A fitting end

Sometimes, reality is just far more amazing than fiction could ever be. Those who have been to regular-season finales recall that the Kings give away a car to a fan during the second intermission. Fans — I believe five of them — line up, select a key one-by-one and attempt to start the truck. So, they did, just now. And they failed. All of them. They each took a key, and none of them started the truck. I’m going to assume this was a mistake, and not an AEG cost-cutting measure. Actually, it seems as though some dummy didn’t know how to turn a key properly. Needless to say, the whole disaster got booed more than Dan Cloutier, and the embarrassed folks on the ice sort of looked at each other and shuffled off the ice. They said they’d figure it out off the ice.

This year’s slogan: “The Kings: Even The Fans Can’t Win.”

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