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I will be able to start posting some of the quotes from the extensive interviews with Mike Futa and Mark Yannetti later today — stuff I really think you’ll enjoy — but I wanted to take a few minutes to answer some questions people had about the Saturday meeting.

Q: Does this mean the Kings have the final draft list done already?

A: No, it’s still very much a work in progress. As Yannetti said, they’ll be looking at guys up until draft day, and they always have to be prepared for possible changes.

Q: Did the Q word come up by chance?

A: Assuming you’re referring to the first name of a recently-let-go coach, no.

Q: I agreed to not reveal certain details, such as specifics about how players are evaluated and which players are being discussed. Don’t think of me as ungrateful, but isn’t that really the only part of this that interests us?

A: That’s for you to decide, but I think you’ll enjoy the quotes that came out of it, if you didn’t particularly enjoy hearing about the generalities of the day.

Q: When you say “later round prospects”, do you mean late-first round guys or potential 3-4-5 guys?

A: More like sixth- or seventh-round guys, it seemed.

Q: Did you get the impression the Kings staff are in agreement on whom they will pick at #2, whomever that may be?

A: Yes, I do get that impression. I asked Futa and Yannetti about this specifically, so you’ll see the full answer a bit later. But the short answer is, yes.

Q: Did the question of whether to trade down ever come up?

A: Not specifically. But if you’re talking about the No. 2 pick, I don’t think it will happen.

Q: Has DL ever made any comments about the various published rankings? Does the org use them in their own evals? I guess, does DL think that they are an accurate and useful tool at all? If they are useful, to what extent are they used?

A: No, he hasn’t made any comments, but given what we know about Lombardi, I seriously doubt he takes scouting-service rankings into serious consideration. If he did, I don’t think Thomas Hickey would have pulled on a Kings sweater last June.

Q: You say they talked about latter rounds. Was that intentional on their/your part?

A: Not on my part, and I don’t believe on their part. I was initially supposed to come in on Friday but it got changed to Saturday. I think that’s just who they happened to be discussing.

Q: What I am really curious to know, is that after all the reporting you’ve done since the DL era began, and especially after this recent meeting you attended (very jealous:), in your opinion, do you think the Kings are headed in the right direction?

A: This is a good question, one for everyone to discuss, and it deserves a better, longer answer so I will address it in the near future.

Q: What kind of food did they serve there Rich? Did they offer you coffee or anything?

A: They’re always very gracious hosts, and there’s plenty of food in the room to sustain the scouts, but I didn’t have anything.

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  • anthony

    This GM better not become predictable.
    It would be a great mistake to out right state that our 2nd overall pick is NOT subject for trade.
    You’re selling yourself short to the possibilties of who you might be able to acquire.

    Its obvious that this team desparately needs a big stay at home D-Man who can hit. WE NEED THAT NOW. Not in the future. I’m not sure of any D-Man, coming out of thr draft, that’s immediately ready to play in the NHL
    He has to trade Lord Cammi because of his selfish play this season and the likelihood – that we’re not going to get anything for him when he becomes a free agent. THE PUCK HOG MUST GO.
    Furthermore, I believe we have about 15-20 draft picks in 08. Is DL gonna keep them all. Is he that in love with draft picks.
    Is this his mentality now = I’m gonna keep all my draft picks and sign them all to entry level contracts.
    Every damn one of them.
    We’ll be one big happy family. In last place.

  • David

    Rich…..Whatever you do, make sure you don’t drink the Kool-Aid being offered by DL and his staff at your next meeting with them!

  • DellaNooch

    I hear the Kool-Aid is a receipe from Ken Holland and Lou Lamerillo…we should be cautious of it, or else we might become a winning team.

  • Anonymous

    So Rich, given a coach with a great track record (Ron Wilson) just hit the market, is Crawford still safe this summer?

  • Anonymous

    Must be something wrong with DL kool-aid recipe. Maybe
    Lou and Ken left out a couple of the key ingredients.
    To even mention DL in the same breath as those two is like comparing Kings to a winning franchise.

  • GoKingsGo

    This is a big year for the Kings.
    Have they moved forward???
    I think Boyle is the real thing!!! 3rd line center.
    Blake no more than 3.5M/yr with incentives of 500K each round of playoffs.
    Kings need 2 hitters that can influence others to hit.
    #1 rule if Kopi, Jack, or #1 pick is hit; KILL!!!
    Trade #2 pick for other #1’s for no later than #5 pick this year….
    I expect Lombardi to promide playoffs this year or next…

  • I’m Not Kidding

    Question for Rich:

    -Now that the Sharks have fired Ron Wilson, wouldn’t it be a good match with the Kings? I’m thinking about the Ducks factor and the fact that Ron’s dad coached the Kings years ago … any thoughts on this?

  • PSP

    I’m thinking about the Ducks factor and the fact that Ron’s dad coached the Kings years ago … any thoughts on this?

    I’m thinking that it’s not a fact – unless you know some dirt about the Wilson family 🙂

    Ron’s uncle, Johnny Wilson, coached the Kings for 52 games in 1969/70 season, compiling a stunning 9-34-9 record

  • David

    Don’t leave Pat Burns out of the mix if Crawford is going to be replaced.

    The Kings finished DEAD LAST in the Western Conference and have not fired their head coach.

    The Sharks and Avs both won a playoff round and yet have fired their respective head coaches.

    What does that tell you of franchise expectations?

  • Buck

    Look at the team Wilson had this year(and last). And yet, once again he couldn’t deliver. He was fired for a reason. We need a proven playoff coach, if we replace Crawford. Maybe Pat “Donut” Burns… Maybe.

  • I’m Not Kidding

    Oops … I stand corrected (and red-faced) about the family ties between Ron and Johnny Wilson! And if I wasn’t a lifelong Kings fan, I would agree to punishment for misquoting the facts, but again as a lifelong Kings fan, I figure I have already suffered enough! Thanks for setting the record straight …

  • DellaNooch

    No reciepe change with Holland and Lamarillo, they took over teams that were at the bottom of the league, build the team through the draft and became very good, neither one of them these teams were very good after 2 years, but they certainly got there and stayed good for a long time.

    David – Tampa Bay finished DEAD LAST in the league and they didn’t fire their coach, so what are you trying to say about them? What is your conspiracy theory on this, or are you just a complainer? Do some research on Pat Burns, analyze his success and failures, his coaching style, is this the right guy for the team? No way.

    Now if you were talking about Scotty Bowman, I would agree with you.

  • David


    Pat Burns and John Torterella have one thing in common…..THEY’VE BOTH WON A STANLEY CUP!!

    You could say the same thing about Marc Crawford, but any one of us could have guided the Avs to the championship in 96 with the likes of Roy, Sakic, Forsberg, Foote, Deadmarsh & many others in the prime of their careers.

  • Anonymous

    DL Kool-aid recipe does not come with a Cup.
    That is what is missing.

  • Buster Durso

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