Hickey update

Thomas Hickey sat out part of the WHL playoffs because of a concussion, but that wasn’t his biggest problem. Hickey had surgery this week to repair a torn ligament in his ankle and will be off the ice for 6 to 8 weeks. It’s not known when exactly the injury happened, but Hickey definitely played for a while, knowing he was hurt bad. If you’re the Kings, that’s both admirable and terrifying. Hickey should be skating by the time the Kings have their prospects camp in July.

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  • Anonymous

    Hope these injuries do not hamper his development and his confidence.

  • EJ

    If it slows him a bit in the short-term, you can certainly expect the Hickey and DL detractors to descend in droves.

  • metalmaster

    Not a great sign that he is getting banged up at this level.

  • Anonymous

    and here they come….

  • Anonymous

    Not a great sign that he is getting banged up at this level.

    Why, because inuries only happen in the pro’s? What a lame comment!

  • Dan

    I hope it isnt too bad. I had surgery for a torn ligament in my hand and it sucked.

    Any chance you guys can find an update on how Boyle is doing?


  • Anonymous

    Whatn is truly lame is taking a projected 2nd
    round pick at #4

  • -J

    What’s lame is trying to make a smart comment when you’re flat out wrong- ISS (and Central Scouting) had him projected as a 1st round pick http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/feature/?fid=10631

  • Anonymous

    Projected anywhere between
    10th and 30th
    Nobody had him in top 5

  • AT

    Get over it!!! DL wanted Hickey, he tried to trade up, but was not able to. He still wanted Hickey so he picked him. Get over it!!!

    In 4-5 years if Hickey is not kicking butt in a Kings jersey, I will be bitching right along side you. Until then, please get over it, because it is too early to say it was a good, or bad pick.

    Do you even realise that Hickey can practically skate circles around the fab 4 (top D prospects in this year’s draft)? He is also a better passer than any of them including Doughty? Especially Doughty!! On top of that, for being smaller and lighter, he plays bigger than Doughty in all 3 zones.

    At this point in time, what is there to bitch at?

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