Prospect evaluation: Moller

Oscar Moller
DOB – 1-22-89
Chilliwack (WHL)
– Reg season: 39 goals, 43 assists (82 points), 42 PIM
– Post season: 2 goals, 1 assist
Manchester (AHL)
– Post season: 1 assist

McKeen’s on Oscar Moller:

“He’s an undersized, highly skilled prospect who plays a strong all-around game,” described one scout. “He’s good behind the puck, he’s good with the puck, he’s solid defensively. He’s got a great shot, probably his best attribute.” While he’s quite courageous for his size on most occasions, he can be a little inconsistent in his effort. “He’s not very big,” added another scout. “Sometimes he doesn’t come out with maximum energy level.” If Moller were two inches taller and had an extra gear, he’d be a surefire top-15 pick. “He is oozing with character and leadership qualities,” gushed one head scout after the scouting combine. “He lacks speed; otherwise he’s a top-end pick.” The one thing scouts just can’t overlook however is average speed in a small package, no matter how much character the player may have. Thus Moller may not be a top 30 pick, although he’s close given his skills and drive.

(Moller goals at 2:04 and 2:40)

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