Player evaluation: Preissing



This season: 77 games, 8 goals, 16 assists, minus-6 rating.

Positives: With Preissing’s game, it’s all a matter of expectation. He’s not the fastest or the strongest or the biggest, but he manages to play a solid, responsible game for the most part. Any team expecting Preissing to log huge minutes or play the point on the power play is going to end up disappointed, but in a defined role, he’s a solid veteran.

Negatives: A relative lack of size and strength will always hold Preissing back. At age 29, it’s hard to see Preissing ever evolving into a top-flight defenseman or a reliable power-play contributor.

Looking ahead: Preissing is a solid fourth or fifth defenseman, and not a bad player at the price the Kings have locked him up at. The problem is the Kings need better defensemen around him, so that his ice time can be managed better and his mistakes aren’t magnified.

Contract situation: Signed through 2010-11 (cap number of $2.75 million next season).

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  • Jim Jones

    I LOVE that contract. With what guys like Boyle got and Campbell will get, 2.75M for three more years is GREAT.

  • Goon Squad

    I think the only thing in his game that’s positive at all is the fact he can work the 2nd unit PP. I see Peter Harrold taking over the spot that Preissing was supposed to fill over the next 1-2 years. Hopefully sooner.

  • Anonymous

    He was pressed into a role, which he is not built for. His lack of size exposed his weaknesses in his game. And on this team they became much magnified. He can give a team solid 10-12 miniutes a game. But cant put him on the PK. maybe 2nd unit PP.

  • dominic lavoie

    Does anyone remember how he played in Ottawa or his last year in San Jose? When he is surrounded by good players he can produce. He had a ridiculous +/- for the Senators and put up 43 points and 38 points the two seasons before coming to San Jose.

    I would like to see Preissing get a chance to show more on the pp and I’d also like to see him paired with a solid, stay at home defenseman. Sadly I don’t know who on the Kings roster qualifies for that description – perhaps JMFJ?

  • Joey

    Hey Rich, another great report. One small request: it would be a really nice addition if you were to include the player’s vitals at the beginning, such as height, weight, age, etc. Particularly, when you talk about a player’s size, or lack thereof.

  • Dan H.

    Well when he was signed it was billed as us getting an offensive guy and his numbers showed it. I expected him to be on the power play and produce.

    Maybe they just over billed the guy. He wasn’t bad, but wasn’t great either. I like Rich’s evaluation of him.

  • Damen

    I have to disagree with this evaluation of Preissing. He’s a number 6 who can play on your PP, but not QB it, and has to be sheilded from the PK.

    His awesome +/- in Ottawa was due mainly to the fact he skated almost all of his 5on5 shifts while Alfie’s line was on the ice. So he never faced scoring lines, but instead checking lines whos unfortunate role was to stop the leagues best scoring line. His total ice time & PK ice time were both 6th among the regulars on Ottawa’s blueline. Once the Pahlsson line tore him apart in the Finals his ice time was reduced during one game to around 8 minutes & was rarely put on the ice with the top forward unit.

    Penalty killing has never been a part of his toolbox. His second year in San Jose was the only season he saw any regular PK time. The Sharks finished that season 23rd in penalty killing & allowed 242 goals against. Part of their rebuilding process was shipping Preissing to Ottawa.

    For most of this season he was 6th among the regulars in ice time both overall & on the PK. Not to mention he was the only regular who was healthy scratched.

    Now it’s not a bad signing by DL. Blake was facing hip surgery & Lubo hadn’t signed that long term deal yet. So another puck mover could have really come in handy. But considering this team has retained Lubo & in all likelyhood Blake, not to mention Harrold is ready to step in, there’s no reason to think DL won’t shop Preissing for someone more suited to carry the PK ice time the departures of Norstrom & Miller left behind. There’s just nothing Preissing brings that Harrold can’t for a third of the price. Harrold is even right handed just like Preissing.

  • Kevin

    if he cant play the point on the powerplay WHY DID YOU GET HIM??? I was under the understanding that in Ottowa he was the powerplay QB the times i’ve seen him on the point on the powerplay he looked no worse than decent

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