World championship warmup

Dustin Brown and Patrick O’Sullivan scored goals today, as the United States beat Sweden 5-1 in a World Championships warmup game in Maine. The U.S. opens play in the World Championships on Friday in Nova Scotia.

In other housekeeping news…be aware that there might be some issues with the blog today or tomorrow. We’re switching servers, which ultimately will be a great thing but there is the possibility of some short-term headaches. Just wanted to make everyone aware in advance.

Also, make your vote count in the poll. I’ll be passing along the results to Dean Lombardi. Maybe he will bow to the will of the people. Probably not.

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  • jonny

    dont pass the results to dl. No body is voting for myers. I can’t believe people complain about how small and soft our d is, but no one wants myers, or even pietrangelo? Come on. I say pick the best guy at #2, and trade the Dallas 1st + cammi for a number 4 or 5 and get myers. Think about our d specifically, myers would fill a big need. We have Johnson, lubo, and hickey. Let’s get some size now.

  • Anonymous

    If you’re going to pass it onto to DL to give an impression of what fans want, I think there should be another choice on the poll- trade up to get first overall pick (Stamkos). I know there are a lot of fans out there that would prefer to see this happen, and its a realistic posibility.

  • joe

    Johnny you need to read things like questions before you vote and sass everyone for not voting for meyers like we don’t want him or something.

    The poll is who should we take at #2

    No matter what DL does I’ll be surprised and happy so it doesn’t really matter to me.

    and everyone wants doughty/bogosian over Meyers or pietrangelo because doughty and bogosian have consistently been ranked the best dmen in this draft. With bogosian just now overtaking doughty for #2. (N.A.) We want the best damn dman available damnit.

    And about trading up to get Meyers, sounds great. But I wonder if Cammy and dallas’ 1st is all it would take to move back into the top 10 again in such a deep draft.

  • joe

    are the World Championships going to be televised at all ??????

  • better than you dummy’s

    what makes everyone think cammy is a tradeable asset?? he’s been a pro for a number of years, and quite frankly hasnt proved anything. If you want to move up in the draft, you need to trade the pick AND a BONA FIDE NHL player. Say what you want about cammy’s potential, but there arent any franchises dumb enough these days (especially w/cammy’s contract up next year)to take him on.

    i foresee him being a deadline deal next year in return for picks in’09…

  • Anonymous

    Can we quit with the ridiculous Cammi and a first for another first already- this is such a foolish overpayment for a draft pick its laughable that some of you think this is a good trade. To think that Anthony trashes DL for his dumb moves, yet thinks this trade is smart move. Ha!

  • anthony

    I’m optimistic that Lord Cammi has enough trade value to bring in a top 5 pick this draft.
    Maybe if we package him with Dallas’s 1st pick, or Lubo Cookie, or maybe even one of our forward or goalie prospects.

    Enough said, I really don’t care what we get for him. As long as the puck hog gone.
    That’s it.
    End of discussion.

  • Fuzzerson

    Anyone feel like being a Kings fan Draft day is like being a Jets Fan?

    “With the 3rd pick in the 2008 draft the Los Angeles Kings select, (Insert obscure prospect’s name)”


  • Fuzzerson

    So basically Cammi and a Pick will get us a top 5?

    Cammi and say a third to Toronto for the 7th overall

  • Anonymous

    I hope someone saves your post, Anthony, and brings it up everytime you bash DL for bad moves- Cammi and Lubo for a top 5 draft pick- that is just beyond all reason. Maybe it keep your “if DL does this, i’m leaving” posts company.

    Giving you a hard time aside, I wouldn’t mind Cammi going, but for an appropriate return- like a young D-man who is already a regular roster player.

    You (and a lot of others on posting here) put too much stock into draft picks and have bought way too into the hype on these young AMATEUR JUNIOR players.

  • Anonymous

    Joe- will stream a bunch of games from their site- here’s the schedule: In the past, the feeds are only accessible from Canadian IP’s so you will need to find and log onto a canadian proxy server to see the games. May sound complicated but its not.

    TSN also may have them “on demand” after the game (eg archived) and you may be able to see these archives without using a proxy.

    Lastly, you may find direct links to other feed routes on HFBoards, though it has become more restrictive of late of that kind of thing over there)

  • metalmaster

    Cammy will have even less trade value at 2009 trade
    deadline unless he is kicking ass. He would then
    be a rent a player for a few months. Better to trade him now or work on an
    extension to lock him up.I
    just don’t seee DL giving
    him the kind of $ that he

  • jonny

    good point joe.

  • Anonymous

    Yes anthony’s solution will surely bring this team the oppotunity to Draft Tavares next year!

  • MacSwede

    Am I the only one here who is sad that Sweden lost to USA with such a humiliating loss….probably haha 🙂 Sweden dont have much players from the NHL, so I dont think we will have much chance to get the cup. We have at least the youngsters Niclas Backstrom, Robert Nilsson, Alexander Edler and of course the briliant Erik ERSBERG!! It shall be interesting to watch him play against far better oponents, like he did for us haha.

    Lubo is going to play for Slovakia, and Kopi for Slovenia, but what about the never-ending-story Cammy? He has played 2 WCs for Canada..

    As for the draft, I just sit back and wait.. We cant affect anything, and for sure DL will do some trades at the draft day, dont worry..

  • DellaNooch

    Thank god Anonymous chimed in on the value, I’ve been shaking my head at this Cammy and 1st round pick for a top 5 pick. That is way too much. BTYD’s, are kidding me about Cammy? His salary is cheap right now, ideal for a team looking to make a quick turnaround, the year before last he put up 80 points on a team with limited talent, and this past year he started strong and then struggled with injuries the rest of the year. He has proven he can score, has not reached his potential but is close to it. I wouldnt be surprised to see this guy put 40 goals next year if hes healthy and has a decent set up man. There are enough win now teams in the top 10 (that dont want to wait for these Dman to mature) to make that trade without giving them the farm.

    Cammy (if he doesnt sign on to a reasonable extention) straight up or if we really need to, a second rounder or offensive prospect; then we’ll have 3 first rounders, two of which will be promising dman prospects and possibly a third with the Dallas pick.

  • anjae11eden

    I hope DL doesn’t pay any attention to what/who the fans want out of the draft.
    HE is the one being paid to run the show not the fans. I would also venture to say he will make a more educated pick then the armchair GM’s that took that poll.

  • Hickey Man

    Lombardi sure as hell didn’t pay any attention to the fans when he drafted last year!

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