Draft rankings

The NHL Central Scouting Bureau has released its final rankings for the 2008 draft…

1. Guess who? Steven Stamkos, center, Sarnia (OHL)
2. Zach Bogosian, defenseman, Peterborough (OHL)
3. Drew Doughty, defenseman, Guelph (OHL)
4. Tyler Myers, defenseman, Kelowna (WHL)
5. Luke Schenn, defenseman, Kelowna (WHL)
6. Alex Pietrangelo, defenseman, Niagara (OHL)

The list of top North American players can be found here

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  • anthony

    The Kings were the last place team most of the season. Stamkos was ours.
    I still can’t get over losing him.

    Kopitar keeps going on a late season scoring tear, so he can hang on to his role as the #1 forward on the team. He doesn’t want to give up that role to anybody.
    Wilsie’s 2 goals in the last 2 games couldn’t come at a better time. That’s his way of screwing up the team for benching him.

    I F__king hate Tampa Bay for tanking their last 5 games, ON PURPOSE, in order to secure last place.
    They even gave up 3 unanswered goals in the last game against Atlanta, so the game wouldn’t end up in a tie.
    I hope Stamkos ends up being another Patrick Stephan or Alexander Daigle.

    I’ll go with Peiterangelo. Only because he’s compared to Chris Pronger. But my heart isn’t in this draft any longer. I’m still in mourning.

  • anthony

    Hey guys, here’s a thought.
    Why not draft Nikita Filatov with the second overall pick.
    This Russian dude is being compared to Pavel Bure.
    He might end up being a better scorer than Stamkos.

  • deelo

    What a shame….I was really hoping Tyler Mills would fly under the radar and into our lap with the Dallas pick. Oh well…

  • Anonymous

    Doughty or Bosogian will be fine if we draft for need… YET…If we go for BPA…it would still go with those two with Filatov and by some miracle Stamkos if passed up by TB…

  • metalmaster

    Instead of blaming Tampa put the blame where it belongs and that is on MC.
    All he had to do was play
    Cloutier a couple of more
    games than he did and you
    would have had #1 overall.
    Remember that the Kings
    were behind TB for most of
    March. I do not think that
    TB will do anything other
    than to draft Stamkos.

  • KingsFan304

    Anthony – I just don’t understand you sometimes. You say you “F__king hate Tampa Bay for tanking their last 5 games, ON PURPOSE, in order to secure last place” and yet constantly berate the Kings and MC for NOT doing exactly that. I would have no respect for ANY team, but especially my own, for purposely tanking any game. I know that many lawyers have no moral compasses and will do or say anything to achieve their goal (trust me, I worked for them for 9 years so I speak from personal experience!), but there is no reason to believe that any professional sports team (Tampa Bay or otherwise) would be that dishonest and disrespectful of their fans and supporters. Draft lotteries and picks are a crap shoot. Nothing is certain. Do you really think that a professional team would leave themselves open to potential sanctions and the anger of fans (if it could be proven that they intentionally lost games) for the possibility of signing ONE PLAYER, who, heaven forbid, could get hit by a bus tomorrow!?!? Get real.

  • Eric K

    Anthony: let me get this straight. you complain about Lubo the entire year. you complain about Blake the entire year. you complain about Preissing and Modry, and say JJ wasn’t up to par. and now, with the #2 pick in the draft, with the best defensemen in the draft available, you want to take… NIKITA FILATOV?

    i hope you’re not serious, because if you are, you’ve outdone yourself this time.

  • Irish Pat





    And you’re a lawyer?

  • kyle

    Anthony: Yes, Filatov is just what we need–a 159 pound forward. That size and strength will really help out in the defensive end and in the corners…in Manchester. True, he does have upside, but I’ll take my chances on losing out on him by picking one or two good defencemen in the early going.
    KingsFan304: Spot on re: a team throwing games. (And thank you for recognizing that some lawyers do have functioning moral compasses).

  • anthony

    My goodness.
    I was gonna give you guys my website info. (which has my office phone # & address), so we can one day have a civilzed phone conversation with one another about our beloved team – now I’m scared to even do that.
    Some of you guys really freak me out.

  • anthony

    Eric, Irish Pat, Kyle:

    If you go http://www.hockeysfuture.com, under the ISS Top 10, Nikita Filatov is ranked #2 behind Stamkos.
    He’s ranked #1 amongst European players.
    My suggestion was just a thought. Mostly, I was venting because we missed out on Stamkos.
    You can put away your guns now.

  • nykingfan


    WE NEED DEFENSE Get that straight. We don’t need a 150lb forward. You hate cammy..what do you think this guy would be like? Do you think he’s going to be mucking in the corners against NHL forwards and defensemen?
    We do all of these mock line combinations and the problem EVERYONE had was coming up with defensemen. We don’t have anything coming up, other than Hickey. We have plenty of forwards coming up.

  • Anonymous

    for everyone who is depressed/angry that the kings missed out on last place because of some timely (or untimely depending on your point of view) goals, why pick on Kopitar and wilsie? You put the blame on them because the kings won, but weren’t there come from behind victories that you can point to. One that comes to mind is the game against dallas – royal rebound. if the kings lost then we would have been in last. to me it doesn’t make much sense to get your panties in a bunch over a couple of games when really its the season as a whole that you have to look at.

  • Ross

    For all of those people who are flaming others for considering Nikita Filatov at the number two pick there are many points you may not be considering. First and for most is that wherever a team may be drafting, their first imperative is to draft the best player availible. With this in mind, if there is a consensus around the league that Filatov is the second best player in the draft, why not draft him with the second pick. Another point is that while there is an undoubted need on this team for defensemen, whenever you do draft a defensemen you are not drafting a player that is going to make an immediate impact on your current roster. For all of those who are considering any of the defensemen that could be picked at the number two slot to be on the roster next season, there is one name you have to keep in mind, Aki Berg. Any of the top five defensemen in the draft probably will not be ready to make an impact on the roster for at least two years. The fact that Erik Johnson was able to play in the NHL only a season after being drafted only goes to show how talented and physically mature he already is. I doubt any of the top five guys in the draft could do the same simply because very few guys have ever done it. So, simply considering the possibility of picking Nikita Filatov is not ridiculous. He probably would not make an immediate impact either, but again when you are drafting you are not looking to fill holes on your current roster, you are merely looking to add to a stable of prospects that are to make an impact in the future.

  • Eric K

    understood. anthony, i said you wanted to take filatov, but tried not to assume that he was your main choice. if it sounded like i did, my bad, but i still think it’s ridiculous to consider not taking a D-man. consider my gun put away.

    Ross, filatov is FAR from a consensus #2. other than the ISS (international scouting service), can’t find too many places he’s ranked #2 ahead of doughty. and again, to go along with what your last sentence says, we’re not trying to win a Cup next year.

  • Irish Pat


    Point taken. I was just surprised by the choice. Especially long term.


    Fair enough, but like Eric K pointed out Filatov is far from a consensus #2. You said, “…whenever you do draft a defensemen you are not drafting a player that is going to make an immediate impact on your current roster.” True, but it’s also possible that Filatov or even Stamkos will make an impact for 2 years. Again, thinking long term. Even if Filatov does become the second coming of Pavel Bure the Kings are very thin in top end prospects on the blue line and this year there are 3-4 defensemen that project well. You pointed out Aki Berg (pause for shaking of fist with great indignation) and that’s fine. One of these defenseman may end up being the next Aki Berg. But Filatov may end up being the next Valeri Bure also.

  • Matt George

    Every time you guys start bashing on Anthony.

    My brain goes numb.

    numb-ER i should say

    it’s old

  • BBanzai

    Stop the madness already! We dont need another under 6ft center. I dont care how creative! If this was next years draft and we were in the same position, then i would be more PO’d at Tampa for not getting that last point and us losing J.Tavares.

    We Need D on this team, we also need a new coach and a stable Goalie.

  • Paul

    I’ve said all season the Kings need to draft defense, and I stand by that. But I could see them taking Filatov because this is a very deep draft on the blue line. There are probably half a dozen future top pairing defensemen in this draft. So if Dean Lombardi believes he can take Filatov (or someone besides a defenseman) 2nd, then a defenseman later, he would do it. The Kings sure could use a 1st line RW. All they have right now is O’Sullivan.

  • Dan H.

    Ross – that’s a great point but look how bad our defense is….they could probably crack the top 6 with Doughty or Bogosian whichever way they pick.

    As for picking the best player regardless of need, that’s a nice theory but we have forwards that are going to be good in many roles coming out of our ears, we have 30 or so goaltenders now to give depth hope there, and we have ONE defenseman coming up that could help us out.

    Draft Defensemen unless Tampa has a lapse of consciousness and doesn’t pick Stamkos.

    As for Tampa tanking the last 5 games, I can’t speak for the 4 before the last one but I watched the last one and there was no tanking going on.

    They were down by a goal and were BUZZING and the only thing that stopped them from the tie was the opposing goalie stood on his head. They got an empty netter, and then another one right after that with the goalie back in that sealed the game against them.

    There wasn’t a tank there.

  • Anonymous

    This is just an observation, but it seems DL isn’t fond of Russians. I know the first point everyone will make is Nabakov, but other than that, it seems he shys away from them.
    Its obvious that we need D in the draft, if we want want to grab more offense for this season, there are free agents we can go after.

  • metalmaster

    DL was not San Jose GM when
    Nabakov was drafted. He did
    waste first overall pick in
    1996 draft on Andre Zyuzin
    which is maybe why he is not fond of Russians if that is true.

  • AT

    Paul makes a great point.

    Also, just so you know Filatov has grown and is nearing the same size as Stamkos. He also may very well be the PBA at our #2 pick. There are some that even see him having a higher ceiling than Stamkos.

  • -J

    Anyone remember a kid by the name of Cherepanov last year? Projected top 5 Pick (top russian prospect), put up better numbers in the RSL in his rookie year than Ovechkin, Malkin, Bure. Kings and 15 other teams passed on him until the Rangers took him at 17th.

    By contrast, Filatov has done nothing impressive in his limited time with the top tier CSKA team. With Russia still out of the IIHF transfer agreement, expect him to fall in the draft like Cherepanov did last year.

    Metalmaster- Chris Phillips was 1st overall in 96, not Zyuzin. Zyuzin played pretty well for San Jose in his rookie and sophmore years and has played ~500 nhl games so far in his career. Sure he’s not a franchise D-man, but he’s far from a wasted pick.