Prospect evaluation: Hickey

Thomas Hickey
DOB – 2-8-89
Seattle (WHL)
– Reg season: 11 goals, 34 assists (45 points), 49 PIM
– Post season: 1 goal, 9 assists

Seattle Coach Rob Sumner on Thomas Hickey:

“He was a year older, and physically he could really battle. The physically maturity helped him round-out his game. I think it has improved his shot. His skating ability and his shot are strong aspects of his game.”

Leadership: “He’s our captain, and as an 18-year-old player, that is rare in our league. Usually that is for 19 or 20-year-olds. He really go into the leadership mix at 16 because he was such a good player and logged so much ice time as a young player that he was a leader among that young group and respected by the older guys. He formally got in to the leadership mix at 17 when I put an ‘A on his sweater, and that was very young, but he was ready for it. He is mature beyond his years.”

Development areas:

“He dominates at our level against the young guys, but looking ahead to the NHL, there are very, very strong men at that level and he’s going to have to take another step strength and physical development-wise. And I think his shot has improved, but I think the next step is to create more strength on the shot as well.”

NHL next season?

“I know the guy and how competitive he is and how he comes to play and impact games, so I would certainly never count Thomas out. I think the world of Thomas and believe he is going to be a great NHL player.”

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  • anthony

    Another one of Lombardi’s flops.

    I still can’t believe we drafted a player ranked 23rd in a draft 4th overall.

    He should have selected Karl Alzner instead.
    Alzner was not only voted the best D-Man in the WHL, but also the Best player in the WHL.
    He’s a big guy with size and muscle. And was a plus 26. Considering our lack of size on the blue line, his hitting style would be more useful to us than what Hickey brings to the table.

    He’s a monster and Hickey is injured.
    I bet the Washington Capitals will be thanking Lombardi for years to come for that blunder. Not to mention, laughing at us at the same time.
    I hope the same mistake isn’t made in 08.

  • Lou

    Anthony, now don’t get me wrong, but it constantly amazes me how shortsided you are about the Kings. Every single NHL draft is a crapshoot. Hickey may be a great NHL defenseman, and maybe not. Obviously DL saw something in him to draft him that high, and knew that he would take a crapload of heat doing it because he wasn’t rated as high as Alzner. I mean come on look at Luc. he never came close to going in the first round of the draft, how many teams do we have to laugh at for that? Not every draft pick works out. Truth be told, we differ of opinion, I think DL has done an overall good job so far, and I for one see the big picture and embrace the vision. I do not want a quick fix of just making the playoffs every year. we had that with Taylor. I want a team that will be a cup contender, and that doesn’t happen overnight in this market.

  • Bob Bobson

    On the surface, Anthony brings up good points but I think DL drafted Hickey based on potential upside. DL feels Hickey has a higher ceiling than Alzner and can add an offensive element that Alzner can’t. That being said, I do remember someone mentioning that on the way up to the podium to draft Hickey, DL told Marc Crawford that you have to take chances. Also, I like Lou’s point that the draft is often just a crapshoot.

  • Seitz

    Does Anthony really exist, or is there just a script that Rich runs to add an initial comment to every post, because I swear it’s the same damn thing every time. It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

  • anthony

    With respect, look what “quick fixes” did to the Flyers.
    They went from a last place team, to a final four cup contender (in one year).
    The key is having the right GM run the team.

  • Gord

    Hickey’s got spirit, playing in the post season on that hurt foot, and putting up some damn fine numbers at the same time.

  • deacon blue

    dear anthony–
    do you ever watch a hockey game? or do you come to your conclusions based solely on stat-sheets? or do you remember one hockey season to the next? Everyone, and I mean everyone, commented last year that the Flyers were 30th not because of lack of talent but because of internal problems and inconsistent goal-tending. In other words, they tanked much like the Lightning did this year, who will also probably make a “miracle” comeback next year. Not one word was ever said about rebuilding in Philly; certainly not the experts–the people who pay attention to the game on the ice. The same people who are still waiting and seeing on Lombardi’s decisions before they’ve definitively thrown in the towel. So chill. DL’s not listening to you, anyway.

  • Anonymous

    So your already writing him off?How many games have you seen Hickey play? This is Hickey’s 1st year in the WHL, while Alzner is in his 4th. Did you see who finished 2nd…T.J. Fast, who is a KING. Hey let’s trade Hickey for some washed up 32 year old and a 4th rounder, I mean you KNOW he’s going to be a bust, right? There was once a guy named Sean Blanchard who won the CHL dman of the year. The Kings went with the sure thing and drafted him and passed on a guy named Wade Redden.How did that work out?

    You know Anthony, I think it’s time for you to find a new team. The kind of team that always drafts the right guys, makes the perfect trades, always does the right thing to keep the fans happy. Let us know when you find one.

  • Anonymous

    Philly’s only quick fix truly was Briere. I still believe they overpaid for him and would not like to see him on the Kings. The rest of their success came from DEVELOPED talent and smart trades of their ASSETS. Neither of which the Kings had or have YET. Biron is on a hot streak right now after the Flyers went through a cold streak that almost landed them out of the playoffs. They played goaltender roulette at that point between him an Niittymaki. I still don’t believe the Flyers should’ve gotten by the Rangers or Montreal. They’re a franchise to model yourself after for sure but I don’t think they’re a be all end all team.

  • Anonymous

    Give this kid a chance before writing him off. This game is 90% skating. And his got it.

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