Prospect evaluation: Quick

Jonathan Quick
DOB – 1-21-86
Kings: 1-2, 3.84, .855
Reading (ECHL): 23-11-2, 2.79, .905
Manchester (AHL)
– Reg season: 11-8-0, 2.32, .922
– Post season: 0-1, 1.02, .974

Manchester coach Mark Morris on Jon Quick:

“I definitely think that he has had the full gamut of experiences. I think he was real fortunate to get all the minutes that he could in Reading and when he got the call to the NHL he performed admirably. It really has been quite a roller coaster that he has been on in terms of movement, but he was as good as they get for us. In his playoff game he did all he could to keep the game close and he gave us every opportunity to win that game.”

Development areas:

“He is an extremely competitive goaltender and he is so flexible and so acrobatic. Some of the body positions that he gets in and some of the ways that he finds to stop pucks is not normal. His compete level in practice is extremely high and if he just gets a little better positionally he won’t have to rely on his reflexes so much.”

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  • anthony

    Now those are impressive numbers.
    Personally, I thought he should have been the goalie for the Monarchs during their playoffs. In light of the fact that his outstanding play late in the season, helped push the monarchs into the 4th place.
    They rewarded him buy giving him just one start in the playoffs, from which he only gave up only one goal.
    I don’t why Mark Morris decided to give Bernier the starting position, only after just two starts.

    I’d keep an eye on this kid. He’s got #1 goalie written all over him as well.

  • Bryan

    This doesn’t happen much, but I completely agree with Anthony on this one. I didn’t like the way that Bernier was given the #1 spot after Quick carried the team to the playoffs. Hopefully, soon enough we got ourselves a good goalie controversy soon enough with Bernier, Quick, Zatkoff, & Ersberg all in the system.

  • Most people would agree with this, in my opinion the author could not be more right.

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