Postgame quotes

No truth to the rumor that Daniel Taylor left the game after the first period, flew to Reading and returned for the start of the third period. Here’s some quotes from tonight’s postgame…

(Re: Game recap) “It felt good to get a win back, especially against this team. They’ve gone 20 games without a loss so it’s good that we could break that streak. It was a fun game. The first goal was kind of my fault so I felt a little bad about that, but I guess it’s better to have that in the first minute than the last minute. You have to look at it like, ‘There’s 59 minutes to make up for it,’ so that’s how I looked at it.”

(Re: Game recap) “This is kind of a game we want to play to get ready for next season for the big games. I think we all contributed to this result, and we’re happy to get the win.”

(Re: finishing season on a high note) “I think right now we’re playing for the fans. They’ve supported us all season when we didn’t have a very good season. They’ve been so loyal to us, and we’ve got to pay them back with a strong last game. We’re playing against the Ducks too, so it should really be buzzing in the building.”

(Re: Game recap) “We got down pretty quick on the first shift, but we didn’t panic. We knew we had nothing to lose, and that we could play better. We stepped out the gate and outshot them in the first period which really got the crowd in the game. I think we kind of deserved this win. We had a lot of chances that we didn’t put in the back of the net at first, but luckily in the end the bounces went our way.”

(Re: game recap): “We were very deserving of the win tonight. They got the fortunate bounce when Joe Thornton caught our rookie goaltender trying to cheat a little bit and got the one-goal lead. A number of things happened at that point. Erik [Ersberg] really bared down and was great from that point on for the rest of the game. I thought our defense was very stingy tonight and as a team we really checked them into the ground and didn’t give them a lot of chances…. When you get the type of performance where all your players play well, it’s very gratifying to get the victory.”

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  • fourtunato

    We’re going to win on Saturday and still get Stamkos.

  • JDM

    I hope you’re right. Somehow, a win or two at the end of a season like this doesn’t offset not getting Stamkos. Go TAMPA!

    Now, if we tie with them in points, but have one more win than Tampa, are we tied for last or is Tampa considered last and we get the shaft of 2nd worst?

  • JDM

    I hope you’re right. Somehow, a win or two at the end of a season like this doesn’t offset not getting Stamkos. Go TAMPA!

    Now, if we tie with them in points, but have one more win than Tampa, are we tied for last or is Tampa considered last and we get the shaft of 2nd worst?

  • lakingzfan

    So if we get second to last place, what is the furthest pick we can slip to?

  • MacSwede

    What are you talking about? We now have much less chance of getting the first draft choice, and what about the second?

    Stamkos is way better than Doughty. He is going to be a real superstar. Kopitar and Stamkos will give LA 2 superlines for years to come..

    How should a coach act in a situation like this? Is it ok to make your team loose in order to get a superstar like Stamkos? What are your thoughts? Rich?

  • BallPointHammer


    Saturday, if both teams win, lose outright or lose in OT/SO, last place goes to Tampa based on LA having more wins.

    Otherwise, whatever the results, the team with fewer points will finish last.

  • EncinoMan

    Willsie and Ivanans scoring goals? You’ve got to be kidding me. Talk about a frustrating win. We can’t even be good at being bad.

    I know nothing is guaranteed with the lottery system, but unfortunately, I think the one think that will be guaranteed is having Armstrong as our 2nd line center again…..Ugh.

  • I’m Not Kidding

    Steven Stamkos, we hardly knew ye.

    Anyone want to bet he scores his first NHL goal next season against the Kings, and goes on to own them during his All-Star NHL career?

  • Kevco

    Anyone know all the details about what happened with Sully?
    I looked over there and he was being pulled away by the linesman and next thing I know his nose is bleeding and he gets a 10 minute. My wife said it looked like the linesman hit him in the face as he was pushing him away. I’m not sure what that lineman names is, his that HUGE number 88, biggest guy in the ice.

  • Ethman

    this is very frustrating….it would be a different story if the team wasn’t in the basement ALL SEASON!!! but to climb out now! I blame Ersberg for being too good.

    anyone know what’s the lowest the team can draft if they are in 29th place?

  • Daniel

    Tanking for picks is bad karma. Just look what happened to the Celtics last year. Worst team in the NBA, only to have the little ball drop in the #5 spot.

    Of course, they ended up trading that pick for a pretty decent player.

    If the Kings end up with the #2 or #3 pick, they may be wise to package that with a roster player to upgrade their team. Any thoughts on who you would like to see the Kings trade for?

    (This is pure fantasy but I wouldn’t mind parting with both our first round picks and Cammi for Kovalchuk. I know we need better D but that can be obtained later.)

  • Anonymous

    This sucks period. I’ve wanted the kings to win all season… Now is the time to lose. STAMKOS is going to be worth it, look at the impact a guy like Malkin has on his team!!!

    Who cares if we finish last or second last, thinking about the future is what we should be doing!

  • brianguy

    the 30th place team only has a 25% chance of retaining their pick while 29th goes 18.8%. so Stamkos doesn’t exactly hang in the balance tomorrow, the odds are just slightly better.

    if the Kings finish 29th, the worst they can pick is 3rd overall, 30th – 2nd overall. that assumes one of the teams behind them (Atlanta 14.2%, St. Louis 10.7%, NYI 8.1%, Columbus 6.2%) moves up a maximum of 4 places and leapfrog past to #2 or #1.

    Pietrangelo and Schenn are actually more of my type of player than Doughty. Schenn should go 7th-10th. if Dean can trade up with the second pick to get him that would be amazing. do we need another 5’11” offensive defenseman? we have Lubocookie not going anywhere, and Harrold, with Johnson as the heir apparent to Blake.

  • brianguy

    “Tanking for picks is bad karma. ”

    totally agree… and intentionally tanking vs. your geographic rival could piss off the hockey gods so badly that we never make the playoffs ever again due to freak injuries.

    fortunately, said gods have already shined on Tampa at least once this decade by rewarding hockey’s biggest prize. definitely can’t say the same for the Kings

  • Brian


    The 30th place team has a 48.2% chance at the #1 pick while the 29th place team has an 18.8% chance. You forgot to take into account that the 30th place team retains the #1 overall pick if teams 17-25 win the lottery

  • Buck

    It felt strange to be disappointed that they won. What a bizarre season.

    I agree with the ‘karma’ thinking to a certain extent but… Take a hit now, in an already brutal and somewhat worthless season, for the potential of long term success? Yeah.

    There is no way in hell I’ll root for the Schmucks, but I won’t be sad if the Kings lose Saturday either.

  • I’d love to see Stamkos in a Kings uniform. That said, our goals for isn’t exactly our problem.

    If we end up with Doughty or Schenn or Bogosian, it won’t be the end of the world.

  • Paul

    I want the Kings to win every game. If they don’t go 82-0, I’m not happy. I don’t care about Steve Stamkos, Drew Doughty, or whether the Kings get the 1st draft pick.

    The ONLY draft pick I want the Kings getting is 30th overall as the Stanley Cup winners! I’m SICK of the losing! šŸ™

    On to another subject…

    I’d like to hear what Blake and some of the Kings vets think about Ovechkin breaking LUUUUUUC’s record for goals in a season by a LW. I personally didn’t think anyone would break it, or at least not in this low offensive era. Just goes to show how special a player OV is.

  • brianguy

    88 used to be Mike Cvik… apparently still is. I’d be upset too if the guy just punched me in the face and drew blood. Sully was obviously having a rough night which is why he was livid most of the game. officials don’t have it easy, it’s a tough job. but Patty had reason to be upset between the Sharks and linesemen apparently taking liberties.


    Very mixed emotions. On one hand, they broke up the Sharks point streak at 20 (18-0-2). On the other hand, LA is now in 29th place. I’ve never been one for “moral” victories at the end of a lost season. If you’ve tanked all year, continue to tank. Last year, a meaningless win against Phoenix cost us one of the “big 3”, this year it could cost us Stamkos. Go Tampa, and I hate to say it, Go Ducks!

  • geeblenob

    OK, here are the official numbers/possibilities for the lottery as there seems to be a bit of confusion.

    If the Kings finish 30th:
    48.2% chance of picking 1st
    51.8% chance of picking 2nd
    0% chance picking 3rd or below

    If the Kings finish 29th:
    18.8% chance of picking 1st
    42.0% chance of picking 2nd
    39.2% chance of picking 3rd
    0% chance of picking 4th

    Thus, as far as the lottery goes, there are 2 big reasons why it’s better to finish 30th:
    1) about 30% greater chance of getting 1st pick (Stamkos)

    2) No chance at all for getting worse than the 2nd pick

  • Nice win last night. The team looked good. Our young players make the future look very bright.

  • 77 Hockey Sticks

    I think it was San Jose that threw the game last night. There is no way any team in our division wants us to get Stamkos.

  • metalmaster

    San Jose would not have
    used Nabakov last night if
    they wanted to lose. They
    flat out got outplayed last
    night and deserved to lose.
    Players go out and play and
    do not worry about where
    teams are drafting. Stamkos
    could turn into the next
    Alexander Daigle for all we
    know.Look at number 1 picks of last 15 years and
    see how many of them have been Cup winners.

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