Cloutier starts

Dan Cloutier is starting in goal. Daniel Taylor is scratched, and for those who think the whole Taylor mess was completely just about getting him games in Reading, it’s wasn’t. That was part of it, not not all of it. The other part involved whether Cloutier was ready to play and if he wanted to play. It’s complicated, and after today it won’t matter anyway.

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  • Anonymous

    It’s official…we’re throwing the game…

  • Dan H.

    I think it’s more of a Crawford loyalty thing.

    Kings scored first but now the Kings are down 2-1

  • Quattro

    Seriously, if you aren’t going to explain what you mean, you really shouldn’t post a comment like that, imho

  • Goon Squad

    “It’s complicated, and after today it won’t matter anyway.”

    Are you being cryptic there, Rich? Sounds like there’s been some behind the scenes Cloutier drama the last few weeks. Anything you can shed light on? Is there a buyout iminent?

  • metalmaster

    Kind of funny how Kings decide to blow a game aka
    playing Cloutier after they move ahead of Tampa.
    Tampa controls their own destiny and now can just lay down at Atlanta if they
    want better shot at #1.

  • Kevco

    I think it’s was an insult by Crawford to the fans to start Cloutier. After 39 games I was disappointed to even see him on the ice during warmups. Ersberg earned a shot in the final game of the year. I hope this was the last time I have to see Cloutier in a Kings jersey. He owes me some of my season ticket money back!

  • Anonymous

    yep, we threw the game. cloutier is such a joke…worse than that japanese goalie

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