Doughty campaigns for Kings

If you read Don’s interview with Drew Doughty a few weeks ago, Doughty made no secret of the fact that he wants to play for the Kings. Doughty, one of the top prospects in next month’s draft, could very well end up being a King, if the team doesn’t go with Zach Bogosian.

Helene Elliott of the Los Angeles Times, stuck in Detroit for the Stanley Cup Finals, caught up with Doughty today and he talked more about his desire to be drafted by the Kings.

Playing for Kings would be ‘dream come true’ for No. 3 draft prospect

Dean Lombardi, Michael Futa, Mark Yannetti and the gang are out all over the continent this month, having sit-down meetings with prospects and their families, and the group will be in Toronto tomorrow for the draft combine. I’ll do my best to get an update on how things looked in Toronto.

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  • Eric K

    It would obviously be amazing to get him AND bogosian… although I think bogosian fits our needs a little better, I’d have no objection picking the #3 ranked player if he has this kind of desire to put on the Kings uniform.

  • Bob Bobson

    Not sure why Doughty would campaign to play for the Kings. In the NHL Entry draft site Rich put up earlier, the NJ Devils are listed as his favorite team.

  • ryan oliver

    I cant beleive we could have had Alzner, and Doughty. The dominant duo from Canada’s World Junior win. I want a kid that wants to play in LA, and watching him play for Canada, this kid is a stud.

  • Anonymous

    Who ever the Kings select in this years draft. They can not afford to make a mistake.


  • anthony

    I agree Ryan Oliver.
    Alzner & Doughty sounds a lot better than Bogosian & Hickey.
    It’s not to often that a player is named not just best D-MaN in the WHL, but also best player (Alzner).
    Lombardi better not screw up this draft.

  • petey

    And who says he screwed up last draft Anthony? Who to say Hickey doesn’t turn into the next coming of Scott Niedermayer and Alzner turns into the next coming of Brendan Witt or Scott Hannan? Are you still gonna say Lombardi screwed up if that happens? Or would you be happier with a Brendan Witt or Scott Hannan clone over a Scott Niedermayer clone?
    How about you reserve judgment in regards to Lombardi screwing up the last draft for another 5 years, when these 2 players actually fully develop.
    With regards to Doughty. This is the guy I’m hoping they draft, but would not at all be upset in the least if they took Bogosian. They both look to have bright futures. Now if Lombardi could pull a deal to get another top 5 pick and grab Schenn as well.

    Johnson/Doughty or Bogosian

    Now that would be a thing of beauty for years to come. That could very likely solidify the team for many years. Kopitar, Brown, Frolov, O’Sullivan, Boyle, Purcell, & Moller all up front, with those 4 on the back end and Bernier and Zatkoff/Quick in net. I would be a very, very happy man.

  • petey

    I also forgot to add Anthony. There was also a former player that was named CHL Defenseman of the year. I’ll give you a hint, he was drafted by the Kings.
    Give up? It was Sean Blanchard. He sure turned out to have a hall of fame career.

  • anthony

    Your analysis does make sense.
    However, I’d still go with Alzner anyday. His hard style of play would be more useful than Hickeys.

    Now if Lombardi does manage to draft 2 D-Man in the top 5 (like you said), all will be forgiven.

  • Anonymous

    What GM drafted Scott Hannan in the first place?
    His initials are DL

  • diehrdkingsfan38

    Go kings Go

  • diehrdkingsfan38

    In all seriousness, I don’t think that if Doughty claims he wants to play for his favorite team or he likes a team, i don’t think that will help him out or hurt him in any way. I have a feeling he’s just saying that b/c have u seen the teams behind us? Who wants to play for the Blues and the Thrashers. And we all know the Islanders are just dying, only player they have is Rick Dipietro.

  • DellaNooch

    Hannan, maybe not a Neidermeyer, but a sound NHL defenseman, drafted #23 in his draft year, not a bad move…speaking of bad moves, we drafted Matt Zultek 8 spots ahead of Hannan that year. I’ve lost track of his NHL career, perhaps someone can update me.

    I lean towards Doughty, he seems to want to be here, but Bogosian would be good too. If DL doesn’t pick one of those two at the second spot, I’ll really start to wonder what’s going on at mission control.

    As for Alzner/Hickey debate, I agree with Petey, too early to tell…try to remember that most teams did not stick to the draft order, not even close.

  • Anonymous

    Matt Zultek is out of hockey just as is Jeff Jilson (D)
    the number #14 pick of the Sharks in 1999 by DL who
    later was amazingly able to package him in Boston deal
    to get McLaren.

  • sharksfan

    Brian Cambell amazingly went in the 6th round as Hannan went #23 in 1997. Brendan Morrow went to
    Stars 2 picks after Hannan went to Sharks. After
    the first four picks 1997 was a pretty bad draft

  • Daniel

    Bob Bobson – The Devils may be DD’s favorite team but he can still be a fan of the Kings. I noticed his favorite show was “The Hills.” And his favorite place to visit was “Cancun.” He knows what LA has to offer.

  • -J