The journey of Daniel Taylor

Because the Kings were on the road quite a bit at the end, and Daniel Taylor was on so many flights at the end, I never got a chance to talk to him about what his whole NHL experience was like. Fortunately, the Kingston (Ontario) Whig-Standard — quite a name — tracked him down and wrote a big article about him. It’s a good read…

All the Kings goalies; Former Frontenac Danny Taylor’s NHL debut a memorable one

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  • David

    Just a brief unrelated observation on the Kings Ownership, or lack thereof…..

    While watching the end of the Capitals / Flyers Game 7 last night, I was very impressed with the Capitals Owner, Ted Leonsis.

    There he was sitting amongst the rabid Capitals Fans wearing his Capitals Sweater.

    He seemed genuinely dejected and upset when his team lost in OT.

    When was the last time Philip Anschutz even attended a Kings Game?

    The Kings desperately need a new Owner who cares and takes an active interest in the team!

  • PolarBearOne

    Great article.

    You can only root for a guy like that. He’ll definitely have to shine bright in the next camp if he wants a shot to lower that career 6 GAA.

  • taz42

    Great article and makes you feel sorry for this guy. Getting shuffled around back and forth so much. Trying to keep his focus on his play and dealing with the mind games going on with him. Once again shows how Cloutier’s presence messed things up for a lot of people.

  • ryan oliver

    great read. It’s now nice to know why he was bounced back and fourth like he was. I figured there had to be a good reason, and to get him in the playoffs, I guess is as good a reason as any. I hope he stays motivated and makes it to the show for good.

  • Anonymous

    Great comments about Dan, Taz42.

    I’ll be rooting for Dan, no matter where he ends up, he’s an extremely nice guy.

  • taz42

    I don’t care how nice he is. Has absolutely nothing to do with his goalie abilities. Avery can be an ass and yet, he’s a great player on the ice. One thing has nothing to do with the other.