Futa/Yannetti interview IV

Here’s the second-to-last installment of the interview with Michael Futa and Mark Yannetti. Unfortunately, the final installment will have to wait, since I left my recorder at home this morning. Oops. This part is some real meat-and-potatoes stuff about the job these guys do leading up to the draft…


Question: During this evaluation time, if we’re talking about “Prospect X,” how many times will you guys watch him play, as a staff?

Yannetti: “You would think the area (scout) would see him maybe 10 times?”

Futa: “Yeah, that’s safe to say.”

Yannetti: “Then the secondary, crossover guy might see him four or five times?”

Futa: “Maybe a little less in the West, because it’s a broader base. A minimum of five to seven for the area guys, and then we probably see them two times each.”

Yannetti: “First- or second-round guys, we might see them eight or 10 times each. When it’s all said and done, you might be talking about 40-plus viewings (as a staff). As he said, it’s a little harder to see some of the guys in the West, so you allow a little more on your area guy to tell you who you need to focus on. Same with Quebec, because that’s kind of getting spread out. Then you have Tony in the U.S., who actually has to do a lot of weeding out in terms of who not to see.”

Futa: “As the funnel starts to spit out the guys that are being considered for the higher spots, the viewings are ridiculous. And when you get to that stage, with the top guys, Dean has probably seen the top guys four times each, five maybe. Especially with the World Juniors. Probably twice in their home venues and then the World Juniors, in particular this year, allowed him to see guys.”

Yannetti: “Then don’t forget, we spent 13 days in Prague and then another 15 in Russia (for the under-18 World Championships). That’s not normal. That’s good. It’s beneficial. That’s a lot of coverage.”


Question: Do you know when it’s time to step back, before it becomes paralysis by analysis and you’ve actually seen too much of the kid?

Futa: “(laughs) When is that? When the gun goes off in Ottawa? The thing is, with these top guys, you don’t find any (negative) spots on them until you get really close to the day. Then you start eyeing them too close. (laughs) You’re talking about guys you’ve seen, and it’s like you’re comparing lobster and prime rib. You’re comparing some really prime dishes to each other, and it becomes, `Oh, my lobster was a little off today.’ (laughs) You’re finding things wrong with them as you get closer to the date. You have to realize that everybody has a wart. Nobody is the perfect player. Then you start to compare. Whereas when you read the first few reports, you think, `Holy smokes, this guy is ready to step in right away.”’

Yannetti: “He’s ready for canonization.”

Futa: “Yeah. Then as you get closer, you start to look more for warts. It’s just a part of the thorough process.”

Yannetti: “Would you say the area guys fit that mold, because they’re seeing far more? The area guys, sometimes, may have to step away. When you see a guy 15 or 18 times, you have to step back.”

Futa: “It’s a good question, because there’s a certain time — and I couldn’t give you the exact date — when you’re writing a report and you’re like, `I can’t write any more about this guy.’ You end up writing the same thing, game after game. That’s when it’s time to sit back. You’re supposed to use your time properly, and if you’re writing the same thing, five games in a row, and it’s all good or all bad…”

Yannetti: “If it’s consistent…”

Futa: “If it’s consistent, that’s the time to take a step back, and we’ll back it up with what we see here. That’s when you probably lean more on your character checks. That would probably be when the bell goes off.”

Yannetti: “That’s when you know. He’s right. And it’s different, probably for every player and different for each scout. There comes a time where it’s like, `What am I doing?’ It’s like reading the same sentence two or three times in a book. It’s time to go to bed.”


Question: We’re looking at seven rounds, 200-some players in this draft. How many guys, draft-eligible players, will you end up looking at?

Yannetti: “Even the ones that don’t make our list?”

Question: Yeah.

Yannetti: “Oh my God. I shudder to think. I can’t even give you an estimate. We will have seen every single player that Central Scouting lists, as well as those the other publications list, as well as other guys that aren’t listed. Especially in regards to Europeans. Wow. What do you think? What you even be able to guess?”

Futa: “I can’t even fathom right now.”

Yannetti: “I can’t even imagine a guess. That’s how many it would be.”

Futa: “Because you go to some games, and watch the whole game and nobody gets rated. That’s a hard number to figure.”

Yannetti: “I’ll go to high school tournaments for New England prep schools. Tony and I and our area guy, Bob Crocker, went to that. We saw eight games a day for five days. We saw 30 to 40 games. A lot of those times, you might see eight draft-eligible guys who you don’t even rate. So those are the guys you can’t even count. Then you have the guys you do rate. It would be a mind-boggling number, I think.”

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  • anthony

    I’ve heard enough.

    I hope these guys back up their talk with action on draft day.

    I know that the corp of D-Men available are very impressive. But are any on them ready to jump into the NHL in October.
    Realistically No.
    I don’t want to waste another 2 or 3 years in the cellar.

    The only other alternative to acquiring that stay at home D-Man is by way of a trade.

    Yes, unfortunately, DL might have to sacrifice one or two of his beloved draft picks.
    I know it will be difficult for him to do that, but it must be done.

    Otherwise, his only other option would be free agency.
    And we all know how much he SUCKS at that.

    P.S. I’m gonna be really pissed off if I see Lord Cammi wearing a Kings jersey on opening night.

  • Irish Pat



  • typicaljs

    anthony, buy a philladelphia jersey and a ticket to phillys last game of the playoffs if you love them so damn much and think their gm is the greatest genius in the world. Did you watch yesterdays game and see the stats on how practically all of philly’s goals are from first rounders, Briere is making 8 mil for 10 years to run philly’s pp into the ground (help from Gill). and your pissed the kings aren’t in the same situation ? gimme a break. Right now I think Philly would rather have Lubo for the next 5 years @ 6 mil a year than Briere for the next 8 at close to 10. hmmmm.

    And anthony if you take two or three bad beats in poker does that mean you suck ass at it ?
    DL is building this team the right way, from the back end out through the draft and he’s also putting together a respectable organization that players will WANT to come to during free agency. (every contracts a gamble, you get beat eventually)

    And PS. unless he’s in nashville by the end of the draft or hurt, your gonna be angry.

  • Lou

    So Anthony, you are gonna be pissed off if Cammy is a King on opening night? And how is that different from any other day?

    A few points.

    Sure this year sucked. And you have informed all of us quite a few times that you sit in a suite. And I get it, you are the fan who wants to make the playoffs every year and party with your buds, and while I respect that, that mentality is how the kings have always been run. The Kings were “just good enough” to get into the playoffs, never good enough to win the whole damn thing.

    I for one would love to see the Kings be real contenders EVERY year. I am not in this for the quick fix, and I am patient to see the Kings build this thing right.

    And while I am at it i’ll address free agency. I don’t see the signings of Stuart and Nagy as failures. Stuart got us a couple of draft picks, and Nagy, well he filled a hole and nothing more, which is all a 1 year deal is. Calder, well he could have been better, but what you see is what you get, his points per game were pretty close to what he had been doing. Priessing was much improved at the end of the year. I can live with him on the 2nd or third pairing on D. The only real failure was handzus. we are stuck with that for 3 more years. However can he get worse? i can’t think that would be the case, so he may be a serviceable 3rd line center. He needs to get his confidence back after his horrific injury.

    So free agency, what player is going to want to play for the kings when we suck? Briere or Drury were not going to sign here last year no matter what. You need to build a competitive team from the ground up before winners will want to play here. And before free agent winners want to play here, the team must be strong from the bottom to the top. And DL is currently doing that.

    And while I am a till the end Kings fan, at the end of the day it is just a game, and if they suck next year, and the year after that? Well my panties arn’t gonna get all bunched up with me being pissy all over the place.

    Come to the light Anthony, and see the future of this Kings team, we’re havin a good time over here.

  • NMKingsFan

    Lord Anthony,

    Who cares if you have heard enough. I would like to see the 4th installment and find these interviews very interesting. Thanks Rich for posting these for us, most of us fans appreciate the work that goes into getting the interviews and transcribing them.
    And we don’t need to constantly post our own agendas over and over again.

  • B

    Anthony, I’ve never seen a person spend as much time on ONE thing, and yet be as clueless, as you. You reply to every post and none of what you write makes sense. Why do you even watch the Kings?

  • Abe Seitz

    Well Rich, its a good thing you left your recorder at home today. There will be no need for you to transcribe the last installment of these excellent interviews, because Lord Anthony has heard enough. As we all know, you write this blog solely for Lord Anthonys benefit, not the rest of us fans who sit up in the cheap seats and who check this blog a couple times a day for updates and actually have, you know, original thoughts.

    I think these interviews have been fascinating in their insight into how the Kings are positioning themselves for the draft and in how DL is totally revamping the organization.

    A very heartfelt thanks to you and Don for all the time and work you put into this.

    Oh, and for those few who expect DL to tip who hes taking with the 2nd pick.please.

  • Mark

    If you heard enough and you still keep reading. What kind of moron does that make you? I’m all for the Kings opening up to their fan base and letting us know what’s in their mindset. This has been “lobster” compared to the “slop” that Dave Taylor gave us for countless years.

    Anthony…remind us which suite you normally sit in and I’ll make sure we bring enough tampons for you opening day.

  • anthony

    I’m very sorry to be upsetting some of my fellow kings fans.

    That is not my intention, when I respond to some of these threads.

    I just have a difference of opinion on how this team is being managed and the direction its heading.


  • Anonymous

    I really enjoy how you only have to get them started with a simple question and then they carry on a conversation with each other, even asking each other questions. They have an unusual interviewing style that makes me feel confident that these guys take their job really seriously. Its good to know they can disagree with eachother and still work together, makes for a better whole I think.

  • notobogosian

    I agree with Anthony……Philly turned it around with SMART free agent signings. Dumbo just brings in guys and gives them no-trade clauses and cush 4 year deals. Way to teach the young guys……fire DL and Crow and bring in Quennville and Nonis!!

  • BallPointHammer

    Not many people would complain about a GM and scouting staff busting their butts for months on end in order to do a GREAT job at the draft. Throw in the pro scouts reports, free agency, trade talks, etc. and our guys are taking due diligence to the nth degree. I thank all of them.

    Also, Rich and Don, you’re making the couple months between the end of the season and draft/free agency a wonderful learning experience for us fans. Thank you!!!

    Question: Is Anthony a real person? A Ducks fan just trying to drive us all crazy? Some 13 year old wingnut getting his jollies? Barry Melrose’s alter ego? The reincarnation of George Maguire? Whoever? What a sad existence.

  • Mike

    Hey Rich, Thanks for your hard work and commitment to get all the info out there for us to read. It’s not normal for the fans to get as much details of a Pro Organization that you have provided all of us. Keep up the great work!!

    Anthony, I’m happy to see that you’re a huge fan BUT all of your comments are really annnoying. Really annoying. Go join the Duckie’s band wagon. You say the same thing all the time…Philly had a decent core and picked up good FA’s but they got good goal tending this year and that has gotten them this far. We could get all the players we want but if we can’t stop the puck, what’s the point. FA’s are hit/miss. It’s up to the players to take repsonsibility to play out there and most of them didn’t do it this last year. Our Dmen stunk it up and the FA’s dmen we got weren’t so great. The team needs a stud Dman, two would be nice and to trade your beloved Lord Cami to get one would be fine with just about anyone who watched this team play. Cami is a good player but that’s about it. He’s no Malkin or even Briere. He’s all O and no D, OK, maybe some. Have you been watchin the playoffs??..Jordan Staal is killing Briere b/c he’s got size and out muscles him. Look at Briere’s stats this series. That’s what the Kings need, SIZE with skills. DL and crew are building up the Kings from the scratch. There was really nothing here when he got here and at least with him, there’ seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel..that’s more than what the previous crew did!! This is DL’s 2nd draft??..How many did DT have??..At least the Organization is headed in the right direction with DL compared to all the previous groups.

  • anthony

    USA lost to Sellane’s team.

  • Anonymous

    After such a disastrous season. Its easy to get frustrated and loose Patience. But I think the best approach is to patiently rebuild this team and watch them grow and develop into a NHL powerhouse. I hope DL will not change his plans in mid stream and go for a quick fix, because it does not work. I have witnessed this for the past 25 years that I have been a kings fan. DL stay the coarse and good things will happen.


  • Anonymous

    There was nothing here?
    Boyle maybe
    Moulson maybe
    Demeitra good enough to get O’Sullivan
    Taylor had his moments.

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