• Buck

    Nice touch with the video, Rich. Thanking you.

  • Anonymous

    He has a big head.

    I guess someone needs to replace Cammalleri. šŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    No question. He has tremendous offensive skills. But can he play defense, and is he a one dementional player? The kings can no question use him. But the kings need a defenseman that can play defense and has size.

  • AnThGrt

    To the poster above Doughty weighs more then any of the other top defenders including 6’7 T. Myers. Doughty is built like a rock at 6’0 213. Also he won OHL defender of the year http://news.yahoo.com/s/cpress/20080424/ca_pr_on_jr_ho/hky_ohl_doughty
    “Doughty, a top rated prospect for the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, finished first in voting among the OHL Coaches Poll in the Best Offensive Defenceman category and second in the Best Defensive Defenceman category for the Western Conference.”

    People tend to focus on his O game but he is also good in his own end. Really any of Bogosian, Pietrangelo, or Doughty would be great picks. All play solid all-around games. Schenn and to a lesser degree Myers would be awesome also but those three are a step above Schenn/Myers.

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