Player evaluation: Ersberg



This season: 14 games, 6-5 record, 2.48 goals-against average, .927 save percentage.

Positives: Surprisingly, Ersberg emerged as a bright light in an otherwise dark and grim goaltending situation. Before the season, the Kings believed Ersberg would need a full year of minor-leagues seasoning, but he had two shutouts in 13 starts. The rest of the goalies combined for one (LaBarbera) in 69 starts. For the most part, Ersberg looked sharp and composed and showed great rebound control.

Negatives: Ersberg’s play generated a lot of excitement, and that’s understandable, but it’s also wise to remember that he had a 2.92 goals-against average in Manchester and hasn’t yet dealt with the rigors of being a full-time NHL goalie. That’s not to say he wouldn’t thrive in that role, but what has he really proved at this point?

Looking ahead: It will be interesting to see what happens with Ersberg this summer. If things work out, Ersberg will at least be in the mix for a roster spot, with Jason LaBarbera and Jonathan Bernier likely serving as his primary competition.

Contract situation: Restricted free agent.

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  • anthony

    Thank goodness for this goalie. He has given this team hope that a #1 will be starting next season.

    What I saw from him last season, is wahat a #1 goalie is all about.
    What I saw from him last season, is the kind of goaltending I’ve seen from the likes of Luongo, Nabokov, Kiprisoff, and Giguerre.
    In the entire season, I only saw him give up ONE single bad goal. And that was a bad angle goal against Dallas.
    Other than that, the other goals were either deflections and defensive breakdowns (when Lubo was on the ice).

    With a surplus of goalies in the system. I would hope that DL would trade either Bernier, Zatkoff, or Quick, to get big strong D-Man. That way, the team won’t have as many defensive breakdowns.

  • Mark

    Although he hasn’t dealt with a full NHL schedule he has been in this type of situation in the Swedish Elite League playing which is a lot more experience than he got in Manchester with their 8 man goalie rotation. For him to continue to work hard and show that he’s able to play in the NHL (even with only a handful of games) he’s proven to have more value then Cloutier and Labarbera. Labarbera was great in the AHL last season but couldn’t handle himself with the Kings. Maybe Ersberg can be the opposite.

  • ciccarelli

    Yes. Let’s put all our eggs in one basket again by trading one of Quick, Bernier or Zatkoff and relying solely on Ersberg who may have just played hot for 14 games. Geez.

  • nick in 318

    love this guy… with such a crappy defense infront of him he played so well… exciting and refreshing to know that we’re not just doomed to have aweful goaltending forever… you put 1 or 2 big d-men, who can lay people on their asses in front of the net and ersberg can hold it down… i saw him give up maybe 1 or 2 goals that he shouldve saved,,, but he made 10+ saves on ‘sure goals’ with labs or clouts in there….

    i want him back, give him a shot… platoon him with babs for a season… but i’ve got to believe that with a respectable d in front of him,,, we can really succeed with the swede in nets

  • Anthony,

    Are you really comparing Ersberg to Luongo, Nabby, Kipper and Giggy? Seriously!? Why don’t we just start calling him Erik “MF” Ersberg too! Unbelievable.

    And do you really hope that DL trades Bernier or Zatkoff for a D-Man or is this a joke that just went way over my head? Deano wouldn’t trade Bernier… for VOKUN!!

  • Anthony,

    Are you really comparing Ersberg to Luongo, Nabby, Kipper and Giggy? Seriously!? Why don’t we just start calling him Erik “MF” Ersberg too! Unbelievable.

    And do you really hope that DL trades Bernier or Zatkoff for a D-Man or is this a joke that just went way over my head? Deano wouldn’t trade Bernier… for VOKUN!!

  • Dorian

    hey Anthony,

    you realllllly lose your credibility as a “smart” kings fan when you come up with garbage proposals like that.

  • anthony

    Never compared him to Luongo, Nabakov, Kiprisoff, or Giggy.
    Only said, that what I’ve seen thus far from him, is similar to what I’ve seen from the other goalies.

    FYI, Luongo’s play of late was just average. Even the Canucks media was on him for that.

    Take it easy ladies, we’re all pulling for the same team here.

  • John Roy Morgan

    The future is Ersberg being either number 1 or two. I see Bernier coming in as a number 2 till he can get his shot.

  • DellaNooch

    Out of the 20 goalies we’ve started the last two years (maybe an exaggeration) Ersberg played the most consistently for this team. His rebound control is exactly what this Kings defense needs until they get their act together…re-sign him, I hope he can continue to play well next season in a rotation with Labs/Bernier or as a number 1.

    Anthony – The Kings have never developed their own goaltending in 40 years of existence and you want to trade our hottest goaltending prospect, Bernier, for a D man? If that were Dion Pheunuf (sp?) of Calgary, I would agree with you, but other than that Dman, no waythat is the type of mentality that has kept us from a cup for 40 yearsas for Zatkoff and Quick, what impact defenseman could we get for them? I dont think we could get a top four defenseman for either one.

  • JDM

    “as for Zatkoff and Quick, what impact defenseman could we get for them? I dont think we could get a top four defenseman for either one.”

    Only if packaged with a pick and guy like moulson or cliche. Not that I want to trade any of them, but I do like the idea of having enough goaltending depth (which we really won’t have for another year with these guys) that we can trade to fill other holes.

  • MacSwede

    Nice picture of Erik, it is from his old team in Sweden, HV71 as you can see on the helmet. Actually they won the cup yesterday here in my hometown Jonkoping, I can see the rink from my window 🙂 They won with former NHL/AHL players like Stefan Liv, Johan Davidsson, Jan Hrdina (!), Per Gustavsson and listen to this…Lance Ward!! Stefan Liv did not succeed to the NHL, and I sure hope that Ersberg wont have the same faith, he has proven himself to be a potential no.1 goalie..

  • lakingzfan

    I dont want to put too much pressure on one player, BUT if this player can keep a save perentage near where he has, we have an all-star.
    He clearly has alot of work to do, physically and with training, to be able to keep it up a whole season with players crashing you all the time.

  • Anonymous

    I believe that Ersberg will be our fill in for Bernier until he’s ready for NHL action…BUT…it creates a small black hole within the system with the other goalies we have stuck in the minors… The worst thing was that I actually felt sorry for him being stuck out there with our escort service in front of him… If he can keep this pace through an entire season (or be better GAA-wise)…even with a mediocre defense in front of him…he is our #1 for sure… Just imagine a decent core of defensemen in front of him…and let our opponents try to sleep at night trying to figure him out…

    I hate to say it…but any goalie not named Zatkoff…Quick…Bernier…Rowatt or Ersberg could be fair game to become trade bait to fill one of the gaping holes on the defense front…

  • Crash Davis

    Ersberg said something interesting a few months back that the NHL was easier for him than the AHL. His reasoning was that there were fewer broken plays in the NHL and the passing and flow was more logical and easier to read (for a goalie). The other issue is the level of defense in front of him. Gotta think Kings defense was better than Machester (knowing that the word “better” for our D is an oxymoron).

    Last add: it really seemed that Erik was far superior at smothering shots and allowing fewer rebounds and scoring chances. He also gave the Kings the chance to win. A factor that every team wants.

  • Hipcheck

    I think Ersberg is gonna be much better than Bernier and certainly better than any goalie in King history, Patrick Roy included. This guy is the best we’ve seen and I agree with Anthony, FINALLY we have solved our goaltending issues.


  • Anonymous

    No question, he gave much needed confidence to the hockey club. The team played with more composure, and it translated to some wins for the hockey club. His athletic ability is tremendous. And the way he concentrates on the puck is remarkable. He earned another shot to play for the hockey club next year. And also it will push the other goalies in the organization to elevate their game to match his. Way to go kid.

  • Marc Nathan

    Until I see the press release that says the Kings have signed Ersberg, I continue to think that it’s possible he won’t even come back to North America next season. There are a lot of goalies in the mix for the Kings and if Ersberg is going to get shuffled around between leagues, he may not want the aggravation, and there is NO guarantee he sticks with the Kings. He played well, but on a team that was already out of it. I likedd what I saw, but I am not sure the Kings brass thinks they found the second coming of Rogie Vachon, the last goalie of merit in Los Angeles.

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