No. 29

Atlanta scored three goals in the final five minutes of the third period to beat Tampa Bay 4-1. So even though both the Kings and Lightning finished with 71 points, the Kings officially are 29th in the NHL standings because they had one more victory than Tampa. Of course, it’s all about the lottery, so Monday we’ll learn who the true, uh, winner is.

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  • joe

    I wish tommorow we found out, we have to wait a whole 24 hours longer than that until monday.

  • DetroitSons1952

    Bernier wins in his debut to the AHL 4-1 over Worcester.

  • Chazz

    Is the lottery tomorrow? I thought it was on monday.

  • Moondoggie

    Just figures…..

  • Tompa

    I feel like killing myself.. But I’m gonna wait until we lose the draft lottery and end up picking third.

  • diehrdkingsfan38


  • Preston

    To have to sit through the entire season knowing we were gonna be bad, sucks that we cannot get the best player available.

  • Daniel

    Wow, what a horrible day to be a LA sports fan. This, Dodgers 2-hit losers to the Pads, UCLA out in Texas, What’s next? The Avengers announce they are moving to Kansas City?

    In all seriousness, I don’t feel too bad. Any of the top three will be excellent additions to an already robust prospect list. Also, how horrible would it be to actually officially be the ‘worst team in the NHL’ and not get that #1 ball on Monday?

  • scooter

    people … for once and for all …SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE FREAKING GAME! One player does not win championships. We have quite possibly one of the best core of young players in the league and you guys are still complaining about the first overall pick. For the love of God, please shut up.

  • Seitz

    Three goals in the last five minutes? That is a tank of the highest order. It can’t really get much more blatant than that.

  • Atraya

    It sucks seeing the Kings work their asses off trying to win games at the end of the season and watching Tampa Bay just plain give up. TB may be the worst team but, in my opinion, the Kings deserve the top pick.


  • Garrett

    Seitz, in the Bolts’ defense the last two were both empty-netters.

  • Calfdemon

    Uh, the 3rd ALT goal was the only official empty netter..

    The 4th goal had the TB goalie out there, but he just layed down and gave them the “empty net”. So I guess you can count that as an empty netter if you want to.

  • Reaper

    Damn Kings. They cant even lose right.

  • Bruce

    Garrett: For the record, the last Thrashers goal was not an empty netter.

  • Gabby

    Pittsburgh, a struggling franchise with a legendary owner, the oldest building in the league, and threats of relocation, wins the post-lockout draft lottery in 2005 and drafts Sidney Crosby.

    Chicago, an original 6 team who plays to 1/3 capacity in the biggest building in the league, wins the 2007 draft lottery, drafts Patrick Kane, and enjoys a rejuvenation.

    Does someone smell fix?

    If so, then the league has to realize how much they NEED a successful team in Los Angeles, and will let us “win” the lottery, too.

    Not to sound too cynical, but I’m clinging to a small thread of hope here. Let’s not blow it!

    GO KINGS!!!

  • hockee smarts

    jesus christ people, you are pathetic. he’s probably going to end up being the next alexander daigle…if you morons even know who that is

  • metalmaster

    Tampa Bay did not tank this
    game. Atlanta won because of some great goaltending.
    If the Kings really wanted the number #1 pick they
    should have used Cloutier
    more often in the last month.It is an insult to
    Kings fans that they started secret weapon on
    Fan Appreciation Day and
    that he is still allowed to wear a King sweater
    after basically throwing organization under the bus.
    Bye bye Dan we’ll leave the
    red light on for you.

  • Shaddow44

    Seitz said:
    Three goals in the last five minutes? That is a tank of the highest order. It can’t really get much more blatant than that.

    What do you call starting Beachball? Talk about aiming low. The Kings suck at sucking.

  • Matt George


    the two most important games for me were today.

    I actually rooted for a ducks win and tampa win…

    this sucks balls…..

    although i will admit it would be worse to get last place and not place first in the draft..

    we’ll see on monday…

    I heard Bob Miller say on the bcast today that 7 out of the last 10 1st picks went to the 29th team! let’s hope that streak survives…

    oh and scooter… if you don’t like complaining…. go to … you’ll find all the rosey articles you can eat

  • Garrett

    Sorry, I gave TB the benefit if the doubt. I saw the 3rd goal and flipped over to the Caps-Cats game for a moment and when I came back they had just given up a 4th so I assumed they had re-pulled their goalie.

    Imagine how much worse Tampa or Atlanta’s records would have been if they had been in the Pacific. If the Kings were in the SE they may have been contenders for the division title!

    At least this way the Kings get a really high draft pick (fingers crossed for Stamkos).

  • Moondoggie

    Daniel, that’s funny….I was thinking the same thing…….And Shhhhhhhh, you’re pissing Scooter off!

  • -J

    Even though on paper it may look like tampa tanked at the end of their game, they played pretty hard throughout and were putting on a ton of pressure before giving up the empty netter to make it 3-1. Still, it sucks to climb out of last place essentially on the last day of the year, but if the king’s main goal was to retain 30th, they shouldn’t have tried so hard against SJ. Still, the Kings will be picking no lower than 3rd and will get a shot at a solid prospect no matter what.

    Matt George- either you heard Bob wrong or Bob wes giving out some faulty stats- NO 29th team has recieved the 1st overall pick (except via trades) since the inception of the lottery. That’s actually out of line with the draft weighting (predicted: ~1 out every 5 drafts 29th will win; actual: 0 out of 12) so maybe its time for probability to catch up. (Bob may have been trying to say 7 out of the last 10 1st picks have gone to a team other than the team with the worst record)

  • Jon G

    Given Lombardi’s stated preference for defensemen, I suspect we won’t be picking Stamkos even if we win the lottery. The announcer on Hockey Night in Canada said he expects the Kings to pick Drew Doughty no matter what happens on Monday.

    By the way, great ovation for Trevor Linden tonight up in Vancouver. He’s been one of my favorite players since he entered the league, and even the Flames showed him great respect during and after the game. It reminded me of when the Sharks players all lined up to shake Luc’s hand before his final game up there.

  • Moondoggie

    Thank you Rich and to all the rest on this blog for making a tough season enjoyable. Even when the Kings were losing which they did a lot of this season; being able to vent, cheer, share the ups and downs made it all so much more tolerable. Since I doubt no one will be leaving this blog soon, it’s on the the dropping of the first ball on Monday. While I can’t believe us Kings fans who had to suffer through a horrible season may not even be entitled to the 1st pick, at worst picking 3rd really won’t be bad, not in this draft which is loaded. Plus we have until June in which a lot can happen, especially to a GM who is loaded with picks and an organization that is loaded with young talent. 29th? Yes. But honestly I’d rather be a Kings fan than any other in the league. It’s a great team, a great organization. Onward to Monday, the draft in June, free agency and camp….I can hardly wait! Thanx again to all for making it fun….

  • -J

    “jesus christ people, you are pathetic. he’s probably going to end up being the next alexander daigle…if you morons even know who that is

    Hey hockee smarts- I know who Daigle is and unlike you I even know his first name is spelled Alexandre. You are foolish to think that Stamkos is probably going to end up like Daigle and I doubt you know much about him. For one thing, he has been picked by every scouting service to be the top prospect for this draft for well over a year and half- I have no doubt the collective intelligence of these scouts far surpasses your “hockee smarts”.

    Based on the success of 1st overall picks from the time of Daigle on, Stamkos is significantly more likely to turn into a franchise player than a bust. In the 14 drafts since Daigle was drafted, the only out and out 1st overall bust was Patrik Stefan. Over that period and excluding Stefan, the forwards that went 1st overall were Thornton, Lecavalier, Kovalchuk, Nash, Ovechkin, Crosby, and Kane. All cornerstones of their organizations. All, save Crosby, leading scorer on their team this past season.

    So, sure, as with any prospect, there is a chance Stamkos doesn’t fulfill his potential. But more likely than not, he will have a significant impact on whatever team is fortunate enough to acquire him.

  • Anonymous


    You have a point but in the same token the point is you cant be sure that #1 means sure fire great player compared to a #2 or a #3. We will get a great pick end of story. No reason to cry about winning. God forbid one season we end up being a 5th seed playing a strong 4 instead of losing a few games and being a 6 seed facing a weaker divisional winner.

  • Anonymous

    I just find it ridiculous that we are battling for this #1 pick with a team that won the Stanley Friggin Cup just what, like 3 seasons ago?? Whatever….

  • BBanzai

    Given if we get Number 1, i dont think Dean L is dumb enough to go “off the board” again this year! As good as the other nine are you just dont pass on a center like that. We need all the positive press a Stamkos would give us, and maybe just a turnaround season next year. And if we have to pay through the nose for anyone next year is should be for a proven top flight experienced goalie, Period!

  • nick in 318

    Pray people… pray! pray to the hockey gods that they might cut LA a break for once! PRAY

  • Anonymous

    Brown – 13th pick

    Kopitar – 11th pick

    Need I say more?

  • fourtunato

    It would be great to get Stamkos. But somehow the Redwings are always competing for the cup even though they have not picked, higher than 19th in the last 16 years.

    What really bothers me is the lack of physical play from this team in our own zone. It’s really chronic and that is almost all coaching.

    We can have all the #1s we want but if the team gives up turnovers, does not clear and refuses to hit (except Dusty) then we will never be an elite team. Crow needs to address this or he should be gone.

    I refuse to root for my team to lose. Losing begets losing. Besides, it’s depressing.

  • Moondoggie

    Interesting article from The Hockey News on the draft lottery……

  • Keith Berry

    “Jon G said:

    Given Lombardi’s stated preference for defensemen, I suspect we won’t be picking Stamkos even if we win the lottery. The announcer on Hockey Night in Canada said he expects the Kings to pick Drew Doughty no matter what happens on Monday.”

    I kind of suspected this might be the case when Jim Fox was gushing about Doughty during last nights broadcast.

  • B

    Something to consider. Ignoring the 2005 draft, since 2000 the 29th place team picked 3rd in every draft other than 2006.

    Since the inception of the draft lottery the 29th place team has never won the lottery dispite having the second best chance at it.

    This either means that the Kings should get ready for the 3rd pick or that a 29th place team is finally due to win.

  • jake

    Thank Rich and Don for all the updates through out the season. And I was wondering we are covering our top pick in this years draft, can one of your ask dean about the dallas pick and who he is scouting. thank you

  • Daniel

    As we wait for that Lombardi interview, I will take some page space to harp on a general NHL issue.

    I am sure we all have our thoughts on whether or not the NHL should be on ESPN. I don’t want to dig into the business sense or anything like that.

    Three years on now, I dare say we have evidence that the idea that the NHL’s tent pole presence on Versus would be more beneficial than being one-face-in-a-crowd over at ESPN does not hold water. I don’t have any ratings to back this up. I am just going on two things.

    One, the Versus broadcasts kinda suck. The best hockey commentators and play-by-play guys are still over at ESPN (my opinion.) And if you look at the games Versus actually DO show, the majority of them are from the Northeast region of the US. This is diametrically opposed to the entire NHL philosophy for the past 15 years (i.e. Bettman’s reign.) They are supposed to GROW the sport, not safely stay within the confines of ratings friendly markets.

    Secondly, if you go to ESPN’s website, you will see nothing about all the great stories related to the race to get into the Stanely Cup playoffs on the front page. No Ovechkin carrying the Caps into the playoffs. No Preds, despite their fire-sale, making it in. No Worst-to-Playoff-Bpund Philly story. And to add insult to injury, they highlights are not rerendered TV segments – they are internet-only clips with some horrible announcer lifelessly recounting the scoring.

    See, ESPN is spending it’s air-time and web page space promoting it’s own ‘shows’ – like the Arena Football League and the Woman’s Final Four. Yeah.

    Anyway, I’m heading outside. It’s a beautiful new day!

  • Moondoggie

    Gosh, you’ve just gotta like this kid, kinda reminds me of Gretz when he first broke in, even looks like him…..

  • Luis

    I’m glad the kings finished 29 in the league. At least I won’t be disappointed if the Kings wind up with the 2nd overall pick instead of the top pick overall. But if they ended up with the top pick, that will be a plus.

  • David

    The NHL should look at a new way of breaking ties, in the case of the Kings and Lightning for last place overall.

    The Lightning were awarded the last spot (30th) by virtue of fewer wins, when in reality, the Kings had more regulation losses!!

    I would base the tiebreaker on that statistic (most losses) alone.

  • Great post!