Draft poll, part II

We did this a few weeks back, but I’m interested to see if opinions are changing at all about which player the Kings should take with the No. 2 pick. You’ve had a chance to see the highlight videos and see the Central Scouting rankings, so has your mind changed at all? For the sake of argument, we’ll assume that Steven Stamkos is going first. A wild guess…

After reflection, who would you like the Kings to draft?
Zach Bogosian
Drew Doughty
Nikita Filatov
Tyler Myers
Alex Pietrangelo
Luke Schenn
Somebody else
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  • Nick

    loved what i saw of bogosian. a big guy that can skate like that? sounds fantastic.

  • Paul

    From what I’ve heard, Doughty has a lot of trouble carrying the puck, and turns it over a lot. Bogosian on the other hand is supposed to be a great puck moving defenseman.

    We know how much Lombardi likes puck moving d-men. That’s why he took Hickey last year. I believe now it’ll be Bogosian, or if not it’ll be Filatov.

  • Alan

    I’m leaning toward Pietrangelo, but its close between him and Daughty.

    Man oh man is Bogosian getting overrated. Bogosian = Brad Stuart.

  • anthony

    My favorite D-Man in this draft is still Pietrangelo.
    You just can’t go wrong with a Chris Pronger-like D-Man. That’s the bottom line.

    I’m not to sure why we couldn’t trade for another top 5 pick.

    It’s easy. This is how you do it. Since Atlanta is in desparate need for some scoring, why not trade them Lord Cammi and Dallas’s first round pick in excchange for their 3rd overall pick.
    Use that pick to draft Doughty.

    Can you imagine the stockpile of young talent we would have at the blueline:
    -Alec Martinez
    Please don’t throw Blake in that group. He’d just screw them all up. Trust me on that.

  • Oz

    Man, I think Doughty’s a great kid but we already have Lubo, Preissing and Hickey in the system who play that same type of game. What the Kings lack is size on the blueline. Bogosian has that plus the big shot. He really should be who the Kings draft. He’s even ranked ahead of Doughty now.

  • Matt R

    Doughty want to play in LA? Take him! You can’t put a price tag on something like that. Especially when it’s LA. Besides, he’s insanely talented. If his skills translate to the NHL, he’ll easily be better than anyone we have now.

  • kynen

    “Best player available” whoever we draft will not be playing next season(unless it’s a forward).

  • http://dotdoubledot.com sandman

    Gotta agree with Matt R. Lot to be said for a kid that WANTS to play in LA.

  • Prince

    From what I have seen and heard I would like Zach Bogosian or Drew Doughty. I voted for Zach Bogosian though.

  • metalmaster

    Atlanta needs defense just like the Kings and not more
    scoring. They will use #3
    pick to draft one of the
    defensenman. They have no use for Cammy.

  • John

    And Anthony you forgot:
    one or two of them could pan out. So yeah we do have
    a great pool of young talented dmen. Just think when we add a Bogosian or Pietrangelo to the top of that big list! But mmm yes you WOULD want a future hall of fame defenseman with a Stanley Cup mentoring them. Sign Rob Blake!

  • petey

    Just curious Alan. How many times have you seen Bogosian play to make that statement?

  • anthony

    I beg to differ. After Atlanta traded Marian Hossa to the Pens, Ilya Kovalchuk is their only forward with strong recognition and reputation.
    They do need need offense.
    What’s the matter with you. You really want that puck hog on your team?

  • Moondoggie

    Pietrangelo. Great size, great head, great judgement with the puck, a leader on the ice, total Pronger type. You can’t miss with a guy like this and size is one thing the Kings lacked this season, particularly on the blue line. Pietrangelo will fill the bill…..

  • Eric K

    anthony: i am amazed by your ability to make any thread a “let’s-trash-cammi” thread. i hope deano isn’t like you, because that means we’ll get maybe 10 cents on the dollar for him. and your proposed trades are fine, but don’t forget, this isn’t NHL ’08 from EA Sports. the other team has to agree, and it has to fit their needs too.

    oh, and i’m leaning towards doughty. it’d normally be a push between him and bogosian, but telling Leafs TV that LA is your undisputed #1 choice is a BIG tiebreaker.

  • Irish Pat

    I’m a little surprised, but I have to agree with Anthony.

    Atlanta’s GM Don Waddell appears to be on the hot seat and trading that pick for a proven scorer and still getting a first rounder in a deep draft may be worth his while. He may not want to wait for a prospect defenseman to develop. The Thrashers need scoring. Also, if not the 3rd pick I think the Islander’s pick can be had. Their leading scorer had 49 points this season. This draft should be very interesting to watch for us Kings fans.

  • dave fouser

    said it before and i’ll say it again: cammelleri is not valuable enough to bring the kinds of returns people here (and elsewhere) seem to think. coming off a bad year, one year left on his contract, obviously wants to be well-compensated, indicating a strong likelihood of him testing the free agent market after next season–all of these things add up to _not_a_lot_of_trade_value_. no one is going to drop out of the top 10 in this draft for him. take it to the bank.

  • Anonymous

    I am sure DL has done his home work on this up coming draft. He must have some inside scoop on these guys. We the fans can’t jump the gun and draft a player with out knowing the intangibles that come with the player. Lets wait and see how this draft plays its self out. Who knew DL was going for Hicky in last years draft. It was a total surprise for all the fans and every one else. But who ever the kings decide to take in this years draft has to be some one special.
    They cant afford to make any mistakes.

  • Jon G

    I’m hoping for Doughty, especially after his powerful skating stride was compared to that of Ray Bourque.

    The Hockey News claims that Doughty will log a lot of minutes, and that should really help us down the line. In three or four years’ time we could have JJ and Doughty logging 21 to 24 minutes a night, and that will keep us from asking some of our one-dimensional defensemen to do more than they’re capable of doing.

    At this point, though, I’ll be happy with any of the prospects we keep hearing about.

  • metalmaster

    Cammy just not going to bring a high draft pick back at this time IMHO.
    Atlanta may just draft
    Russian forward to go
    with Kovalchuk.

  • DAn H.

    I still like Doughty but I think either he or Bogosian will help out a lot.

  • Paul

    I have to agree with Anthony, but I’m not sure Atlanta would take the deal. If the Kings threw in one of the defensive prospects they have already, I could see it.

    If the Kings could pull off that deal, I’d take Filatov #2, then one of the defensemen at #3.

  • dominic lavoie

    Can we stop the Anthony bashing because his idea has merit…

    If Atlanta is going to flip the pick it is going to be in a deal for a centerman to get the puck to Kovalchuk. He is getting frustrated because he hasn’t had a playmaker since Marc Savard left via UFA.

    Savard and Cammy have simialarities – they are both smallish forwards who can put up around 30 goals and can pass the puck.

    If Atlanta thinks that Cammy can duplicate his season from two years ago (where Cammy had over 40 assists and 80 points) they might make the deal.

    If this is going to happen then other components will need to be part of the deal (thanks to the crappy season that Cammy had, which lowered his value). However I doubt that Cammy is their first choice because it has been awhile since Cammy played center.

    So here is a question: If Atlanta is willing to give us the pick for Cammy, Trevor Lewis and the Detroit 2nd rounder do you make that deal, or want something more from Atlanta?

  • JD

    I think Doughty is great but common people, we don’t need another smaller sized dman to get knocked around. i thought Lubo cookie got dominated enough last season to get that point across. We need Bogosian!!! He’s going to fill a big need for us and i can’t wait to see him try and prove himself in camp. I can see him and JMFJ hunting duck together already.

  • Anonymous

    Dino, don’t blow this….Draft a defenseman taller than 5-8 and not as soft as a goose down pillow..ie, harlod, lubo, priessing, hickey….etc….

  • sense13

    I would rather trade Cammy for someone like Bieksa. We have plenty of youth on our side and I for one would like to throw in a proven tough dman into the mix rather than adding two young kids.

    However, if we were to add two dmen from this year’s draft, I would pick Doughty and Bogosian/Schenn.

    On a side note, for those who think that Doughty is small, he’s actually bigger than Bogosian. Bogosian may be an inch or two taller but Doughty is bigger or at least heavier.

  • metalmaster

    Think about this for a second. If Cammy is traded
    to Thrashers is he actually
    going to sign an extension
    with them? The answer is
    probably no so this trade
    has little to no chance of happening. Anthony as much
    as you bash Cammy don’t you
    think the other 29 GMs and
    their scouts see exactly
    the same things you do? The
    3rd pick in a loaded draft
    has much more value than a
    one dimensional winger
    coming off a mediocre (I am
    being kind here) season.
    Cammy would have led this team in – had he played a
    few more games. I think if
    Cammy is dealt it will be
    to Toronto or St. Louis
    which are teams with $ to
    sign him to a long term
    deal. Islanders are in no
    position to do this even
    though they definitely need

  • anthony

    Understood Metalmaster,

    If DL does trade Lord Cammy to Toronto or St. Louis, who would you ask in return.

  • metalmaster

    Toronto-Pavel Kubina may have to also include 1 or 2
    of lower draft picks. Kubina will not win the
    Norris but he is better than anything here right now

    St. Louis-their draft pick
    (4th overall) for Cammy and
    Dallas #1 and then you can
    draft two defensemen or one
    dman and take a flyer on the Russian kid Filatov

  • Daniel

    I picked Zach Bogosian. Although I would love to see the Kings trade up some how to get Schenn or Myers. I like all these guys but as we all know, the Kings have too many smallish D-men.

    As for trading with STL, what about Cammi, Harrold and our #2 overall pick for Erik Johnson?

    I know, it sounds crazy at first but STL really needs scoring, Murray knows Cammi and they already have a great bunch or D-men. Trading away Johnson wouldn’t diminish it that much.

    As for Toronto – we could get more from them, as they want to get rid of a few guys. I don’t know who (or, whose contracts) they want to get rid of but I wouldn’t mind seeing McCabe and the #7 pick come our way for Cammi, Harrold and our second first round pick.

    Alas, it is all fantasy.

  • at

    Doughty is a good player, but I don’t see him being a King. If you can imagine DL’s check list for the type of player he wants, especially at D, Doughty has a pretty empty list compared to the other top D in the draft.

    Why do I think this? Well, I simply take what DL has stated many times on the type of players that he wants in this organization. Then I think of that as I’m watching these guys play. I’m sorry, but Doughty does not line up as well as the other top guys. That is just the way I see it.

    I see us picking either Bogosian or Pietrangelo (probably Bogosian) as they both bring a lot to the table and are more of the DL type of player. There is also a chance he goes after Schenn and/or Myers. Schenn is a real solid player who can chip in on offence. However, his defensive play is stronger than the other top guys. Also, for those worried about tattoos, one way to insure that Hickey gets a nice big one is to bring in his good buddy Schenn. Hell, this may solidify two tattoos with one pick. Tattoos on the types of players DL likes. A real long shot is Myers, who IMO could be a Hickey type of a pick for DL this year. He is a good solid player. Add to that the fact that he is 6’7″ and a great skater and that makes for one hell of a combination. Also, I think he would be ranked higher in the draft, but Schenn takes many of the prime playing minutes for the Rockets.

    Though DL is not real high on Russian players in general, Filatov is in a different situation. So, I can see DL taking Filatov at #2 and then making moves to get back into the top 10 and getting either Schenn / Myers. Cammy may be used, but he is not really as trade worthy as you would like right now.

  • AT

    Oh yeah, the best way for DL to get Atlanta to take Cammy is to take Filatov off the table. Why would Atlanta take Cammy over Filatov if he was available at #3?

  • -J

    Two reasons that guarantee that Filatov does not get drafted at #2:

    1- In all his drafts serving as GM for the Sharks and Kings, Lombardi has only ever drafted 1 Russian

    2- with Russia still out of the IIHF-NHL transfer agreement, his stock will fall just like Cherepanov’s did last year.

  • -J

    No way filatov goes #2:

    1- Lombardi has only ever drafted 1 russian as a GM

    2- with Russia still out of the IIHF-NHL transfer agreement, his stock will fall just like cherepanov’s did last year.

  • AT

    Well -J, just adding to the discussion here, but what kind of guarantee are you offering?

    There is a rumor that has Filatov breaking the contract before he even comes over for the draft. Lets just assume that this is true and when he comes to the draft in June, he is here to stay. That being said, why would Atlanta trade the #3 for Cammy if he is on the table, or maybe one of the other forwards who continue to rise in the draft rankings?

  • -J

    Rich- I remember you mentioning some server updates. Not sure if others are getting this, but now often when I submit a post when logged in, I get a thank you for logging in message and the post doesn’t appear on the page (that’s why the double post)

  • -J

    AT- DL passed on Cherepanov, by all accounts a superior player to Filatov. Heading into the draft, Cherepanov was putting up impressive numbers against men in Russia’s top league; Filatov has barely been able to crack the CSKA line up. What makes you think, given his draft history and the IIHF situation, that he would go the other way with Filatov?

    I’m familiar with Filatov and know he really wants to come play over here next year if possible, even if it’s not in the NHL. The kid is fluent in English which will certainly help transition him to a N.A. hockey system, so he’s got that over most other russian prospects. But as you mentioned he’s got to break a contract to come over here; some heavy baggage to deal with for a player that is not clearly in the same tier as ovechkin, kovalchuk, or malkin. I’m not one to guarantee something stupid like “if the kings draft him, i’m outta here”, but I will be shocked with the depth of this draft if he ends up being taken in the top 10.

    Atlanta would be idiotic to not trade their #3 for Cammi, whether or not Filatov is on the table; The Kings would be foolish to give up a 25-26 year old, .725 ppg player that is just entering his prime for as little as a 3rd (or lower) pick, unless there was more to the deal. If the Kings are so inclined to move him, I could see them sending him to TB for 1st overall- Stamkos is the only prospect in this draft that may be worth a young roster player like Cammi. Other than that, the best option would be to move him in exchange for a young D-man already in the league.

  • Anonymous

    Cammy for 1st pick overall

  • AT

    -J I agree with a lot of what you said. However, the reason why Filatov has not cracked CSKA line up is possibly the reason for him leaving for NA at all costs. He has not been happy with his situation at all. Also, if you compare how Cherepanov has played in the big international tournaments with Filatov, you will see that Filatov has been the more effective player. I think this is the reason his stock has been so high, and has been rising.

    In the big picture I don’t see us taking

  • -J

    AT- I’ve watched both at the WJC tournaments the last two years and I don’t think you can really say Filatov has been the more effective player. Cherepanov scored many huge, timely goals across the tournaments and was named best forward of the U-20 tournament in 07. Filatov hasn’t gained that distinction in any tournament, even the U-18. Their stats are pretty close; Filatov has a slight edge on assists, which is to be expected since he’s more of a playmaker; Cherepanov has a slight edge on goals, which is to be expected since he’s more of a sniper (he reminds me a lot of Luc in how he can finds those open spots on the ice).

    It looks like the rest of your post got cut off.

    Anyways, i think if the Kings are going to go for a forward at the top of the draft, they’ll make a push for Stamkos. If Tampa isn’t that hot on taking a forward, it won’t cost much to flip the 2 and 1 picks, maybe as little as a later round draft pick (look at recent trades between 1st and 2nd-4th positions in 1999, 02, 03 for example- not much changed hands in any of those moves). If you look at some of the Q and A’s with the announcer’s, notice that a couple mention the need for a legitimate offensive second line center- I could see Stamkos filling this role nicely as early as next year.