Player evaluation: Cloutier

We’ll do the last of the player evaluations today, with everyone’s favorite position: the goalies. We’re going to do a separate set of evaluations for the prospects, which will include Bernier and Quick. So why not start with…




This season: 9 games, 2-4 record, 3.43 goals-against average, .887 save percentage.

Positives: Well…hmmm. Cloutier did have one shining game, Feb. 21 against St. Louis, when he stopped 32 of 33 shots in a 5-1 victory. Then again, that game against the second-worst team in the Western Conference.

Negatives: It’s easy to pile on Cloutier, but it’s just been an unfortunate situation all around. He tried to play while hurt during 2006, and that’s admirable, but his acquisition/signing was just a disaster, in every sense of the word. The one thing he can be blamed for is the way he turned on the organization, which publicly supported him throughout all his troubles.

Looking ahead: The summer could go in a couple different ways. The most likely outcome is that Cloutier will have the final year of his contract bought out. There’s a chance he could end up in a long-term-injury situation, but regardless, it’s almost certain that he won’t be on the Kings’ roster next season.

Contract situation: Signed through 2008-09 (cap number of $3.1 million next season).

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  • ian

    In general I’m a fan of Lombardi and his overall plan, this one however is real hard to defend (along with McCauley(?)). He really should have “hedged his bet” a little and gone for a shorter contract, Cloutier was after all coming off a big injury and, in fairness to DL, he couldn’t predict that DC would get hurt yet again (and again!). Lets hope he more than makes up for it in this years draft..

  • Jimmy Crack Corn

    I’m going to re-post this question here since its positionally relavant and sure to get more responses than on the Jon Klemm eval that it was originally posted under,
    Thanks, JCC

    Jimmy Crack Corn said:

    A questions unrelated to the evaluation blogs…

    If the Sens buy out goaltender Ray Emery as expected, making him a 25 year old UFA with decent regular season/playoff records and a tarnished personal reputation, do the Kings make him an offer? His troubles of this past season could make him available for a short term contract well under 2 million per, ready to make a fresh start (bounce back if you will) in a new city. Is he worth the risk?

    GP 31 W 12 L 13 T 4

    GP 58 W 33 L 16 T 6

    GP 39 W 23 L 11 T 4

    April 17, 2008 5:47 PM

  • anthony

    Frankly, both management and Cloutier screwed each other over.

    Personally, I thought DL made himself look inexperienced and bad, after signing him to an additional $6.2 Million for 2 years, when he was already under a contract.
    He just gave him the extra 2 years and the extra Money before Cloutier played a single game as a King.

    If he buys out Cloutier’s contract, that’s two buyouts (McCauley) in two years.
    Correction two senseless buyouts in two years. I don’t think that any other GM would have signed these two players in the first place.

    Curious to see how AEG and Lieweke would react to this buyout.

  • Anonymous

    Trade him for a 3rd round pick… If this happens…we got rid of two huge stinking piles of garbage for 3rd round picks…

  • metalmaster

    I don’t think DL would touch Emery with a 10 foot
    pole after Clutz disaster.
    Emery managed to get in all
    kinds of trouble living in
    Ottawa just imagine the kind of havoc he could get
    into in LA. The bottom line
    is he is just not good enough to take the risk.
    Dave Nonis in Vancouver who
    just got the axe actually
    got a high second round pick for Cloutier and moved
    a washed up Bertuzzi for a
    real goaltender in Luongo.
    How did he get fired? Go

  • Eric K

    dan: i know you really did try really hard to get back in shape and play hurt in 2006, and i have no problem with that. it could almost be considered admirable.

    but when you publicly trash your organization– in a freaking vancouver newspaper, no less– and blame them for your play and your demotion, i have nothing positive to say about you. to be honest, i don’t know how many of your allegations are true. but lombardi and crow have given you more chances than you deserve, and you have failed to seize them. this is not our fault.

    i hope i never have to see you in a kings jersey again, because while we struggled this season, we have many players who are proud to be kings and represent the organization with passion, dedication, honesty, and class. this is the definition of a Los Angeles King; with one classless and immature bashing, you tarnished whatever respect i still had for you and made me realize that you are not a true King in my book.

    i will enjoy watching ersberg, labarbera, and bernier battle it out for a goalie spot next year, and if you can find your way back to an NHL roster, good luck. i would never wish failure on anyone, and if you can become a solid goalie again, that’s great for you. but i hope that you can learn to be a player with dignity and humility again, because if you can’t, you simply don’t deserve that spot. so long, dan, and i hope you can change my mind about you in the future.

  • Rich Hammond

    I don’t see the Kings having any interest in Emery. It’s less about his “issues” and more about the fact that the Kings have their own goalies to sort out. I don’t think they’re looking to add another one.

  • Eric K

    i think signing emery would be a plain bad move. i’d rather not take a chance on him considering our troubles with sean avery and dan cloutier in the past, and besides, we have a much more pressing need for a solid D-man.

  • Irish Pat

    Mmm, Cloutier…

    There is a part of me that wants to mail this guy a turd sandwich and deride management for signing him, but I don’t think anyone could have forseen the trainwreck that is “Cloots”. In 5 years when I hear his name mentioned I’m sure I’ll react with an “ugh”, but I will also think, “Thank God this happened or we would never have Hickey, Doughty or _____!” I left the blank there in case he’s not bought out and we end up with Tavares or Hedman.

  • ian

    Good point Eric, the Kings goalie position seems to be shoring up a bit with some depth, the defense looks like the next biggest priority…

  • laikaloco

    I was at both of Cloutier’s Ws, so it’s clear if he wants to become an elite goalie, he needs to buy me tickets for every game next season. Obviously I’m doing SOMETHING right!

    hmmm…or, maybe not.

    Thanx for trying, DC…good luck in your next life.

  • romy

    hey rich,any idea if the kings might go after redden or hossa?

  • John Roy Morgan

    Good bye DAN CLOUTIER , ah thanks for nothing!

    Emery in L.A. you got to be kidding?

  • KingFan4ever

    Not Emery please!!! No more head cases!!!

  • DellaNooch

    I’m a DL fan, but I never liked the trade or signing DC to an extension before he stopped (or didn’t stop) a single puck….bad move DL…Vancouver fans couldn’t wait for DC to leave town despite the fact they were winningequally, why sign a player under contract, coming off an injury, to an extension, its not like hes going to sign with another team mid season.

    No on Emery…sure his stats look great…playing for OTT…you could put Cloutier on that team and he’ll get lots of wins…okay, maybe that’s embellishing it a bit, Labs and Ersberg could though.

  • Hockey Only

    Metalmaster, you ask, how did Nonis get fired???? The Canucks didn’t make the playoffs, that’s how, with real hockey teams, that’s the bottom line. Also if DL even THOUGHT of going after NO Talent Emery, he would need to be examined to see what wasn’t in his head.

  • Christa

    Cloutier is gone. auf Wiedersehen.

    Emery 12-13-4 3.13 .890 0 712 1689

    LaBarbera 17-23-2 3.00 .910 1 1220 2421

    What can Emery do for the Kings that LaBarbera cant??

  • lakingzfan

    I think Erik K hit it on the head. I was willing to give cloutier the benifit of the doubt in regards to the whole situation, but after reading that Sun article, I lost all respect. The Kings played it well though i thought by essentially ignoring it. But boy, would it have been interesting to be a fly on the wall when DL found out about the article and what if anything was said to cloutier. Rich, any more insider info on that whole situation?
    BTW, I give full credit to DL for the late season call-up for this player. It was a win-win. If he played great, than it would increase his trade value and we might have been able to salvage something out of nothing. If he played awful, than we are given a better positon for the draft. Unfortunately, MC didnt see that plan, because otherwise he would have played him more at the end.

  • Beachball 6

    We’ll see to your utmost comfort over at the Beachball 6…and…hey we’ll even leave the goal light on for ya…

  • metalmaster

    Hockey One
    Are you saying Kings are not a real hockey team or
    that DL should be fired?

  • Anonymous

    DL relied on Crawfords opinion on bringing in Dan Cloutier. He did not do his homework and it burned him. I guess he learned from his mistake on this one. DL was hoping or more like praying that Cloutier would fill in until a true top notch goalie would come in and take over the job. I hope that he can make up for this blunder in the upcoming draft. He needs to, so he can redeem him self.

  • Holly

    I wonder if we could just give Cloutier away.

    There’s got to be a team at a local YMCA that needs a back up goalie to sit on the bench.

  • therealhipcheck

    Cloutier is amazing in that when we acquired him I had well below average expectations-speaks volumes when he couldnt manage to meet up to the lowest of the low expectation. He should be bought out over the summer and we can forget about the whole ugly incident. Most certainly the blackest of black marks on DL’s resume.

  • metalmaster

    If DL is blindly listening
    to MC on personnel moves as
    you claim they are really in trouble. I am sure DL saw the same games (and more) of Cloutier playing
    in Vancouver.

  • SuperSonic420

    Hockey Only said:
    Metalmaster, you ask, how did Nonis get fired???? The Canucks didn’t make the playoffs, that’s how, with real hockey teams, that’s the bottom line.

    I disagree, I think he was fired because the Nucks’ owners panicked and made a snap decision. Maybe they read the boards at Lets Go Nucks or something, I dunno. I do think this move will come back to haunt Vancouver, but we shall see.

  • PolarBearOne

    In my own personal assessment of Dan Cloutier, I give him four stars:


    One star for each letter of a word that represented his play during his time with the Kings.

    It will be a happy day when the news comes across of his departure from Los Angeles.

  • SuperSonic420

    PolarBearOne said:
    In my own personal assessment of Dan Cloutier, I give him four stars:


    I nominate that as post of the day my friend!

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