Meeting quotes, part 2

What follows here is a statement, really, from Kings chief marketing officer Chris McGowan, about the season-ticket price increases and what the organization is doing to make the increases more palatable. In future posts, we’ll get around to talking about why the increases had to be done this summer, coming off a terrible season, and why they’re important to the health of the organization. Here’s the McGowan quotes…



“It really comes down to a balance between our need to generate additional revenues, and catch up with the industry, so to speak, but do what’s fair for our fan base. Because everyone knows we have a very loyal, passionate fan base. What we’re doing, as an organization, is trying to find that fine line. Hopefully people will have the understanding that, yeah, it’s reasonable to believe that tickets do need to go up occasionally, go up a little bit. But there’s a fine line between what we need to do as an organization, to where we’re operating as a better business but not doing something that’s unfair to our loyal fan base. Then we just have to be prepared for whatever the potential ramifications are of this type of pricing strategy.

“Secondarily, we have to be focused on, if we’re going to be charging a little bit more for tickets, we have to provide a little more value for those tickets. We have to provide a lot more benefits for season-ticket holders. We have to provide a lot more access and a lot more direct, one-on-one communication that we feel, as an organization — although you can always get better at that — that we provide pretty good season-ticket benefits.

“And then lastly, this is something I feel we’ve been pretty good about organizationally as well, is that we want to provide ticket products for every budget. If you look at our season-ticket pricing, it ranges from $11 and goes all the way up to pretty costly. If you look at our mini-plans, we always provide some pretty affordable options there, whether it’s a three-game plan for the holidays for $99, or our family packs or our pizza packs, we’re always trying to make sure that we’re providing enough products so that our fans can come on any budget. Even with the blended increase, we look at this and we feel really good about the fact that we have a lot of products for every budget.”

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  • ian

    Their choice to raise prices, our choice not to attend. I personally won’t be going until there is a consistently competitive performance out there on the ice…

  • Big Rob in Dallas

    All I can say is that I watch a lot of King’s games. Probably too many, but when I check for deals to go to a Dallas Stars game, since I live near Dallas, they don’t have any promotions that are as good as the one’s that the Kings advertise. So I’ll agree that LA has a pretty good deal going cost wise. Remember, I’m not talking about the quality of the on ice product, just the cost to go to a game

  • Aaron

    The Kings should have more college nights and maybe market themselves to the younger crowd with those tickets.

  • Anonymous

    Key difference:

    Dallas puts a good team on the ice.

    L.A. puts a bad team on the ice.

    I think most people would be willing to pay more money for a better product. Not many people like paying more money for a crummy product.

  • Marc Nathan

    Chris McGowan… CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER???? WOW. Congratulations on the new title. This is a great guy, who has always been accessible, and was originally in charge of season seat reps and then became the head of marketing (which, as much as I like the guy, found him pretty miscast.)

    CFO is a pretty heavy title, and it appears to be coming at the worst time for a Kings fan who is tired of paying for a poor product both on and off the ice.

    Patience, Chris… patience šŸ™‚

  • Rich Hammond

    Sorry, Marc, I meant “chief marketing officer.”

  • Gary

    I love how the Kings an always put a spin on the ticket price increase. Back in the day they said they were losing money, now they are losing money again & the product is worse!!!

    This might be one of the worst run hockey organizations in the history of the NHL, atleast a top 5 nomination.

    Put a team in place, start showing results & then raise prices, thats how you do it….not raise prices, cut salary & tell people that the 40 year plan is on its way…AGAIN

  • Gary

    “I think a lot of our fans know that our pricing is a lot more affordable than a lot of other organizations,” McGowan said, “because they go to a lot of games and they come back to us and they tell us that. ‘Wow, I can’t believe how much tickets are in Dallas.

    We’re lucky in L.A.”‘

    ??? Right. Teams like Dallas charge more because they are acutally teams that have won the cup & are currently a win away from the Conf finals, not 1 loss away from last.

  • Lonnie Loach

    You know how on the Peanuts cartoon when adults talk it just sounds like a sick trombone? That’s how Mr. McGowen’s words read.. Blah, blah, blah…

    When was the last time anyone of these people in upper management sat way up in the “pretty affordable” vertigo section for an entire game? I would bet a lot of money none of them have. The point being, one either pays an arm and leg for a decent seat or is forced to bring tissues and bag for the nose bleed and air sickness you’ll experience.

    All while watching the 2nd worst team in the league. Yeah, no…

  • PSP

    Rich, speaking of titles and qualifications, could you find out about Luc Robitaille’s qualifications to be President of Business Operations. He was a great hockey player and I’m sure he’s a very nice guy, but does he even have a GED, much less a Bachelors or MBA degree?

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