Player evaluation: O’Sullivan



This season: 82 games, 22 goals, 31 assists, minus-8 rating.

Positives: O’Sullivan’s improvements have been well-documented, and he deserves a ton of credit from transforming himself. Once a top prospect, he was in danger of falling out of favor with the Kings, but he worked himself into a role as a top-three forward. O’Sullivan developed into a strong defensive player and began to fulfill his great offensive potential.

Negatives: There’s a lot of excitement about O’Sullivan’s season, and rightfully so, but it’s wise to remember that he still has plenty of room to improve. This season was a strong start, and he should only get more comfortable playing alongside Anze Kopitar (if the Kings keep him there) but O’Sullivan will need to take another step forward next season.

Looking ahead: If O’Sullivan can continue on this upward path, the Kings have a keeper. After some initial questions, O’Sullivan proved himself to have a good attitude and a strong desire to win. He certainly has the ability to be a top-six forward for years to come.

Contract situation: Restricted free agent.

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  • SuperSonic420

    Sully is quickly becoming one of my favorite Kings. I love this guys hustle and determination. I dont think I can remember one shift this year that he wasnt involved in the play. He seeks out the puck like he seeks out shots on goal. This kid will shoot from anywhere and pretty much has a chance to score from anywhere. I think he has the potential to be a deadly sniper in this league, especially if he stays with Kopi. High speed, high skill level, the skys the limit for this kid. The complete package when you factor in his defensive play and penalty killing. Along with getting Jack Johnson, this is definately one of DL’s best moves by far.

  • Jeremy

    He’s tough, I see a lot of Bobby Clarke in him.

    knocked his chicklets out, gets physical and makes things happen.

    4 year contract MINIMUM, he’s a phenomenal penalty killer.

  • jkwondachef

    I’ve tracking Sully since his days with the Mississauga Ice Dogs. Always had the offensive potential but I was as many were surprised with his defensive play as well. There is no doubt that Sully can be and 80-90 point guy in this league. If he keeps up his improved play he will reach that potential. Love his speed and hustle. For the crappy season we had he was one of the brighter spots on this team.

  • Marc Nathan

    I said it two years ago and NO ONE wanted to hear it… I said it last year, and certainly NO ONE agreed with me, so I’ll say it again:

    Patrick O’Sullivan is the single most gifted offensive player on the Los Angeles Kings, and will eclipse the (offensive) accomplishments of his teammates within a year or two.

    That being said, while none of the braintrust on the various hockey boards may have agreed with me, there are plenty of NHL GMs that know that this kid is soon to become an elite point producer/goal scorer in this league and may just put an offer sheet on the table if Lombardi is slow to react.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that Patrick O’Sullivan will have no allegiance to the Kings if the right deal comes along.

  • anthony

    Can you imagine the numbers he would have put up if that idiot Crawfish didn’t waste him on that stupid energy line for the first half of the season.

    I acknowlegde that putting him on the 4th line made Sully a better defensive player and grittier. And I give some credit to Crawfish for Sully’s developement. But he spent too much time there.

    I reviewed his stats, in the first 29 games, Sully only scored 5 goals and 5 assists. Hardly even played on the power play.
    Only after a few injuries and Armstrong’s pathetic play on the second power play unit, that the coach was finally forced to use Sully in offensive situations. And rightfully so, the kid sniper with a wicked and accurate shot.

    Next season, it will be interesting to watch him play all 82 games as a Top Six forward. I predict 65-75 points.

    Wondering why DL hasn’t signed him to a contract yet. Is he testing the market?

  • anthony

    I agree with Marc Nathan 1,000,000%.
    Everything he said is right on.

  • romy

    lombardi may be waiting until after the world championships to discuss his contract,plus the season just recently ended and may be giving him some time to relax before the worlds

  • Big Rob in Dallas

    Demitra 15 goals. Sully 22 goals. Nuff Said.

  • Marc Nathan

    Demitra on a playoff team coached by Jacques Lemaire.

    Sully on the Kings coached by Marc Crawford.

    Nuff Said.

  • lakingzfan

    Ive aksed this before and ill ask again, why haven’t we signed him already?
    If he signs some ridiculous offer sheet and we dont match, I will never forgive DL.

  • Gabby

    Sully showed tremendous maturity by actually taking the coaches and management seriously and working on the non-offensive aspects of his game. This more than anything gives me a lot of hope that this kid is a future star in the NHL and, hopefully, with the Kings. He didn’t sulk when he was demoted last season to the minors and placed on the checking unit at the beginning of this season. Instead, he took the opportunities to make himself a more complete player. I can’t wait to see how much more he develops next season. Mr. Lombardi, please, please, PLEASE offer Patrick O’Sullivan the contract he deserves before Kevin Lowe swoops in and steals him right out from under us.

  • Dan H.

    Are you saying that it’s the coach or the player there Marc? I hope you’re not saying Demitra is still a better option at this time.

    Sully has been great this year. PK was a great start and I hated seeing him pulled from the top line when the power play unit went out in favor of Cammy even when Cammy was on line 2 and not really contributing. I think Patrick deserved that time and at least deserved it over Armstrong.

    I hope they lock this kid up long term.

  • Moondoggie

    We’re all in agreement, definitely one of the most popular Kings, rags to riches, mostly because he was poorly used in the early season. This kid has guts, grit and the best set of hands I’ve seen in some time. He can put a shot anywhere on net, quite the wrister to say the least. A keeper for sure, keep it up Sully, way to go!

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