• diehrdkingsfan38

    Yeah I do…

    What position is DL going to focus on via free agency, is he going to try to snub in another Goalie, pickup a big time defensemen, or just grab another forward who can fulfill the role of being a top 6 forward. Are we going to bulk up through free agency and if trading Cammalerri for a defensemen has any chance of happening, what is the reality of him trading Cammy for a contributing defensemen?


  • Anonymous

    Any sense for which prospects may not be retained by the Kings organization? I am thinking of players like Petiot and Baier….?

  • anthony

    Thanks again Rich for a great job.

    Since our defense is so thin and undersized, this off season do you see Mr. Lombardi bringing in a player to strengthen the blue line.
    If yes, does it come through free agency or trade.
    And who do you predict that D-Man will be.

  • Mike


    In your opinion, what position will the Kings need to finish in to consider it progress and a good season overall? Do they need to finish 10th or better in the west or is anything about 15th in the west progress?!? It has to be about challenging for a playoff spot, doesn’t it?

  • David

    How much longer do you think ownership is giving DL to turn this franchise around to the point where we see lots of improvement on the ice?

    I’ve read quotes this year where Leiweke has stated “2 years we’ll be a very good team”, “we know coming in that we would be bad for 2 years and then get better, sometimes you have to cross the valley…”

    Do you think next year HAS to be a turnaround year for the Kings on the ice?

  • Kevin

    What is going to happen with Danny Taylor?

    Who do you think the “4 to 5” prospects from the MAN will be, that he sees being on the Kings?

  • Aaron


    Have you read the interviews where Doughty has said the Kings were his favorite team growing up?

    Do you know anything about ticket prices increasing?

    Is there any truth to the new logo/jersey/3rd jersey rumor?

    Would you sit with us in our section (304) for a game?


  • Anonymous

    Most likely we will take a Dman with our first pick in the draft. Do you have any idea what DL will do with our 2nd 1st round pick from Dallas? Who are some of the prospects available or do you think he’ll package it up for a
    proven NHL defenseman?

  • tim chaney

    I dont want to give up cammi but, if it would take him to pry shea webber loose… Well? what do you think?

  • Aaron B

    Oh, and 1 more…

    At the trade deadline, how many teams were asking you about Ivanans? Any offers you can mention? Hints at what the return would be? Personally, I’m glad he’s still a King.


  • Aaron

    Just realized the questions are for Rich, not Dean. In that case… What do you think Rich??

    Haha – thanks.

  • B

    First off, thank you Rich and Don! You guys are amazing.

    Any news from DL re: re-signing O’Sullivan?

  • PSP

    About a year ago, you discussed seeing a board in Lombardi’s office with long term plans complete with players not on the team at the time. Since you can’t disclose the specific details, how has reality compared to what you saw?

  • Ross

    I thought that Jon Klemm did fairly well after his call up late in the season. Is there any interest on either side to resign Klemm and see him play with the big club next season? Also, what is the story on Nikita Filatov? Some say he is the second best forward in the draft, after Stamkos.


  • diehrdkingsfan38

    What do you think the Kings will do with their 2nd overall pick, trade it, Acquire Bogosian, Doughty, or someone else other than the 2?

    What are the possibilities of guys like Oscar Moller and Wayne Simmonds making the team, is Bernier going to make the jump to L.A. next year, if so do u think he will be the starter, if not than who do u think will be the starter? Do you believe the Kings will re-sign Ersberg?

  • tim chaney

    oh yeah, i recall the dl “dream board”. if i’m correct, o’sully’s name wasn’t on it. i wonder what he thinks now… o’sully, if he stays, will be one of the most exciting 2-way forwards in the game, a threat on the offense or pk at any time…

  • David

    I just spent a few minutes analyzing the complete regular season numbers by team on nhl.com.

    Three things jump out at me.

    1) Our PK was dead last.

    I think it’s been very bad for several years. THIS HAS TO CHANGE. We need to bring in a defensive specialist up front to help shut down the other teams PP. Handzus obviously didn’t cut it in this role.

    2) Defense wins in the NHL.

    The Kings were 28th in goals allowed for the season.

    Conversely, the Ducks were 28th in goals scored for the season, but 2nd in goals allowed.

    Look who’s playing in the playoffs now.

    3) Importance of faceoffs.

    Once again, we were near the bottom in this category. Only two teams had worse faceoff percentages.

    Somehow they need to improve in this area. Maybe the Kings can bring in a coach who specializes in this area to tutor their centerman. Steve Kaspar comes to mind.

  • Anonymous

    Going into next season, do you see the coaching staff making minor and/or major changes in the team defensive system. I’m not just talking about the 6 dmen but also the fowards. will there be more emphasis on playing defensively sound – possibley defense 1st, offense 2nd?

  • John Roy Morgan

    Thanks a to for making this season great for me. You and yours are the best. by the by, have you heard from Matt? How is he doing?

    I sure hope you carry on through the summer and into the next season. I feel like an insider here!!!

  • Lonnie Loach

    Rich, I have a question regarding the last trading deadline and Rob Blake. As I recall, Dean said he would only ask Blake to waive his NTC if he had a solid offer. Then I heard that Blake said he would only go to Colorado. So if Colorado was the team that made an offer, why wasn’t the trade done there and then? And if Colorado was not the team why didn’t Dean then go to Colorado and pull the trigger on a deal? If Colorado was willing to give up a number one draft pick for Adam Foote, surely the Kings could have received that and more for Blake. Thanks.

  • Jimmy Fox

    Hey there Rich, great job this season. I have 2 questions:

    – any talk of AEG finally admitting failure, throwing in the towel after 15 years of ZERO playoff series wins and selling the team to Jerry Bruckheimer or one of the many other interested parties?

    – is the Kings’ PR and Marketing Department (and how is that for one of the best oxymorons ever) truly aware of just how irrelevant the team has become to most L.A. sports fans? If they raise ticket prices this summer, I am gone after 20 years, never to return.

  • El Guapo

    Do you think Crawford is the right fit for this team? How much of Kopitar, Brown and Sully’s development do you attribute to coaching (including assistants)?

    Do you think the pressure of having an ‘A’ contributed to Lubo’s horrific season? If not, what in the heck happened?

    Do you get the sense that JJ is going to legitimately start unleashing some thunder next season (shots and hits)?

    How much is losing Thornton going to leave a leadershoip void in the LR? Is Brown ready to step up and get an ‘A’?

    What is your dream final (mine is SJ/Pens)?

    How many more years do you think the ultimate King, HOFer Bob Miller, has got left? Who in the world could possibly step into his shoes when the time comes?

  • UCLA sucks

    Dean Lombardi almost always says he does not want to rush youth into the NHL. On the other hand, several teams have had good luck playing the young guns if they are better than the alternative (older, less talented players).

    Rich, what is your opinion? Personally, I’d rather see the young guys come up from Manchester next season and learn and grow in the NHL. It didn’t hurt Frolov, Kopitar, O’Sullivan, Johnson, Brown … if the player is talented, a year of experience against NHL competition is pricelss in my opinion.

    Thanks, Rich, for what I think is the best blog on the Daily News website … keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    Any chance on getting a Russian in the second round??? I believe one named Tikhonov should do well for us…

    When is Crawford going to get the axe??? The off ice soap opera can’t be allowed to infest the rest of the team… Plus there’s a fact that he can’t coach his way out of a paper bag… If you really want players coming to LA…get a coach that’s actually respected by the players…

  • Garrett

    I have a a few questions.

    1) Is there a website anyone knows of where there is a list of all the players who are scheduled to be free agents this summer? I would love to know who I should be hoping the Kings will go after come July.

    2) Also, has Lombardi started talking to Patrick O’Sullivan yet about re-signing him for next season? I’m starting to get a little worried that he won’t be signed by July 1 and Edmonton will sweep in and offer him $40 million. Wouldn’t it be nice to see Sully locked up for the next 5+ years like Brownie?

    3) Speaking of long-term contracts, I know it may be a little early, but how about getting Kopitar locked up long-term as well? He is only signed through next season, but we know he is going to be the core of this team for a long time, so sign him now instead of waiting until next season when the negotiations can become a distraction. I don’t expect him to get quite Ovechkin-type money, but I feel like Anze should probably get something like a 10-year, $80 million deal.

  • PaulCat

    In one of your interviews Dean mentions that at the trade deadline there was a deal on the table that involved a player not on the NHL team and how it showed the Kings finally had depth. Can he shed any light on which team he was talking with and what players they were inquiring about. Is there any chance this deal might be revisited on, before or after draft day?

  • sense13

    Thanks again Rich for this opportunity.

    Few quick questions: First, is there any interest in re-signing Klemm and/or Dallman?

    Second, Who are the top TWO dmen available in this year’s draft?

    Lastly, even if you were to draft a dman with your first pick, will you also be looking to sign a FA dman as well?

  • sense13

    If you had the first overall pick, would you have taken Stamkos?

  • -J

    There’s some buzz on a Redhawks web board that Zatkoff is going to sign with the Kings and join Manchester on or about the 11th? Have you heard anything that corroborates this? I take it Manchester would have to send Quick to Reading to do this.

  • James

    Maybe you can help me out with this, Rich. I’m sure it would be cheaper than what a shrink would charge…

    Why in the good Lord’s name do I even bother to continue following this team? I mean, isn’t 19 years long enough?

  • Bob Bobson


    1) Who do you think the Kings should take with #2 overall ?
    2) Any word on the status of resigning O’Sullivan ?
    3) Talking to Dean Lombardi, Marc Crawford and Cammy, do you get the sense they are concerned their days are numbered ?
    4) Do you think the Kings can package Cammy and the DAL pick for a top 10 pick ?
    5) Do you think they can trade with NSH for one of their young defensemen ?

    Thanks for the blog as always.

  • DElstan

    Thanks, Rich and Don for all you are doing for us!!

    I am curious to know what DL & MC’s ideal style of play would be. Would it be to have a team that would overpower an opponent using a physical or finesse style. Based on how the team is currently structured, I think I might know the answer, but, maybe not.

    It has been said by Kings’ staff that we were not as strong defensively as we should have been. Do DL & MC believe this is because the defensemen did not play up to expectations or because the defensive system was not adopted by the whole team? In other words, what failed defensively?

  • Moondoggie

    Hey Rich,
    Thanx again to you and Don for your coverage this year, awesome job, thanx for keeping the home fires burning through what was a dreadful season.

    My questions also center around the D and your thoughts on what LA will do to rebuild it.


    Who do think DL likes in the draft? Who do you see LA taking with the 2nd pick?

    DL keeps talking about that 22nd 1st rounder. It almost sounds like he’s resigned to trading the pick. What do you see him doing? Packaging the 22nd with another pick(s) for a higher 1st rounder and possibly a better shot at a top tier Dman?

    I like the rumor about Zatkoff going to Manchester. Will he? Your thoughts. Also, Alex Martinez might be ready for the jump to Manchester. How do you see Martinez fitting into LA’s plans?

    Free agents:

    It’s early but you know who’s available. In your mind, who stands out that you think the Kings should or will pursue? Any?

    Also, rumor has it that Demitra may be returning to LA. Your thoughts…..

    Thanx again for your input and feedback, it’s greatly appreciated!

  • Misch

    Rich, first thanks to you and Don (welcome addition) for all the coverage you bring! I have 2 questions:

    1. Seeing the talent level of SoCal players rise over the years and some born and raised hockey players from LA playing in college and the pros, how do the Kings see Gabe Gauthier in their future plans? It would be awesome to have an LA kid playing regularly for the Kings.

    2. What happened to Brady Murray? He started the season with the Kings, was sent down and we haven’t heard a word about him since.

  • DP

    Rich, have you got any word on the signing of Davis Dreweski or the play of Josh Kidd the 7th round dmen taken in 08′ now playing in Manchester?

    Who do you think have filled some of those “Empty Boxes” on DL’s list looking forward?

  • Vahe

    Does Boyle have a chance to be the second line center next season? Or will the Kings go after a vet to fill that spot? I am tired of seeing Army as the 1st or second line center. He is no more than a 3rd line center.

  • CBGB

    If you have season tickets, are you renewing?

  • lakingzfan

    first off,
    do you think DL will trade cammy? and if so what are the most likely options out there?
    who do you think DL will take with his first pick, and is there any desire to move up in this draft to get two early first round dmen instead of one?
    what are your line combos for next season right now (forwards of course, we dont even have a true set of dmen?

  • Anonymous

    1. Scott Thornton’s NTC came as a shock to Kings fans. Do any Kings aside from Handzus and Visnovsky currently have NTCs/NMCs for 2008-09 and beyond?

    2. It’s been mentoned by Lombardi at Breakfast with the GM and on TV the last couple games that the Kings have 15 draft picks for the upcoming draft. I know of 14 (mentioned below), but what is the 15th?

    Round 1: 2 (LA, Dallas – Norstrom)
    Round 2: 3 (LA, Calgary – Conroy, Detroit – Stuart)
    Round 3: 3 (LA, Philadelphia – Modry, NY Rangers – Avery, not signing Marek)
    Round 4: 2 (Vancouver – Sopel, Dallas through Tampa Bay – Munce)
    Round 5: 1 (LA)
    Round 6: 1 (LA)
    Round 7: 2 (LA, Anaheim – Aubin)

  • Abe Seetz


    I see a lot of comments from people claiming that the players don’t respect MC. What are your thoughts? Do you think the players respect Crawford?

  • Irish Pat


    Just curious regarding the status of Hickey’s noggin and if he has any history of concussions.

  • Eric K

    OK, so now we have labarbera, ersberg, bernier, taylor, zatkoff, quick…

    is there any possibility of any one of these goalies being a trade chip in the near future? and assuming barbs stays in the NHL, is ersberg our solid backup? should he be?

  • Daniel

    Rich how much money did the Kings make in TV revenue? What is the differential from last year and the average from the pre-lockout years? What can the Kings do to increase their revenue?

    Despite the NHLs deal with Reebok, what legal grounds does an NHL franchise have to field a team with uniforms that are not Reebok? Outside of league approval of logos, does a team have the legal right to dress in, say, Nike?

  • B.


    Thanks to you and Don for the great Kings coverage.

    1) Can you or Don line up an interview with one of the Kings co-directors of scouting, Mike Futa or Mark Yannetti to discuss the current Kings prospects, and the years they had and to discuss the top prospects in the upcoming draft?

    2) What is your sense of what happened with Blake at the trade deadline? Did he really waive his no trade only for Colorado? Why was he not traded to Colorado, was the Dean’s price to high or did Colorado want Foote more than Blake? Were the rumors true that SJ offered Bernier, 1st round pick and a defensemen for Blake?

  • Brian

    First, thank you for everything you are doing; greatly appreciated.

    What is the health status of Nagy? Any chatter about making him an offer or letting him walk? How about Boyle? Is DL in more of a wait and see mode next year or do they possibly have him penciled in as a #2 center?

  • Anonymous

    I hope this organization realizes that there are (still) a lot of fans waiting to see if the Kings are going to screw this up again. (Rebuilding) I speak for a lot of people that I know who are waiting to see what happens with one foot already OUT the door. I do not trust these rich owners who don’t seem to give a crap about whether or not the team wins or not. It seems everyone is to busy gloating about how bright the future is (and it is bright I agree)and have failed to respect the fact that the fans will not hang around if they screw this up again. I don’t mean to seem pessimistic but the fans need to keep the pressure on these people or else it will be the same revolving door year after year. How many times have Kings fan seen their favorite player traded away only to succeed with another team?
    Enough is Enough

  • Old Man:

    Thank`s Rich to you and your staff.I would like to have your honest oppinion on Blake.Do you think he should return or move on with is life.He seemed to hurt the team more than helped. Thank you for the time!

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous (draft pick question [#2])

    If I’m not mistaken…there’s a comp pick coming to us somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd round…

  • Anonymous

    Have you ever talked to Jimmy Fox about the possibilities of him getting into coaching? Does he have any interest? I have always thought that his analysis of the game has been on par and seems like the type that puts a lot of emphasis on team toughness… something that the Kings have lacked since God knows when. I really wouldn’t mind seeing him behind the bench once Crow gets the axe.

    Have you talked to Scott Thornton since the last game? Where do you think he’ll end up now that he’s hanging up the skates?

  • Anonymous

    Would Tony Granato be a better choice to coach the team that Crawford?

  • Abe Seetz


    Have you signed Don to a long term contract?

  • marc V

    Rich Thank you for all the hard work that you and Don are doing.

    1) Is Don going to be working with you in the off season and next year?

    2) Are you looking to add anyone else to the staff or other futures?

    3) This site and kingspipline.com have become main stay in my daily activities. What are some of the sites that you are finding to be the best to get info not only about the kings but hockey as awhloe?

  • Amit

    Assuming the Kings do not trade the second overall pick in this year’s draft and they end up taking a defenseman such as Doughty or Bogosian, do you think that either of those two players are ready to immediately step into the NHL for the Kings?

  • Old Man:

    Thank`s Rich to you and your staff.I would like to have your honest oppinion on Blake.Do you think he should return or move on with is life.He seemed to hurt the team more than helped. Thank you for the time!

  • m

    Rich, hope you can get to this one in the next post of answers. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t covered yet.

    People asked questions and you gave answers about adding a defenseman or drafting a defenseman. Even if an Orpik or Commodore is added on the blueline, this doesn’t address the overall level of toughness on the team. It just addresses one part.

    While Brown throws big hits and Johnson will most likely get there and Stuart was doing it later in the season and John Zeiler checks the boards better than anyone, the Kings are lacking in team toughness. Ivanans is the only one that will throw down regularly (though I don’t want Brown or Johnson sitting for 5).

    But the team is in the Western Conference, in the same division as that tough-as-nails, goonery team down the 5. The Wild made a strong effort to fill that need w/ Simon and Fedoruk to join Boogard. The Kings are in the same conference as the Flames and Predators. Hell, the Coyotes have Carcillo, Boynton; Chicago has Burish, Seabrook; Dallas has Morrow, Robidas, Ott dishing out hits.

    And the Kings HAD Lappy, Avery, Kostopolous, Cowan…gritty forwards who would hit, play hard, and be willing to drop the gloves.

    I’m not saying I want the Kings to be a bunch of goons, but what is Lombardi going to do to address the overall toughness of the team?
    Will the Kings be able to compete in the Western Conference for a playoff spot w/o adding this level of tough play?

  • B.


    Since you are the Kings writer for The Hockey News, how are each team’s top ten prospects determined for future watch issue. Do you rank them? Is a group of scouts used for the ranking? If you rank them, do you speak to scouts to help you?

  • mask0425

    Rich, one more question re a stay-home blueliner that has been bugging me since last off-season. Ossi Vaananen seemed to do just fine in CO until moving to Sweden this year where he is having a monster season


    He sounds like a very nice potential partner for Lubo to me and a physical presence the Kings are looking for. Any chance DL may contact his agent? Has his name ever been brought up?

    Thanks for the great job!

    PS: sorry for the late question – being a tax accountant I have a few other things to attend to by the 15th!

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