Zatkoff signed

As expected, the Kings have signed goalie Jeff Zatkoff to a three-year contract. I believe he will be headed to Manchester today but I don’t have total confirmation of that. The Kings are excited about this guy, especially after how he played this season, with a 1.72 goals-against average for Miami of Ohio.

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  • Anonymous

    Where the heck are they gonna put everyone? Who’s gonna get the all too valuable ice time? Now it seems we have a log jam at goalie. Can we wave bye-bye to Cloutier?

  • Josh


    Anyone else think there is soon to be a logjam in Manchester?

    Quick, Zatkoff, Bernier, Taylor, Plus Linden Rowat on the way up too- 3 good goalie prospects, wil JLB and Ersberg here, if we can shore up the D our goalie situation won’t be an issue in a year or 2.

    We have 4 goalies in our top 20 prospects….never seen that before.

  • anthony

    Good job DL (see I’m not so bad).
    I really believe that this guy will be the team’s goalie for the future (instead of Bernier).
    I’ve been following his developement. From what I’ve read, in numerous Collegiate sports articles, that this player is the closest thing you can get to a “human wall”.
    I know college hockey is no NHL, but his stats are incredible.

    The depth we have at the goalie position makes things very exciting.

  • Buck

    I think it’s less of a logjam and more like we have more chips to deal with. Now, let’s go out get some real dmen!

  • Marc Nathan

    at the risk of sounding like a broken record that no one wants to believe/hear…

    Don’t count your Ersberg’s until they are hatched.

  • Tami

    The only way we have spots for all of these goalies is buying out Cloutier (thank GOD!) I’m guessing Ersberg and Labs in LA next year, Bernier/Quick in Manchester and Taylor/Zatkoff in Reading/Ontario. Seems like the only explaination. I’m not sure Zatkoff would sign if they planned for him to be in the ECHL.

    From things I’ve read about Zatkoff from Miami of Ohio fans, he’s great positionally and has great reflexes. The only downfall I’ve heard is that his glovehand could be a lot faster.

    It will defintely be an interesting summer/training camp for the Kings goaltenders.

  • BallPointHammer

    Good news for sure. The assignments and playing times will sort themselves out. There is plenty of time between now and the start of the season and then to the end of the season.

    I’m no expert at all, but it seemed like Zatkoff’s college team was considered by many to be ‘stacked’. He was certainly an important part of that assessment. I hope people don’t go too crazy with their early expectations.

  • dominic lavoie

    My guess is Zatkoff will play one of the final two games against Providence and the Monarchs will carry three goaltenders. Plus Ersberg may play for Sweden in the WJC….

    Quick played most of the season for Reading but I’d be surprised if he got sent back, seeing as he has been in goal for the Monarchs as they made their playoff run.

  • Anonymous

    Taylor’s been assigned to Reading already. Only Quick & Bernier are in Manchester at the moment.

    I doubt that they’ll be sending Quick to Reading, leaving 2 completely inexperienced goalies in Manchester for the remaining 2 games & the playoff run.

    But, then again, we’re talking about the Kings. They’re likely to do anything.

  • Anonymous

    We’re gonna be like San Jose with all these goalies in the woodwork. Kiprusoff, Nabakov, Toskala….all starters for their team….our stable of goaltenders are looking very promising.

  • Marc Nathan

    Just to bring this conversation about Zatkoff (who I have hopes for) back to earth…

    Zatkoff: 2007-08 NCAA stats for Miami (OH)

    36 games, 27-8-1, 3 shutouts, 1.72 GAA, .933 Save Pctg.


    In 2002-03 season, a goaltender in the NCAA had the following stats for Cornell

    32 games, 28-3-1, 9 shutouts, 1.20 GAA, .940 Save Pctg.

    I thought that meant that this guy was going to be an immediate success in the NHL… 5 seasons, 21 NHL games and 2 NHL organizations later, I’m still holding out hope that David LeNeveu becomes an NHL goaltender, but the odds are increasing that he won’t with each passing day. — You can’t say the stats lie. Same collegiate group of teams…. better stats… you just never know about goaltenders… granted the Q has always been a high scoring league, but if you were a hockey fan in 1984, and in the 3rd round, with the 51st selection overall, you heard about a goaltender who would then go on to post a 16-25-1 record, with a GAA of 5.55, and a save percentage of well under 90%, would you be holding out hope that you had a prospect or a suspect? Yeah, Patrick Roy ended up having a pretty good career. šŸ™‚

  • jkwondachef

    Just post more about Zatkoff. The kid has the tools and the size to play in the bigs. College or Junior stats don’t always shed light onto what kind of career a player will have at the pro level. There are many factors that come into play. One is the players determination and two the team he is on. I have seen him play for the last two years and am impressed with his play. If his team had made it to the frozen four everyone would have seen just how good he is. He kept Miami (OH) in it against Boston College. Although in overtime it’s anyones game. I think all Kings fans should just be happy that we are getting to the point where we have good prospects in goal that could develop into great goalies. When’s the last time you could say that about the Kings goaltending pipeline?

  • Hec27

    Patrick who?

  • PolarBear1

    A logjam at goal?!?!

    Yes please!!!

    Anyone with knowledge of this correct me if I’m wrong but, I don’t think this has ever been an issue with the franchise before.

    Hit the road Cloutier!!!

  • Moondoggie

    Glad to see Zatkoff added to the stable, this kid is pretty good. Things are definitely looking up…..

  • Anonymous

    You can never have enough talent in your organisation.


  • brianguy

    finally, the Kings have a problem which is NICE to have. this is something I’ve been talking about since December when the Kings were basically out of it. let’s just hope they find 2 good D-men and a 2nd line center now. please?

  • I