Player evaluation: Dallman



This season: 34 games, 3 goals, 4 assists, plus-4 rating.

Positives: The very definition of a role player, Dallman can step in after being scratched for a handful of consecutive games and play either center or defense. Never a flashy player, Dallman has solid puck-moving skills and some offensive skills. Managed a plus-4 rating.

Negatives: Dallman’s size is considered a negative on defense, and he just can’t seem to “wow” the coaching staff enough to earn a regular place in the lineup. More often than not, coaches chose Jon Klemm to fill a similar role.

Looking ahead: It’s not unreasonable to think the Kings might re-sign Dallman in a seventh-defenseman role, especially since Klemm is 38 years old and since Dallman is well-liked by the Kings’ younger players. Whether he can ever shed that “spare defenseman” label is another matter.

Contract situation: Unrestricted free agent.

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  • anthony

    He can join the list players like Wilsie, Thornton, Guiliano, AND HOPEFULLY BLAKE, that I’m happy will be gone.

  • Marc Nathan

    Kevin Dallman still has upside as an offensive defenseman, and his long-standing relationship with Dustin Brown should not be overlooked. Ever watch the team in the runway as they head onto the ice? Dallman always waits for and follows Brown. These guys were teammates in juniors, and in fact, Dallman outscored Brown in both 00-01 and 01-02 (when Dallman led the entire team in scoring.)

    While he’ll never be confused with Rob Blake, Dion Phaneuf or Chris Pronger, he can certainly be a useful part on a second powerplay unit, and his willingness to attempt to hit people (success can be measured in willingness on occasion,) is certainly more than we can say for the defensively challenged players we’ve grown accustomed to over the past few seasons, like Harrold and Maude-ry.

    Whereas UFAs like Willsie and Giuliano may never see the NHL light of day again, in all probability, for the right price, Kevin Dallman will find an NHL home somewhere, Personally, I souldn’t have a problem with it being in LA.

  • Bruce

    Sadly enough, Dallman was one of the most physical Kings defensemen late in the season. Acceptable option for spot duty.

  • SuperSonic420

    I think I would have voted him unsung hero this season over guliano. This guy could barely crack the lineup the first half of the season. I thought he stepped up at the end of the year and did an admirable job coming in filling in for traded and injured players. Once he got some decent ice time he got a few goals and didnt hurt us too often defensivly. I’d take him as a 7th option. Hes a true professional, I just dont see him coming back to be a 7th option for the Kings.

  • Tito Jackson

    Out of all of the players I spoke to at Hollywood Park on Meet the Players Day, Dallman was the nicest and seemed the most interested in talking to us, even though he already signed a million jerseys and talked to a million people. I know nice doesn’t score goals but hey.

  • Mark

    Behind Modry the player that showed some kind of motivation was Dallman for putting up the effort when some of the stars gave up.

  • Moondoggie

    Played very well at the end of the season when given a chance. He definitely deserves another shot….

  • whiz

    Kevin is in KHL now playing for Kazakh team Barys Astana. He is the Captain of the team. No doubt he does very well over there. He scored more goals and assists than any other defenseman in the league ao far. In 41 games he scored 20 goals adding 22 assists!!!

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