Positive changes

As you’ve, uh, probably noticed, the look of the blog has changed significantly this week. Not only that, it’s actually MUCH more functional now. The number of headaches on my end has decreased dramatically, and there are a couple changes for you. First of all, the “search” function actually works now (imagine that!) and there are a couple other ways to access older posts. The list of “categories,” in the bottom-right section, will take you to posts that pertain to those particular subjects. The “tag cloud,” in the bottom-left section, is a neat feature that shows which names/subjects are being mentioned most. These are still a work in progress, because I have to go back and “tag” previous entries, so give it a couple weeks before it’s completely done.

For now, if anyone has problems accessing, reading, posting comments or anything of the sort, please let me know, at rich.hammond@dailynews.com. Now is the time to fix all the bugs, so let me know if there are any issues. And, as always, thanks for the support.

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