• Anonymous

    This is the type of defenseman that we dont have on the team. The part I like is that. He plays a mean game. I hope DL is paying attention.


  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Gooder feeling Schenn!

  • lakingzfan

    I like this player for the kings. I agree Roger, fills a role the kings dont have. Also seems to be the closest to the NHL level, at least with size. Maybe we can trade up with the dallas pick (cammy?) and get him and another D (doughty).

  • petey

    Get another top 5 pick Deano and get this guy as well. This is the guy I really want the Kings to pick, but I think taking him 2nd overall with the likes of Doughty and Bogosian out there is too early. A defense for the next 10 years that consists of:
    Johnson/Doughty or Bogosian

    That, to go along with the crop of forwards and the goaltending depth with Bernier, Zatkoff, Ersberg, Quick and Taylor. With proper development this team is a Cup contender in a few years.

  • Eric K

    he said pronger too? yikes.

    (if we could trade up to get him at 7…)