More on season-ticket holders

Some stuff that didn’t make it into today’s story includes:

— The Kings will have a draft party at the new Nokia Theatre, across from Staples.
— A third jersey will be introduced in November, one that incorporates several looks from the past, and all season-ticket holders will receive a jersey.
— The Kings will now charge more (roughly $2 more per game) for tickets behind the goal where the Kings shoot twice.
— There will be a new website for season-ticket holders, one that will be somewhat interactive. Ask a question of a front-office member and it might be answered on the website (hmmm, that sounds familiar…)

I’ll start transcribing all the quotes today. There’s some very interesting stuff…

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  • Joe M.

    WTF??? I sit directly behind the net where the Kings attack twice (section 116).
    So the Kings are going to penalize me for having such good seats!
    I won’t say exactly what I think about this ‘innovative plan’. I’ll save my thoughts for my season ticket rep.

  • Marc Nathan

    I think there’s a typo in your headline, Rich…


    sounds about right.

  • JOE

    why would they introduce it in november? i would imagine the season would already start by then…

  • anthony

    This (list) is all B.S.

    Something has to be done in order to afford some of these rediculous contracts.

    -Cloutier’s $3.1 Mil
    -Handzus’s $4 Mil
    -Blake’s $6 Mil
    -McCauleys $2 Mil
    -Nagy’s $3.75 Mil
    -Lubo’s $5 Mil next season
    -Calder’s $2.75 Mil

    I’m glad this GM is handling my finances.

    Am I stupid enough to pay these higher prices?

    Thanks alot Deno.

  • petey

    Hmmmmm….a 3rd jersey that incorporates several looks from the past. Maybe a black, silver and white jersey, with the old crown on it (a little updated of course, but not too much), and with the shield crest on the shoulders?

  • Noel

    Where can we see the price break down per section?

  • Shakes

    i do hope the 3rd kit is a throwback to the classic black chevron jerseys which reminds me of the glory days from the 90s.

  • Josh

    I cant believe Im going to pay more money for DL’s bad signings.

    We should not pay more, DL should take a pay cut !!

  • Anonymous

    yup the silver and black modernized a bit. Get rid of purple its never worked for us.


  • Tito Jackson

    Perhaps the organization could save some coin next year and not purchase a blimp to drop gift cards or the payroll of ice girls.

  • sk

    absolutely… the kings need to bring back the silver, black and white. the purple makes me cringe everytime i see it

    i like the idea of the old crown on black… modernized of course.