Player evaluation: Moulson



This season: 22 games, 5 goals, 4 assists, plus-2 rating.

Positives: There is some potential here. Moulson got bounced back and forth, between Los Angeles and Manchester, four times this season, but he managed some quality play in both leagues. In just 57 games with the Monarchs, Moulson totaled 28 goals and 28 assists. He seems to have a solid all-around game.

Negatives: Does he have top-six forward potential, and can he bridge the gap between the AHL and the NHL? There are a lot of players who put up strong numbers in the AHL but can’t make it translate to the NHL. Moulson’s challenges are to prove he belongs and prove that he deserves the ice time that might go to a younger prospect. Moulson could help his cause by packing on a little more muscle.

Looking ahead: This is a crucial time for Moulson. It’s very possible that he can take a step forward and earn a spot on the NHL roster, but if he doesn’t, he runs the risk of being pigeonholed as a talented AHL player who doesn’t have the chops to move up. The opportunity should be there for Moulson to earn a third- or fourth-line role.

Contract situation: Restricted free agent.

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  • Chewy Rocky Horror

    He’s a solid 3rd line player that can fill in on the top 2 lines from time to time.

    I would rather have him on the team than Calder.

  • Jacob

    I really enjoy watching Moulson play. He brings whatever he’s got every second on the ice.

    In terms of whatever he’s got, I definately see some scoring potential that could translate to the nhl level. I think without a doubt he can fill a third line role and chip in 10-15 goals in a full season, but I also think he has the talent in him to kick it up a notch in a year or two and be a 20-25 goal scoring second liner.

  • Big Rob in Dallas

    Thanks Rich! I enjoy reading this blog while I am “supposed” to be working.

    Now on to Moulson. 5 goals in 22 games. That spells close to 20 over a full year. Not bad for a rookie. I think he was paired with Fro for most of his time. I remember thinking there was some chemistry there. Of course, this could be the reason Frolov had an off year due to the fact he never had stable line mates, plus a bad groin and was working with AHL talent in the NHL. Just my .02

  • laikaloco

    Rather than comment individually on every player, I’ll just list MY proposal for line combos for next year.


    Armstrong-Calder as spares…if Cammy is traded, move Purcell into his spot, and Calder into Purcell’s.


  • Eric K

    surprised you didn’t mention the +2…

    anyway, i really believe this guy has earned a spot on this team next year.

  • Anonymous

    A solid player. Any team can use a talent like him.
    He plays an honest game and that was every game he played. Unlike some others on this team

  • SuperSonic420

    Best case scenerio for me would be that the Kings find a #2 center, somewhere, anywhere! Hopefully Handzus really bounces back, cause the FA market doesnt look so great. I would love to see Moulson, Boyle, and Purcell on the third line next season. How would that be for an “energy” line, and they already have good chemistry together. We’ve seen other teams put together “kid” lines before, so why not give it a shot. Im really hoping Boyle is going to be an outstanding player and can step into that 2nd center spot, or if he reaches his highest potential and can become some kind of Lindros in his prime clone, minus the concussions, then we really got something. I just dont think hes ready for that job just yet.

  • Anonymous

    Saw two interesting Moulson stats. Of all NHL rookies who played 20 games or more, Moulson was second behind Jonathan Toews in even strength Goals per Game .23 GPG. For rookie forwards, on average he blocked the most shots per game .95 per game. This is a very unusual combination.