Prospect evaluation: Rowat


Linden Rowat
DOB – 6-27-89
Regina (WHL)
– Reg season: 33-15-4, 2.68, .904
– Post season: 2-3, 3.17, .872

Regina Pats’ Coach Curtis Hunt on Linden Rowat:

“His maturity level was just unbelievable the last two years, and even beyond his numbers I think he has done a real good job of changing the things that were maybe a staple in his play, and is just more aggressive and patient. He is really good at reading the rushes and reading the play.”

“He’s got a tremendous work ethic, whether it be in games, practice or in his sessions with the goaltender coach, and he’s one of those kids that’s a quiet leader in our room as well.”

Development areas:

“He just needs to continue his learning in how to read the rush and understand the options on the rush for the opposing team, both with possession and with dump pucks. He needs to also continue to play with a predator mentality and be aggressive in the goal. You look at guys like Luongo who are big and when they get out of the net there is not a lot of twine to shoot at – we just want him to learn how to play aggressive all the time and trust his defensemen.”

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  • anthony

    With all these goalies in the system, is their enough positions available for all them.
    I mean where do you put these players with hopes that they play a lot games, and not just waste away as a third goalie scratch.

    A smart thing to do is package up one of the goalie prospects along with Lord Cammy and Lubo maybe Dallas’ 1st pick for a kick ass D-man and a 2nd line Center.

  • Bryan


    I like the idea of a package deal with Cammi, but lets be real, other than Bernier, none of these goalies have much value on the trade market yet. But I’m not the expert, DL is.

  • Bob Bobson

    Bad idea to package any of these goalies unless you know that we have solidified the goaltending at the NHL level. These guys are still just prospects.

  • anthony


    DL an expert?
    I’d trust your judgment more than I would trust his.

  • Bryan


    I knew you’d like that one. Also, I do agree that we shouldn’t package a goalie until we solidified the goalie position.

  • -J

    The idiocy of some of you guys never ceases….

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