Brown’s international incident

Dustin Brown caused quite a stir at the World Championships yesterday. With the horn about to sound in the United States’ 3-2 loss to Finland, Brown drilled a Finnish defenseman behind the net and touched off a fairly major postgame brawl. The United States is playing Norway right now in the final “qualification” game. Quarterfinal games begin Wednesday.

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  • -J

    As usual with the IIHF, the ref’ing was pretty horrible for that game. I still can’t believe they let that Fin goal that went through the side of the net count.

    Unless Finland somehow manages to take down Canada today, the US is going to get a rematch with Finland in the QFs.

    BTW- the TSN video-on demand archives of the World Cup games are not blocked to the US.

    See the ~4 minute mark on this video( for the phantom goal.

  • Josh M

    Yeah baby! Brownie is the man, playing till the whistle and the game is over. That Finnish guy got pwned. Hey was that Selanne at the end?

  • anthony

    That David Backes beat the sh_t out of that Finish player.

    Too bad USA lost.
    I can’t stand any team who has Teemu Sellane on their team.

    I hope that cry baby retires and never plays for Anaheim again.

  • Chris

    My Favorite part of this that they didnt show was Brown clocked Selanne

  • Goon Squad

    That was crap. Unless it was payback for something earlier in the game, Brown should be sent home. Sorry, he’s one of my favorite players, but that reeked. Especially in international play.

  • Deelo

    As a viewing audience you see that time has expired. In all of those replays do you here a buzzer, horn, or referees whistle? It was extremely loud at that point and I doubt Brown heard anything. He was just finishing his check IMO.

  • Tito Jackson

    Worst video review of a goal ever. Horrible. No way was that a goal.

  • SMC

    Here’s a better clip. In English and has Brown punching Selanne.

  • DellaNooch

    Not a big fan of the check, but I loved what Brownie did to that ugly duckling Selanne…lets hope he comes back so DB can hammer him next season!!!

  • brianguy called the hit a “blow to the head”, which I thought was well, a cheap shot (especially from a site that has been rather unbiased otherwise). when does Brown ever take illegal runs at guys. why bother when you can throw such dominant LEGAL checks?

  • Goon Squad


    It was a bad hit. Don’t even try to deny it. Maybe he had a reason for doing it, I don’t know. But it was a bad hit.

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