Prospect evaluation: Cliche


Marc-Andre Cliche
DOB – 3-23-87
Manchester (AHL)
– Reg season: 11 goals, 10 assists (21 points/52 games played), 25 PIM
– Post season: 1 assist, 9 SOG (4 games)

Manchester coach Mark Morris on Marc-Andre Cliche:

“Marc is a steady, reliable depth forward right now. He is extremely coachable, very mature and he’s very responsible. His confidence grew when he returned from the injury, and strangely enough it has worked to his favor because he gave us a real boast with added goal scoring that we didn’t know he had along with his ability to shut down the opposition. He’s a key penalty killer and we just got better in that area when he returned to the lineup.”

“His defensive game is pretty sound. His reaction time is improving. He is a strong guy on the face-offs, and he also is good at positioning himself to block passing lanes. He is a real character guy who is willing to do what it takes, especially in responsible roles, the kind that most guys aren’t willing to pay a price for, he is willing to do it. He’ll block shots and take a hit to make a play. He is accountable.”

Development areas:


“He surprises us with his speed sometimes, when goes after a loose puck. He finds a way to get there. He won’t wow you at first glance with his speed, but he is a strong kid and I think his desire is going to negate any shortcomings he may have.”

“I think he has made some huge strides and I can see him being a responsible third or fourth line guy in a few years.”

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  • anthony

    We traded Sean Avery for ths guy. And we also received Jason Ward & Jan Marek.
    Its looking as though we receieved nothing in exchange for Sean Avery.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that childish fool is gone, but he is effective at what he does and we should’ve gotten more for him.
    Once again, our G.M. made a terible trade.

    Jason Ward was immediately shipped to Tampa Bay.
    I don’t even know who is Jan Marek.
    And Cliche’s numbers are nothing to write home about.
    With limited number of roster space available, I suspect the likes of Purcell, Moller, Simmonds, Meckler, or Holloway will pass him by.

  • metalmaster

    Avery had to go so I would not blame DL too much for this one.There are many
    other things he has done that have been worse than this move. What exactly did he get in the deal for Craig Conroy?

  • Gord

    Ward got us a 4th round pick and Marek turned into a compensating 3rd round pick because we were unable to sign him. Along with Cliche, it could have been a lot worse

  • RT

    Sounds like the next coming of Eric Belanger.

  • Paul

    metal master is right we got zero for conroy. i hate lombardi