• Freezang

    Sean Avery is easily one of my top 10 most favourite players in the league. I love everything he does.

  • Harry

    I read about that yesterday…pretty interesting…but WE need a player like SEAN in LA…we need some one not to be afraid to crash the net at all times…

  • JOE

    that is a great story… i wonder what the kings record could have been with avery in the lineup? maybe we would have finished .500 this season.

  • Buck

    Sean who?

  • Naturallawyer

    It says something when even JR thinks your behavior is so deplorable that you don’t deserve the respect of your teammates.

  • LB

    Good riddance! that’s absolutely NOT the kind of player you want on a young up and coming team. It’s hard for me to root for any team that Avery is on.

  • Keith Berry

    Well, if he no longer mocks a teammate for a lisp, then I guess Avery is maturing.

  • Dan H.

    LOL…yeah I don’t think he’s the kind of guy you need here. Someone with an edge is nice but I’d rather have the Lappy, Granato, Shuchuk style than Avery.

    The other guys were good on the ice in that role and weren’t a cancer in the locker room.

  • metalmaster

    Can sum him up in one word
    ASSCLOWN. No had he been a King this year they would not have been a .500 team
    this last year. His day will come soon if he ever
    gets out of his turtle position. There are a few
    players around who can do what he does without the

  • Jon G

    I always felt that Avery was the kind of guy only a mother could love. I gyess I was wrong: his father loves him too.

  • Anonymous

    Goals and assists. Bottom line.

  • Paul

    Multiple sources reporting this morning that Avery was taken to the hospital at 3am today in full cardiac arrest, unconscious and wasn’t breathing.

    Regardless of what any of us think of Sean, best wishes and prayers for Sean and his family.

  • Paul

    It’s an hour after my last post, and now reports aren’t so ominous. Avery was apparently taken to the hospital after last night’s game. He suffered a lacerated spleen and is done for the season, but should make a full recovery.

  • metalmaster

    Get well soon Vogue boy. I
    guess you got yours a lot
    sooner than I would have ever thought. Fatso Marty
    sends his best.

  • Old Man:

    JR should be the last one to judge on respect.The way he took the money and ran is disgraceful!I don`t agree with the way sean acts at time, but i feel he`s matured alot and will only get better, as a player and a person.I pray he has complete recovery from his injury.

  • Arron

    Rich you amaze me that you found this article in my hometown paper. Seriously how did you find it?