the first-round drafting positions of those non-playoff clubs.

Per NHL rules, the club selected in the Draft Drawing may not move up more than four positions in the draft order. Thus, the only Clubs with the opportunity to receive the first overall selection are the five teams with the lowest regular-season point totals, or the Clubs that acquired an eligible Club’s first-round draft pick. No club will move down more than one position as a result of the Draft Drawing.

Under the weighted system, the club with the fewest regular-season points will have the greatest chance (25%) of winning the Draft Drawing and will pick no lower than second. Based on team finish, the percentage chance of being selected in the Draft Drawing is:

30th place team – 25.0% 23rd place team – 3.6%
29th place team – 18.8% 22nd place team – 2.7%
28th place team – 14.2% 21st place team – 2.1%
27th place team – 10.7% 20th place team – 1.5%
26th place team – 8.1% 19th place team – 1.1%
25th place team – 6.2% 18th place team – 0.8%
24th place team – 4.7% 17th place team – 0.5%

The 2008 NHL Entry Draft will take place at Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, Ontario. The first round will take place on Friday, June 20 commencing at 7 p.m. (local time) and the subsequent rounds (two through seven) will begin at 10 a.m. Saturday, June 21.

Results of Previous Draft Drawings

Year Selected Effect On Draft Order Player Selected
1995 Los Angeles Moved from 7th to 3rd D Aki Berg
1996 Ottawa Retained 1st selection D Chris Phillips
1997 Boston Retained 1st selection C Joe Thornton
1998 Tampa Bay Moved from 3rd to 1st via trades C Vincent Lecavalier
1999 Chicago Moved from 8th to 4th RW Pavel Brendl *
2000 NY Islanders Moved from 5th to 1st G Rick DiPietro
2001 Atlanta Moved from 3rd to 1st LW Ilya Kovalchuk
2002 Florida Moved from 3rd to 1st LW Rick Nash **
2003 Florida Moved from 4th to 1st G Marc-Andre Fleury ***
2004 Washington Moved from 3rd to 1st LW Alex Ovechkin
2005 Pittsburgh n/a C Sidney Crosby
2006 St. Louis Retained 1st selection D Erik Johnson
2007 Chicago Moved from 5th to 1st RW Patrick Kane

* NY Rangers obtained Chicago’s pick in a trade (via Vancouver and Tampa Bay). The Rangers selected RW Pavel Brendl fourth overall.

** Columbus obtained Florida’s pick in a trade. The Blue Jackets selected LW Rick Nash first overall.

*** Pittsburgh obtained Florida’s pick in a trade. The Penguins selected G Marc-Andre Fleury first overall.

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  • Brian

    So the team that finishes last has a 48.2% chance at the #1 overall pick.

  • Dan H.

    Not a lock but last place gives us 6% better chance at it!

    I still won’t get my hopes up. Kings could screw up a steel ball with a rubber mallet.

  • anthony

    I’m tired of talking about draft picks.
    Our offense is good enough, thus I don’t see Stamkos (who is very skilled) to make an immediate impact to this team.
    I believe that Brian Boyle and Ted Purcell will be the newcomers that will make the most contributions to the team.

    To be a playoff contending team, we need to improve our defense. BADLY.
    I see DL making a WTF trade on draft day. Hopefully, it will bring a solid blue-liner to this team.
    And I really hope we sign Brooks Orpik to a contract. From what I’ve seen, this player is built like a mountain and hits harder than a train. If Dumbo can sign him, he’ll be forgiven for his past.
    And, most importantly, under no circumstance do you sign Rob Blake. That will spell “doom” for this team.

    I say, take Stamkos if you have the chance. But the real improvement will come through a trade and free agency. I have very little faith that this GM can pull it off.
    But I’m gonna give him one more chance. And that’s it.
    Otherwise, come next Christmas, we’ll all be ranting TAVARES TAVARES TAVARES.

  • Paul


    I’ll agree that the Kings NEED defense, not offense. I’ve been screaming that all season on this blog, and I’ve been mostly dismissed as a nut job.

    Let’s not forget that the Kings have 2 first round picks, the 2nd being from Dallas from the Norstrom deal last year. Granted, it’ll be late in the first round, but it’ll be first round.

    So I see DL drafting Doughty with the Kings first pick (which will be #2 overall at worst, unless we catch Tampa), and trading the Dallas pick for a defenseman that can help the team now.

    The Kings also have a boatload of other picks, including 3 second round picks. Those are good for dealing as well.

    I think this site has been posted before, but if not it’s a great place to see where draft picks shake out:

  • brianguy

    our offense is good but it’s not THAT good. I think we’ve been shut out 6 or 7 times. which is only a couple less than the Ducks, who have offensive issues but ridiculous D.

    we now have 2.5 lines which is an improvement over last year. but still short of the 3+ lines we need as a playoff team. and we barely have a chance in a shootout if it goes past 3 shooters… that doesn’t sound like an offensively stacked team.

    did Kopi help this team immediately? YES. would Stamkos? you bet. unless we want to see Armstrong centering the 2nd line through 2011

  • brianguy

    scoring lines that is, translating for anyone who didn’t know that was implied.

  • Irish Pat


    I hate to break it to you, but the draft pick talk is only going to escalate from here. It doesn’t matter if Stamkos makes an immediate impact or helps the team in 2 years. If Lombardi drafts him he will help the Kings long term. I agree the Kings need to address their defense but they should be drafting the best player on the board, not for need. I know this sounds cynical, but I’m being pragmatic in saying this club will not be contending for the playoffs next season.

  • ryan oliver

    Anthony, why not take Blake next year? At a reduced cost of course. He has been the Kings best d-man over the last 3 months (which doesn’t say much), and he is a guy that wants to be here and a guy who can make that phone call over the summer and lure a free agent or two. If they don’t resign Blake, then not trading him at the deadline will be the biggest mistake DL has made to date.

  • Mike

    Just in case it wasn’t read on the other post…

    I would like to ask Anthony a question…

    I’m a Kings fan living in Vancouver…I read the posts on this website all the time…

    Anthony…I would like to know what your background is in hockey? What gives you the right to make hockey related statements?

    Did you play?
    Did you coach?


  • Brent

    Stamkos is the clear #1 overall pick. The team does need more help on D but not taking Stamkos is a huge mistake. The team also needs a complete second line center. If they draft Stamkos then they can trade prospects and picks for a young d-man that can fill in the gaps immediately.


    If the Kings end up with the first pick, they draft Stamkos, period! Always take the best player available. Imagine Kopitar, Stamkos, and Boyle on lines 1-3, down the middle. Armstrong can then center a strong 4th line. They can use Dallas’ #1 pick, and 2 of the 3 2nd round picks, on D.

  • CBGB

    When the Kings win the #1 pick, they will select Stamkos.

    You do NOT, under any circumstances bypass a franchise player. Doughty, Schenn and the defensive lot are not going to be “impact” players for years (unless your name is Phaneuf).

    If Dean is dumb enough NOT to take Stamkos, I seriously have to consider another sport.

    It’s just plain stupid NOT to draft him.

    Yes, we are desperate for defense, but Dean has already admitted he HAD a deal, but it fell through. He’s also signed another D-man out of college and if Purcell and Boyle are ready to step up to the big leagues, then you certainly have Frolov and Cammalleri to dangle for YOUNG defensive help.

    But you do NOT pass on Stamkos.


    (you know Dean is praying that another team wins the lottery)

  • Dan H.

    Anthony is right that we need defense but you NEVER pass up a chance to get a superstar in the making which is what Stamkos appears to be. Hopefully DL can trade either the second and a forward or just the pick to get some help back there.

  • tom

    the kings should trade up the dallas pick and take scheen. he is the perfect fit in the system. scheen and stamkos in this draft would be amazing

  • “the real improvement will come through a trade and free agency.”

    OK, Dave Taylor. Seriously, trades and free agency are not going to make a major impact UNTIL the foundation is built. I don’t know about you, Anthony, but I didn’t really care for the trades and free agency strategy the first 30 years. Didn’t really work out that great. Look at that article, don’t you think Atlanta would have been better off holding on to Rick Nash instead of saying well we got Kovalchuk I guess we’re cool?



  • -J

    I posted this a while back but it seems relevant here to point out some lottery statistics:

    For those of you interested in the kings draft odds/statistics:

    -Since 1995, 6 of the 12 worst teams have retained there 1st overall through the lottery = 50%. (TB traded away their 1999 1st overall pick after the lottery so only 5 have exercised their pick; also there was no worst team in the 05 draft so it was excluded). This percentage is close to what is expected (48.2) based on the draft odds weighting.

    -Of those 6, 5 were in the first 5 years of the lottery, with only 1 in the last 7 standard drafts (STL in 06).

    -Of those 6, 4 won the lottery. In 12 standard drafts, the worst overall team has won the lottery 33.3% of the time, which is slightly higher than the weighted odds, 25%. In the case of the other two teams, a team out of the bottom 5 won the lottery.

    -Despite having an almost 1 in 5 chance (18.8%) to win the lottery, in 12 drafts, NO second place team has won. Of the bottom 5, First has one 4 times, Third place has won 3 times, Fourth once, and 5 twice.

    Interpret it as you will, but the best position, lottery wise. is clearly first, or worst, overall.

    At this point the kings can finish worse the 29th, and Tampa has 2 points and a game in hand to retain that position.

  • -J

    KOPICAMFROBROWN- there is absolutely no way that Tampa would go for that. Even if they would consider moving lecavalier, which they’ve made pretty clear that they won’t, the price would be way higher than cammi and a couple of picks.



  • -J

    I don’t know what exactly Tampa would want, but it would certainly ream out the kings pool of talented youngsters. Not something you want to do during a rebuild (though Lecavalier is pretty young still).

    Since the kings are in rebuild mode, the better move would be to try to trade up Dallas’s pick. Tampa’s got a good veteran team that really underperformed this year, so they might be willing to move their pick (assuming they pick second or third overall and not first) if it meant they could add someone to their team that would have an immediate impact.

  • EJ

    Well, dear, sweet Anthony, if you are tired of discussing draft picks, why don’t you simply avoid posting in a thread about draft picks.

    Also, how many more times will You give DL just one more chance, eh?

    Isn’t there an empty sandbox around here somewhere?

  • metalmaster

    This draft is very deep with defenseman and I am sure a good prospect can be
    had with the Dallas 1st round pick. I can see DL
    packaging Cammy and Dallas
    #1 to St. Lous for their pick depending how the lottery works out. He could
    also try the same move with the Isles since they are also desperate for help
    scoring. DL can do nothing
    other than draft Stamkos if
    he has the #1 pick. If he does anything other than Stamkos at #1 he will be putting his job at risk. How is it that the Kings
    should resign Blake so he can attract free agents to
    Kings? He has been here the last two years and who
    has he attracted? He wants to stay with the Kings for
    the simple reason that he
    got paid 12 million for 2
    years with a NTC. No other
    team would have given him that.

  • quisp

    forgive stupid question:

    do I understand the lottery correctly? there is ONE winner, and that winner moves up four unless they are in the top five, in which case they move up to #1. everyone else moves down one. therefore, if the kings “win”, or one of 6-14 “win,” then the kings retain #1 (assuming they finish with the worst record). also, if the kings “win,” then the draft order doesn’t change for anyone at all. the odds for 6-14 summed are slightly less than 25%, which is why the odds of the #1 pick staying #1 are just less than 50%.

    So the number one team doesn’t care who wins, as long as it’s not #2, #3, #4, or #5.

    Or am I just plain confused ?

  • -J

    that seems about right quisp

  • quisp

    okay then. if that’s the case, if the king’s finish 2nd worst. Instead of roughly 50/50 odds of picking 1st, they have…let’s see, about 19% chance of “winning” and moving up, and [adding] approx 41% chance of staying the same (if #1 or 7-14 “win”), and a 40% of moving down to #3 (if 3,4,5 or 6 “win”).

  • -J

    Yeah, those numbers seem right.

  • Garrett

    I thought that if someone 6-14 wins the lottery and thus moves up their 4 spots, the next ball that comes out would determine who picks 1st (unless of course it was another of those teams 6-14), and that if the bottom team wins the lottery then the next ball out determines who picks 2nd, etc…

    So if someone 6-14 were to win then it would still matter to the Kings because they wouldn’t automatically hold onto the first pick. Maybe I’m wrong. I thought this was how it worked.

    Of course last year the first 5 picks were all pre-determined as soon as Chicago won the lottery because the Flyers, Coyotes, Kings, and Caps could not fall any more than one spot. But didn’t the remaining spots have to be allotted by means of the lottery?

    I guess we’ll figure out for sure how this works on Monday. Here’s hoping the Kings win and we get Stamkos!!

  • geeblenob

    Quisp – you are exactly right in both instances.

  • -J

    Garrett- there is only one drawing. If 6-14 win it, then the they don’t draw again.

    A couple years back, after the lockout, the draft lottery was done different since there was no previous year to base the rankings on. That time, which up until now was the only time the lottery has been televised, they did draw multiple times so maybe thats what you’re thinking of.

  • Anonymous

    I agree the defense needs to get beefed up a bit and the offense could always use a little more help. What about our goaltenders? As of late the Swede looked sharp. It was one of the better highlights of the end of the season. But realistically, are we going to keep throwing Rookie goalies at the wolves when our 1 and 2 keep going down or just letting everything by them?

  • MacSwede

    How can we say no to Stamkos?? Take a look at this video on youtube, he is a true all star. Of Course there are many skilled players who can do this moves, but I think Stamkos CAN make an impact on this team next season.

    If we get the first pick, we take Stamkos. It is as simple as that..

  • MacSwede

    How can we say no to Stamkos?? Take a look at this video on youtube, he is a true all star. Of Course there are many skilled players who can do this moves, but I think Stamkos CAN make an impact on this team next season.

    If we get the first pick, we take Stamkos. It is as simple as that..

  • Luis

    If you think about it, you will have most of the panel talking about the kings and what they will do the first overall selection.

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