Lombardi talks draft

OK, FINALLY I have a little time to start putting some of the Lombardi stuff up here. And since tomorrow is the draft lottery, and the draft seems to be the big topic of discussion these days, I’ll start with Lombardi’s thoughts on the draft. I had him address two areas, one being the concern, expressed here and elsewhere, that the Kings might not take Stamkos if they got the first pick. The response to that was:

“I’m all for communicating with the fans and media, but I’m not going to tell anyone what my plans are. What I was trying to say (in previous comments) was that we’re doing our job and looking at everything out there.”

And what, I also wanted to know, is “everything out there”? Does that mean the possibility to significant movement on draft day? Perhaps packaging some of those picks to move up? Lombardi said:

“Go back and watch my history. I don’t want to say I’m a pioneer, but with the whole idea of moving, I think my record for moving is to be active. You don’t move just to move. The high number of picks gives us flexibility in a lot of ways. Having those picks, particularly in the first three rounds, that might be the
difference in moving up. That’s part of training your staff. As much as you prepare, still have to make split-second decisions. You force your staff to react quickly when things come up. You have to make that split-second decision but we’re more prepared than we were last year.

“We’ve got the cards to play, in terms of draft picks, but you still have to play them. We have to look at every angle. In the end, you might end up doing nothing. That doesn’t mean you won’t look at 100 different things. You might move up, you might move down or you might move some of those picks into next year. You have X number of spots you need to fill in your organization every year, so maybe you wait

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  • JDM

    Hmmm… Lombardi can be hard to read. He’s insistent about not tipping his hand, yet he ever so subtly tips it in various directions.

    Regardless, draft day should be a lot of fun.

  • Matt George

    stamkos shmamkos!

    Like Deano said, we got a full deck of cards (much to his credit). Much better prepared this year than last year.

    And this draft has a lot of high powered defenders in the top 10.

    With our fowards stepping up this year, having a deep defense next year will make all the difference.

    We’re in the top 5 on Monday and that’s all that matters.


  • diehrdkingsfan38

    Right on Matt, i would like the number 1 pick as well, but you know we still do have a top 3 pick at worst. I mean the possibilities of having Doughty, Schenn, pietrangelo, Bogosian are just unbelievable. I hope we take either Doughty or Bogosian if we do not get that first pick.

  • nick in 318

    Pray that Luc can use his hockey karma to land us the top pick… PRAY PLEASE! OH Great and awesome Hockey Gods, please show mercy on our franchise, we implore you to grant us one, just one stroke of good fortune. Oh please let our GM make the right pick with which ever one we get. For the sake of our 40+ years of mediocracy, PLEASE HOCKEY GODS HELP US! In the name of the great one, we pray….

    ps. hope this doesnt come off as blasphamy,,, i am not a religious person,,, except when it comes to hockey

  • Martin

    If I were to take a guess at DL’s personal draft rankings it would look like this:

    1. Drew Doughty
    2. Steven Stamkos
    3. Luke Schenn
    4. Zach Bogosian
    5. some guy ranked 21st

    Drafting Doughty doesn’t address our need of size and grit. But his upside is too good to deny.

    I’m hoping DL makes some serious noise and trades for another top 8 pick. It would be a dream to have one of Bogosian or Schenn, to go along with Doughty.

  • diehrdkingsfan38

    man i want Bogosian, he has great hockey sense, is Armenian like myself, and he is just awsome

  • turksrule


  • johnb

    Hey Rich, you might mention to Lombardi that from the standpoint of marketing, drafting that Bogosian kid might not be a bad idea for a Los Angeles based team since L.A. has a very large Armenian community, and thus the Kings can tap into that market. It would be the same premise they used 40 years ago to start the franchise–to tap into the large Canadian presence in southern California. And of course the kid is not a bad hockey player either.

  • anonymous

    oh brother … now we’re worried about the nationality of the draft picks? please, Deano would draft a gay, one-legged, half-black, half-white, Jewish guy who grew up in Beijing and now practices Islam if he can put the puck in the net and knock the crap out of guys like Pronger. Lets be realistic here folks!

  • dominic lavoie


    OKay that was just really lame. We get your point but jeez – grow up will ya?

    THe last thing we need is to piss of Rich to the point that he gives up this blog. It’s not like the Daily News doesn’t have enough going on as it is…

  • Moondoggie

    anonymous….That was excellent!

  • jinny

    stAmkos/schenn or one of the top rated d man. And trade down the Dallas pick to get Tyler mylers. Look him up. Especially if we get schenn.

  • MacSwede

    Today is my 30th birthday (its true), and as a gift I would like the kings to have the 1st pick, can that be arranged? šŸ˜‰

    Seriously, what trades do you guys think that Lombardi may do on the draft day? Will he trade Cammalleri and maybe some draft pick for a good defenseman who will do immediate impact on the team? What will he do with the Dallas pick?

  • MacSwede

    It is hard to read what Lombardi means. He indicates that he have a history of being active, and in the end he says that we might end up doing nothing.. I sure hope we do something!!!

  • Dan H.

    I think the ball is in Cammy’s court to a certain extent Swede…If he and his dad are reasonable and sign a long term deal then he may stay. If the negotiations aren’t easy I think he’s a goner since he’s UFA after this year.

    After breaking out my GM to English dictionary I figured it out. He said he’s going to do what he wants to do and he’s not telling anyone what that is.

    I think we’re drafting 2nd or 3rd unfortunately so no Stamkos but Doughty would be great also. After reading the interview with him I was more impressed.

  • Anonymous

    I think DL is trying not to show his cards to other GMs.

    Everyone knows we need D, so passing up on Stamkos is a possiblity (though I hope it doesn’t happen). The quieter DL and the Kings are about the draft, the better the deal a rival GM will have to put together to get anything from us….

    Cross your fingers, knock on wood, rub your lucky rabbits foot for the number one today

  • Anonymous

    Turk..Don’t get your fez in a knot, The Kings should get the best player available, regardless what nationality he is

  • Anonymous

    Please get Tikhonov in the 2nd round… I was hoping that he’d be picked up by us last year and for some reason wasn’t chosen at all… I believe that he’d be the steal of the draft…Russian or no Russian…

  • turksrule

    sorry anonymous, i just cant get over how bad and dangerous the traffic would be if we had a bunch of armos going to the game with us…….I mean come on, you must know how crazy these mercedes LEASING arses are when they drive……they dont care about anyone……I am just thinking of the colletive good here……so PLEEEEEEAASE NO BOGOSIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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