Player evaluation: Brown



This season: 78 games, 33 goals, 27 assists, minus-13 rating.

Positives: Where to begin? Toward the end of last season, coach Marc Crawford said Brown could be a 30-goal scorer. Brown, who had scored 31 goals, combined, in his previous two seasons, netted 33 this season and became a regular winger on the Kings’ top line. He kept his penalty minutes in check, reduced his plus-minus rating from minus-21 to minus-13, took a career-high 219 shots on goal and, perhaps most importantly, improved his skills as a vocal leader.

Negatives: Not many. His assist total actually dipped, from 29 to 27, and Brown can’t forget to retain that hard-nosed, hitting style, just because he has proved to be a talented scorer.

Looking ahead: Crawford thought he could be a 30-goal scorer. So did Brown hit his ceiling this season? That’s hard to imagine, since he’s only 23 years old. It was a great year for Brown, who signed a big contract and had his first child. The challenge is to get even better and avoid the type of letdown Michael Cammalleri had this season.

Contract situation: Signed through 2013-14 (cap number of $3.175 million next season).

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  • anthony

    The biggest steal in the league.
    In the next five years when he’s scoring 30 -40 goals (every season), players doing much less will be signing contracts bigger than his.

    This one was a good move DL.

  • lakingzfan

    This is the most underrated player in the league, because he plays for a bad team. In Detroit or New York or something like that, he would be an NHL poster boy. We are very lucky to have him. He is one of the top 25 forwards in the league.

  • Moondoggie

    The Kings MVP this season because of his leadership, physical presence, goals, agressive play, did I miss anything?? Oh yes, an NHL poster boy if he plays in Detroit or New York. Great job DL for the contract extension. Enuf said.

  • Jon G

    I’m not sure if we need Brown to do much more on the ice than he did this season. If he can maintain this level and grow as a team leader, we’ll really have something.

  • 40 Years of Losing

    Brown is becoming the undisputed leader of this team, if he isn’t already. The team would be lost without him.

  • jerome

    Give him the “C”…and then sign him for 12 years. I love the guy b/c when he signed the cntract he said something like “Ilove playng for L.A.” which looks like the truth b/c this guy leaves it all on the ice…Can you imagine brownie in the playoffs???

  • nykingfan

    there’s nothing you can say negative about Brown. He was arguably the best player on the team, although I still think Kopitar was…but that’s truly splitting hairs.
    All we can hope is that he continues what he’s doing and he will be a perennial all star. He reminds me a lot of a younger Brendan Shanahan.

  • Eric K

    this guy could potentially be the face of the kings for the next decade. that’s right, over kopitar. he’s just that kind of player… our marketing people need to realize the guy exemplifies what the fans love about the kings.

  • Dan H.

    Tremendous player and I’m happy to have him. Nothing negative about him. He plays with passion like he loves the game and wants to hit the ice. I hope he keeps that up while he matures and doesn’t take things for granted.

  • simonsez

    “Brown can’t forget to retain that hard-nosed, hitting style, just because he has proved to be a talented scorer.”

    Guess what? He didn’t. He only led the NHL in hits (not mentioned in the evaluation), and this should be in the POSITIVES column, not the negatives.

  • Anonymous

    Boston would sell Quincy Market to get Brownie. He’s a TRUE player who said once, ” I just want to play hockey”. What more can a team want from a player. DL stole this kid for six years but if his next two – three seasons are as good or better than this past one, they had better pay him what he’s really worth or he’ll be gone.

  • Sol Toback

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