• Doughty a Liar?

    http://www.nhlentrydraft2008.com/featuredPlayersDetails.aspx?type=nas&playerID=1003 It says here his NHL Team is the New Jersey Devils. In the video Rich posted a few weeks back he had his favorite team is the Kings?

    What’s the deal with this kid? Also, I’m not so sure we need another player like Hickey here. I’d rather have a mean defenseman back there.

  • tony


    Mark Morris, coach of the Manchester Monarchs, taught Bogosian his skill sets. I’m sure he’s providing Deano and the staff the inside scoop. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if he’s our pick next month.

  • Irish Pat

    I don’t think Doughty’s a liar. He said the Kings were his favorite team when he was a kid because Gretzky played for them. I’m sure he grew to like the Devils more and more as he became a defenseman considering they had Niedermayer, Stevens and Rafalski. I doubt he was trying to emulate Aki Berg or Doug Zmolek.

  • Starlight

    The link you provided (nhlentrydraft2008.com) is correct Rich, but the text in the link is not šŸ™‚ nhlentrydraft.com is owned by someone else.

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