• Rob

    I live in Colorado and let me tell you these prices aren’t bad. When the Avs rebuild here soon, it will still cost $40 to sit in the nose bleeds.

  • Harry

    One Slick Slovenian!
    Kopitar article from Edmonton Sun…


  • Bob

    Expensive. Truly Expensive.

  • Matt George

    I’m pretty sure I was the first one to break the story about ticket prices on this blog several weeks ago. I was accused of spreading “unsubstantiated rumors”. whatever

    As far as prices go, let’s not have comparisons from teams with traditional winning records and stanley cups on their history… to say we have it good cuz we’re not paying what colorado pays is the dumbest thing i’ve seen in weeks.

    Same goes for that lame ass Dallas ticket comparison.

    We suck and we should pay the least. PERIOD.

  • Daniel

    “We suck and we should pay the least. PERIOD.”


    Seriously? So you would like to be stuck in a financial rut forever? Step out of the bubble. Look around at the rest of the planet. Ever thought that LA has one of the highest cost-of-living indexes in the world, let alone the States? That means everything – from the hot dog stand cashier, to the parking lot, to arena maintenance is more.

    Then there is the fact that the average wage earner in LA makes more than most other cities inhabitants. So, basically we can afford it. I am not saying I like paying more but I am not going to cry over the escalating costs of sports/entertainment. Plus, I would rather have a slow, steady rise in costs than an abrupt one. Prices will always rise; that is a know truth with living in a capitalist environment.

    Take it from my friend in Toronto who finds it cheaper to FLY out to LA to see the Leafs play the Kings then seeing them at home. We have it good right now.

  • Garrett

    Commenting here because it’s still the most recent post (I’m not complaining, I am amazed you guys have found anything at all to write about in the last month), but I think we Kings fans should take hope from Philly, last year’s worst team now in the conference finals. Who knows, maybe that’s the Kings next season?

    Anyway, for now, go Stars.

  • Anonymous

    “We have it good right now”

    Daniel, Let me know when it gets bad! Oh, thats right, Tampa had it bad, we just suck. Tell your friend to stay in Toronto please. Has for “LOGIC”, dont look to the Kings for any. Funny how they’re the only team whinning AFTER the lockout/salary cap. What a joke.

  • Shakes

    i like your friend Daniel.

  • Matt George



    Have you even read the articles? I’m a huge fan of capatilism. But there are larger dynamics at play here.

    Pre-lockout AEG was claiming an 8 to 10million dollar shortfall. Now with our payroll at 14million dollars LESS, they are still claiming millions of dollars in losses.

    And let’s not forget that Andy Murray at least had us in the playoffs in 2001, a great time for us to get a superstar forward/defender/goalie to bolster the following season. AEG’s response? Continue to underspend and hope the coaches pull one out.

    It’s more than just paying higher prices for a lousy team. It’s trust.

    So, SERIOUSLY, yes I would prefer a company who consistently gives out bogus figures to its most devoted fan base to continue to eat sh*t until they provide us with a product worth paying for.

    And capitalism works because when the product is good, people pay for it.

  • metalmaster

    Excellent posts. Philly is
    where they are now because they went out and spent big
    money on real FAs to add to
    there young core of players
    and not spending a bunch of
    cash on margingal FAs.
    Briere is worth more than all of the DL signings put together and he is proving
    it when it counts the most.

  • Daniel

    USA 5 – Slovenia 1

    Kopitar had a goal and Brown and Sully both had an assist.

    Matt George – The ‘logic’ I was referring to was yours, not AEG’s. Basing future profits on past performance is ridiculous. We all know AEG are a monolith (of course, a sports/entertainment monolith, not a GE-type monolith.) But they do want a winning team. It makes economic sense. With the horrible TV contract situation (thanks, Mr. Bettman), every NHL team needs to get to the playoffs to make decent money (save the Leafs and other network-owning teams.)

    I don’t care about AEG’s explanation of their books. It’s all B.S. anyway. As anyone who works in Hollywood knows, there are the books people see, the books people don’t see and then there are the ‘other’ books. For all I know AEG is using the Kings as a loss to help offset taxes. I don’t care.

    What I do care about is the team winning and performing like they belong in LA (to paraphrase Luc.) Dodgers, Lakers, USC and UCLA. Champions.

    I do read all the articles and care deeply about the Kings. I saw games with Gretzky as a kid and paid for games where the starting goalie was Stephane Fiset and the star was Vladimir Tsyplakov.

    And, no, capitalism does not ‘work’ because a product is ‘good.’ Bought anything made in China lately? There are doing just fine, too. It’s a lot more complex and nuanced than relying on quality. Notice Ford stopped the “Quality is Job 1” years ago?

    It’s complex, get over it. Right now we are down. When the Kings win, they win. Then life will be wonderful.

    Go Kings.

  • Matt George

    Yes I have bought lots of stuff from china. They make GOOD products CHEAP.

    AEG makes BAD products CHEAP.

    No one on earth pays MORE money for a BAD product.

    Your logic is insane.

    Companies invest money to make good products. Once they make a good product consumers pay for it.

    According to your argument we should all pay FORD 50grand for a mustang because that way they’ll have money in the future to make something better down the road. While we drive a 25,000 mustang and they pocket the extra money to MAYBE give consumers something better in the future.

    AEG is asking us to pay MORE for a faulty product now so they can make it better in the future.

    Thus WE the current season ticket holders finance a POSSIBLE better team LATER.

    So let’s take your logic even further. Let’s all play even more money so that two years from now The Kings make it to the playoffs. Only problem is several long time fans die in the process from (old age, aids, car wrecks, etc). These fans got the shaft. WHY. Because people like you consistently argue that we should pay higher prices to a company WHO HAS YET TO DEMONSTRATE IT WOULD EVEN SPEND IT ANYWAY!